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Hire Professional Movers Through MyConstructor

At MyConstructor.co.uk we can easily connect you with Furniture Transport Companies who offer a variety of services to cater to the needs of our customers. Whether it's a simple furniture pickup or a more complex project, we'll help get the job done in no time!

Booking your appointment through MyConstructor means that you can easily get your goods transported at a moment’s notice with complete peace of mind.

Through our platform, you can get in touch with an expert Furniture Delivery Team that will support you during the whole process!

Whether you're moving a single table or heavy and large furniture, we're ready for it!

Why MyConstructor Is Your Best Bet For Your Furniture Delivery

If you’ve ever moved house/office in the UK, you’d know that furniture delivery is one of the most difficult aspects of moving.

Home/office furniture makes up 70% of the bulk items that need moving. Once you’re done moving the furniture, your move is 70% complete, because the rest of the items won’t stress you out as much as furniture will.

The more difficult aspect of furniture delivery has to do with finding the right removal company with the right skill set and experience to help with your move. Let’s face it, furniture can be expensive, fragile, and delicate.

Because of their size and weight, they can also pose a huge challenge when you try to move them through a narrow doorway or up the stairs.

For your home/office delivery you need a House Removals or a Man with a Van company with substantial years of experience. We’re sure you wouldn’t want to leave your expensive furniture in the hands of inexperienced movers.

If you’ve been looking for a removals company with the right skillset, proper equipment, and years of experience to help you move your furniture, we have good news for you. Your search just came to an end.

At MyConstructor.co.uk we offer top-notch services and we aim at delivering nothing but the best. We’ve been in the furniture delivery business for a substantial number of years and we hire only the best movers, because we know how seriously clients take their delivery. We are not like other furniture movers we offer only bespoke services and we will tailor our craft to suit your needs and most importantly, your budget.

Furniture Delivery Throughout The UK

Whether you live in Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol or anywhere in the UK, our delivery service can cover you. We deliver all over the UK and its environs. If you’ve just purchased a beautiful piece of furniture and you need it delivered within the UK, you shouldn’t let an inexperienced team of movers handle the delivery. We have competent and experienced personnel that are trained to handle all your furniture delivery.

Here's why you should hire us;

  • You will get an all-inclusive packing experience.

    For removal companies that have little or no experience with furniture delivery, packing heavy and bulky furniture would seem like an impossible task to accomplish but at MyConstructor.co.uk we have fully trained personnel, that are accustomed to packing heavy and fragile furniture. They will load it to the van and carefully offload it from the van. We offer an all-inclusive and detailed packing service. We are one of the best at what we do.

  • We have the right equipment and materials suited for each piece of furniture.

    When moving house, furniture and other heavy items pose a huge challenge because of their size. Without the right equipment and tools suited for them, you'll probably end up hurting yourself or damaging the furniture. Luckily for you at MyConstructor.co.uk we have the right equipment to help with your move.

  • Reasonable pricing.

    Have you ever been charged so high for a service that you felt you didn't get your money's worth from the deal? Yeah, we know that feeling and we've all been there. We understand what it's like, that's why we offer only bespoke services. Our services are tailored to suit your specific situation and it's also tailored to suit your budget. Our prices are reasonable as our services are top tier.

  • Peace of mind.

    We are sure you want a seamless and stress-free delivery. For that, you need a removal company you can trust. We are that company.
    When you move your furniture with MyConstructor you're sure that they are safe during transit and if there is a mishap during transit or your furniture gets damaged while in our custody, you will be duly compensated via our insurance scheme.

Learn more about our UK Furniture Delivery Services and check out what you should consider and do, before hiring them!

Types Of Furniture Delivery Services We Specialize In

Furniture delivery has different faces and each face requires specific expertise. We are well versed in different areas of furniture delivery and we are ready to help you with your move.

Some of our areas of specialization include;

Home Furniture Collection & Delivery

At MyConstructor we specialize in home furniture collection and delivery services. If you have a piece of furniture that you want to be delivered to your doorstep or you want to gift your friend a piece of furniture, we are your best bet. Our team of movers will ensure that you receive your package on time, well packed, and in a safe condition.

Rearrangement of Furniture

We do not only deliver furniture to homes; we also help in arranging or re-arranging them. If you need help with furniture rearrangement, we've got you covered. If you own an interior store where you sell furniture and you need help arranging them for a photo session or to make them appeal to customers, we can send over some of our movers to help you with the rearranging process. You don't have to carry heavy furniture on your own. We've got you covered.

Office Furniture Delivery

Office relocations can be a bit tricky. Unlike the regular home moves, you can’t easily adapt and change your routine during the duration of the moves. You can't stop working because you're moving office and we totally understand after all "money must be made". We've found a way around the whole situation.

For your office relocations, our office movers can easily undertake the furniture delivery. We will be in sync with your work routine so we can move the office furniture at your pace. The process doesn't have to be rushed. We can move furniture in batches so that you can have the time to inform your customers that you've moved.

While we are helping with the delivery, we will do it in stealth mode. You won't even know we are there. If you prefer to move the furniture after work hours, that's also fine by us.We are at your service.

Facebook Furniture Delivery

Wish to sell or buy furniture from Facebook's Marketplace? Our Man with a Van partners can easily undertake the transportation of your furniture. The only thing you need to do is inform our movers about the pick-up and drop-off location. They will do the rest in no time! Fill our moving form for Facebook Furniture Delivery and let us know what you want to transport.
Our partners can also undertake the daunting tasks of packing & unpacking. Through our platform, you can easily compare prices and reviews in order to choose the professional mover that suits your needs and budget.

Gumtree Furniture Delivery

When it comes to Gumtree Furniture Delivery Services same things apply. At MyConstructor you can find transporters all around the UK who can undertake the transportation of your furniture, no matter the size, the type or the distance. With our Gumtree Furniture Delivery, you can easily find movers near you in affordable and competitive prices! All of our professionals are licensed and well-trained in moving items.

IKEA Delivery

Get same-day or next-day delivery of your IKEA items with MyConstructor. IKEA Delivery Services have never been easier with us! Let us know what you wish to move from IKEA and we will do the rest, taking away all the hassle that comes along with moving. We can also undertake the daunting task of assembly and re-assembly your furniture, upon request.

Piano Removal

When it comes to Piano Removals it is really important to go with a professional you can trust. Pianos require special care in transportation because they are really fragile and heavy. Piano removals need more than two or three movers in order for the move to go smoothly, depending on the type and size of the piano. As reasonable, the bigger the piano, the more movers will be needed to conduct the transportation.

All of our movers are specialized in Piano Removals and they are licenced to undertake these kind of tasks. At MyConstructor we have created a special team with well-trained piano movers team that covers a large area in the United Kingdom. No matter if you are located in London, Manchester or Bristol, we will be there! No matter the distance that needs to be covered, our platform can provide you with affordable Piano Removals quotes in no time.

Sofa Removal

Bought a new sofa and need to transfer it? Wish to get rid of your old sofa? We are your best bet! Our well-trained sofa removal team is here to undertake your move. Our movers will easily take care of the heavy lifting, so you don't have to worry about your sofa's safety.

With our easy booking system, it takes just a couple of minutes to get your furniture moved. You only need to let us know where you want it delivered and when it's needed. When it comes to a Sofa Removal, we suggest two or one movers, if you prefer not to help.

Frequently Asked Questions About Furniture Delivery

Question 1: What type of furniture do MyConstructor Removals Deliver?

We deliver literally anything that belongs to the furniture category. Most times, when people purchase furniture, they are more concerned about the aesthetics, details, and carvings on the furniture. They do not think much about how the furniture will pass through the door or how it will be taken up the stairs. Well, this is where we come in.
We have mastered the art and craft of furniture delivery and we are very confident that we can deliver all furniture types to your desired location.

Question 2: Will my delicate items be safe during transit?

This is one question we get a lot from our customers. We know how important your furniture is to you and we take the greatest care when handling them. During transit, our movers are there to ensure that no damage comes to your furniture. It will be so disheartening that an expensive piece furniture you bought with your hard-earned money got damaged in our custody this is why we train our movers to handle each piece of furniture like it's their own.

We also take the extra care by ensuring our services with an insurance company. Road accidents are unexpected but we take all the necessary caution to avert them. We only hire skilled drivers suited for furniture delivery. But in the event, an accident occurs our insurance policy will take care of the mess so you don't have to worry about a thing.

Question 3: How many movers will be on the delivery team?

As earlier mentioned, we offer only bespoke services. Our services are tailored to suit the particular move. If the furniture to be moved is many and would require more hands, we will send the number of men that will perfectly carry out the task. We can even send an extra van if the move requires one. However, if it's a small move and the furniture is not so heavy, we will send fewer hands.

Question 4: How long will the delivery take?

The delivery time is dependent on certain factors. Firstly, if you have multiple pieces of furniture, it will take more time to load them to the van and offload them at the new location. Also, the distance from your previous residence to the new location is another factor to consider. If the two locations are far from each other, it will take more time to deliver the furniture. Other factors include traffic and roadblocks.

Hire a Professional Today!

We try our best to always deliver 10/10. We are not new to the industry. We've gathered a lot of experience over the years, we know the streets of London like the back of our hands. We know the alternative routes to take to avoid traffic and make the move faster. We are your best bet for furniture and home moves.

Still in doubt? Our customer reviews on Trustpilot speak for us. If you have questions, you need us to answer, reach out to us at myconstructor.co.uk We will be glad to answer any and every one of your questions.

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A Furniture Delivery Service is an extra service that our Man and Van partners can easily undertake. They will come at your place, load your furniture and then unload them to the place you want.

Through our platform you can compare prices and reviews and choose the best deal!
The final cost of our Furniture Delivery Services may vary depending on a different number of factors such us; How many furniture do you want to move, what is the size of your furniture, how many movers will be needed, what type of van will you need etc.

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