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Mr Lino S.
Followed instructions by the book, professionally. Happy to hire services again. Thanks
Sivasundaram S.
A really lovely, efficient, professional amazing man. We will certainly be reccomending him.
Zineddine I.
Fantastic service, would use these guys again. Very professional and efficient
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Manmeet has been very responsive and helpful. was on time for appointment.
Jeremy J.
Fantastic service, after being let down twice by other companies (they were not on My Constructor) it was done on time and quickly had the cert.
Debra H.
Andrew worked hard to tie in with our schedule even though MyConstructor seems to have changed the time of the appointment without me noticing. Andrew communicated very well to keep us informed as he was on the way to us. Andrew identified and resolved the issue very quickly and had the boiler working within minutes. Andrew was very professional and friendly.
Steve C.
Excellent service with great communication regards appointment. The service was carried out professionally and without any issues. The area was clean and tidy. Highly recommended
Patjarin C.
Hello, I am very pleased with the punctuality of the job done by the engineer. He showed up earlier and gave very good advised on how things work. I'd recommend him to anyone
Sue R.
Thoroughly professional and phoned in advance to let me know he would be late arriving. He gave my boiler a really good check up and I felt confident about going forward to next year because I wouldn’t have any problems with my hot water or central heating. Thank you Alan
Wojciech G.
Very well established, behaving contractor, had many over the years, but Kazim was different league, job was simple and small, but was pleasure to have such professional at home. He did the job swiftly, explained everything as he was doing it, give some interesting pointers for future. Kept everything clean and tidy, left property in the same condition as he come in. Was sticking to time agreed, on the way communicated his arriving time and was easy to reach out and well outspoken. Great Job
Stephen S.
On every count Jamie was excellent. His positive reviews are very well deserved. As I pioneered customer care in the uk many years back I’m probably more critical than most. Well done , thank you Jamie.
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What You Should Know About A Commercial Gas Engineer Before Booking

What is a Gas Safety Certificate?

All rental properties in the UK are required to have a Gas Safety Certificate, which is a record that shows that the gas appliances in their properties have been inspected and are not posing a fire or carbon monoxide hazard.

This document serves as a safety measure that ensures that the occupants of the rental home or business are protected from the harmful gases and emissions that can be found.

Non-domestic and Commercial Gas Safety Certificates should be renewed every year.

Why Do You Need a Commercial Gas Engineer For Your Company?

Gas safety is common sense. It's mandatory.

Commercial and residential gas engineers must install, maintain, repair gas boilers and also check the gas appliances of the property. However, if you need work done for your business, you shouldn't choose the first one you find on the internet simply because they have the same job title.

The gas boilers and bigger pipelines in commercial and corporate homes are sometimes too enormous for a household engineer to handle. A Commercial Gas Engineer is an ideal fit for your commercial gas project.

Only commercial gas engineers, should service a company's gas equipment. As a business owner, you want to ensure the safety of your employees and consumers.

Our commercial gas engineers are top of their field. They're the best at what they do – keeping your business customers, their staff and customers safe!

How to Get a Certified Commercial Gas Engineer

If you don't know anything about the gas system, finding a commercial gas engineer in your area might be a difficult task for anyone. Maybe you've tried searching for "commercial gas engineer near me" or "gas company near me" in the hope that you'll find someone who is both nearby and reputable.

Commercial gas engineers may be located by searching the internet for "commercial gas engineer near me." However, paying a commercial gas safe engineer just by the number of days they spend working at your business property is not a wise decision unless in exceptional cases.

Since a commercial gas engineer could only work for a few hours a day, it isn't a good idea to work on a day rate. It is in the engineer's best interest to work quickly and efficiently, but not at the expense of the quality of the finished product.

Among other things, this implies that you must guarantee that your appliances are installed, commissioned, and maintained by an accredited commercial gas engineer. They will ensure that documentation is correct and appliances have been safety checked and serviced.

If you're finding trouble to get a Commercial Gas Engineer, you're in the right place. We have gathered for you, the most qualified gas engineers who can easily undertake the daunting task of your business gas appliances' inspection.

What to Look Before Booking a Commercial Gas Engineer in Your Area

The Duration of the Project

It's common knowledge that a gas engineer's workdays are typically 8 hours long; but, while presenting an estimate for a day's labour, the trained engineer may finish the project in 5 to 6 hours, or in 3 to 4 hours if the local commercial gas engineer takes his apprentice or colleague along.

Co-workers, potentially two, may be to blame when an experienced commercial gas engineer near you, quotes for a week of labour but completes the project in two to three days.

The Size & Characteristics of The Gas Company

A good tip is to look for a company's track record and facilities when estimating gas engineer installation services. A large corporation would be considered expensive and sensible in terms of a higher quotation, while a local commercial gas engineer with less expertise would be cheaper.

If a gas engineer is charging a cheaper fee, they are seen as a greater risk, while a larger organisation that has a great track record may be a good option to go with. Although you usually pay for precisely what you receive, there are situations when a high quotation from a commercial gas engineer may be considered excessively expensive because of the significant risk involved.

About The Gas Safe Register

Ensure that anyone who works on your gas appliances regularly is a Gas Safe Registered Engineer. CORGI's replacement, the Gas Safe Register, ensures that the gas fitter working in your house is qualified and safe.

A Gas Safe ID card must be carried at all times by a genuine Gas Safe Registered Engineer. Remember to verify the engineer's identification by looking at the front of the Gas Safe ID card and the back of the gas card.

Gas appliances require distinct credentials, and many consumers aren't aware of this fact.

The Commercial Gas Engineer must already obtain the COCN1 or CODNCO1 and CCN1 credentials. LPG will come in handy. It's also helpful to have an NVQ in plumbing.

Get an Experienced Gas Engineer

A Commercial Gas Engineer must know his job and be well-trained to undertake any type of task. A successful gas engineer will be tasked with repairing and installing heating systems at vital sites like manufacturing companies or residential buildings.

Be Aware of Responsibilities

In addition to commercial gas engineers, landlords and we, have obligations under the gas safety regulation. Every year, landlords must have their homes examined for gas safety and have the gas appliances they provide serviced. If a tenant takes gas equipment into a rental property, they must ensure properly maintained and safe to use.

Commercial Gas Safety Certification at the Lowest Price

If you need a commercial gas safety certificate, MyConstructor has a team of trained gas engineers ready to assess your premises and provide one.

It's possible to get a commercial gas safety certificate from MyConstructor's experts, who can inspect, recommend, and carry out boiler and heating modifications. Additionally, MyConstructor is a property maintenance firm that offers a full range of maintenance services to residential and non-residential clients in the Greater London area.

What is the Purpose of a Commercial Gas Safety Record?

To be clear, only a registered Commercial Gas Engineers may provide a commercial gas certificate. Several different checks and tests are included in a typical installation check.

It would be best to keep in mind that a business gas safety record is proof that your equipment and installations have been tested and safe. As a result, keeping track of vital inspections like these is critical from a legal aspect.

Commercial Gas Engineer: What's the Point?

In 2009, the heating and plumbing sector benefited from a major regulation shift to safeguard the public from the dangers of faulty gas installations. Additionally, the Gas Safe Register has supplanted CORGI as the UK's gas registration and regulation agency, offering a complete list of all region-accredited Commercial Gas Engineers.

Advantages of Choosing one of MyConstructor's Gas Engineers

  • Our List is Updated Regularly
    All of our professionals are listed on the Gas Safe Register. This means you're working with a well-known company you can trust.
    Our list is extremely accurate and updated regularly to reflect any tradesmen who have broken safety requirements or failed to present proof of their certification.
    No matter how careful you are, hiring a so-called Commercial Gas Engineer who isn't listed puts you and your family at risk.

  • We Privide Warranty
    Having your new boiler installed by a qualified expert (and having it serviced annually) ensures that you're following the conditions of any warranty that comes with the boiler unit.
    You should pay attention to this if you buy a high-end boiler with a guarantee that eliminates the need for future maintenance.
    Working with an unaccredited commercial gas engineer, on the other hand, might void your warranty and cost you hundreds of pounds down the road.
    Working with our professionals means that you can rest confident that everything is safe for you and your loved ones.

  • Protect Yourselves and Your Money
    keep in mind that the expense of purchasing and installing a new boiler might run up to £3,000. As a result, you must hire a team of qualified commercial gas engineers to oversee the installation and any subsequent repairs.
    If you don't do this, you'll be jeopardising your whole investment and increasing the danger of future losses while also putting the safety of your loved ones at risk!

Gas Safety Checks' Importance

As a legal requirement in the United Kingdom, any rental property with gas appliances must have a gas safety record, also known as a certificate. A licenced professional must inspect all gas appliances in a rented property annually, and a copy of the results must be provided to the renters.

Every device's yearly gas safety inspection must also be performed and documented. Landlords have a legal obligation to ensure the safety of their tenants' gas appliances. As a result, the best landlord's gas safety certificate must verify that gas pipes, flues, and appliances are repaired and maintained in a safe working condition by law.

Think in Advance! Hire a Commercial Gas Enginner

Many of the appliances we use daily in our homes and workplaces break down for no apparent reason, making life more difficult, unpleasant, and expensive than it needs to be. This is especially true if one of those appliances breaks down unexpectedly.

Interestingly, all of these necessary gadgets have a character when you think about them. With their timers designed to save you money and make your life a lot simpler, these devices are a great investment. Professionals and firms should always handle the installation of timers for your various appliances, which is why you should always employ them to do so.

There are several reasons why hiring heating specialists to install these timers is preferable to trying to do it yourself, or enlisting the help of a buddy who is handier than you are is sound advice.

Hire a Commercial Gas Engineer for your Business Today!

Trying to find the best Commercial Gas Engineers around?

The commercial and industrial markets are well-served by the expertise of MyConstructor's team of Gas Engineers.
Fully certified and Gas Safe accredited engineers are available at MyConstructor to get the task done promptly, safely, and effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Gas Safety Certificates

A Commercial Gas Safety Certificate for a commercial property is a record that details the situation of the business's gas appliances. Having this certificate means that all of the gas appliances are safe to use and there are no potential dangers and risks for you and your employees. This certificate should be carried annualy. Although, it is advised to have your appliances checked more often.
When it comes to property services, we all want a professional that we can trust. All of our professionals are certified and verified. Through our platform you can easily compare prices and reviews in order to choose the best deal for you. Rest assured that our professionals will provide you the best service possible!
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