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Planning on your furniture delivery?
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Your IKEA Delivery with MyConstructor

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Free Cancellation Policies

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Have your IKEA Delivery Service with MyConstructor

Keep reading to learn how to book your furniture delivery with our Man with a Van Service

Planning on your Furniture Delivery?

When it comes to your home belongings and their transportation from one place to another, it’s really important to go with someone you can trust. Family and friends may be more than willing to help you out with this daunting task and make the transportation a really smooth and hassle-free process.

But what happens if you don’t own the right vehicle, or you’re new to an area?

If you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy moving company to deliver to you your brand new furniture, you’re in the right place!

Our Man with a Van Service is the ideal and most cost-efficient solution for you!

Continue reading and learn why you should book your IKEA delivery with our Man and Van service and how to do so.

What is a Man with a Van service?

Man with a Van is a type of furniture delivery service that transports goods from one location to another. It's a good alternative for those who have small houses or wish to transport only a few items and furniture.

Although before booking your Man and Van, it’s important to consider the services that the company offers. For bigger houses, opting a house removal company may be a wiser and more cost-effective solution.

Booking IKEA Delivery with our Man with a Van Services

Booking your IKEA delivery with our Man with a Van Services has a lot of benefits and can make the transportation a stress-free process. I bet you’re wondering;
Why should I go with a separate provider for my IKEA delivery?

Reasons of doing so are as follows:

  • Risk-free Option.
    When you trust the transportation of your belongings to a professional, reliable moving company, it means that you can rest assured that everything will be transported safely to your new home.

  • Insurance Coverage.
    The company you would like to choose should have the necessary equipment and personnel to deliver the goods and services that you need.
    With MyConstructor’s professionals you can be sure that there won’t be any problems or damages during the transportation. All of our movers are verified and have the basic insurance coverage. They also provide adequate goods-in-transit insurance.

  • We Have a Van for Every Need.
    No matter how much furniture you wish to transport for your IKEA delivery our movers have the right size of van that will suit your needs perfectly.

  • Low Cost Service.
    Choosing our Man with a Van service for your IKEA delivery can save you a lot of time and money than attempting to do it all by yourself. Our movers are fast, efficient and reliable.

  • Man with a Van Services are designed specifically for the purpose of item transportation.
    This means that your items will be secured throughout the journey, while also being insured.

  • Same Day & Next Day Deliveries.

Regardless of who you choose, with MyConstructor you will enjoy hassle-free transportation for your IKEA delivery!

How much will an IKEA delivery cost?

The most important question that you probably have is this; How much will it cost me?

Well, there are no fixed prices for these kinds of services. Prices vary depending on numerous factors.

Some of them are as follows:

  • The number of furniture and belongings you wish for IKEA delivery.
  • The size of the van you will need.
  • The number of movers that will be needed for the transportation.
  • The weight and value of the furniture you are transporting.
  • The amount of flights of steps these items need to be carried up/down.
  • The distance from the pick-up point, to the drop-off location.

MyConstructor provides competitive market prices starting from only £10 per hour, with a two hour minimum booking.

Before booking a Man with a Van service for your IKEA delivery, you should make sure you’re aware of all your requirements and needs.

The more information you provide to the company, the more accurate the price you’ll get.

Knowing exactly what you're looking for in an IKEA delivery, will help the movers provide you with more high-quality transportation.

Extra Services Provided

To make the process even smoother, our movers can also provide extra moving services, although, you should inform them in advance of what kinds of services you will need, so they can come fully prepared for the IKEA delivery.

MyConstructor’s movers are more than happy to offer you the following services;

  • Packing and Unpacking Services.
    Our movers can undertake the packing of your items from your old home and the unpacking to your new one.

  • Furniture Assembly and Disassembly Services.
    A well-trained company will have the necessary resources and skills to provide a fast and efficient furniture assembly and disassembly service. Our movers can also offer superior tools and equipment.

Other Benefits of Our Services

Before choosing a company for your IKEA delivery, it's important that you know about their security in-transit safety measures. They should also be able to provide you with detailed information about their cars and their methods of preserving your possessions.

Having the proper equipment and personnel can also help keep your possessions secure. A good company will also install security systems that are designed to prevent unauthorized access.

Hire a Professional for your Furniture Delivery Today!

Getting ready to move can be a daunting task, especially if it's your first time doing it. This is why it's important that you hire a Man and a Van Removal Company instead of undertaking the IKEA delivery yourself.

Through MyConstructor,you can easily find reliable and trustworthy moving companies. You can also easily compare prices and reviews in order to find the professional that suits your needs.

Moving only a few items? Try our Man & Van Service!

Our professionals have a van for every need.

Hiring a licensed professional to conduct your move. It will make your life much easier!

Got any Questions? Look here.

Our Man with a Van delivery service can easily undertake the daunting task of your IKEA delivery. All of our movers are certified and well-trained for any type of transportation. We have a van for every need!
The price for a furniture delivery sevrice depends on a different number of factors such us: the number of furniture, the distance from point A to point B, the numnber of movers that the transportation requires etc.

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