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Book an appointment for a professional floor plan to ensure an easy sale of your house or a faster rent-out of your property. Get yours easily and quickly at fixed prices.
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Sell or rent your property faster with a professional floorplan!

What is a floorplan?

A professional floor plan is a visual description of a property, including the dimensions and layout. The diagram gives accurate measurements of the room sizes, how the property is arranged and where the key components, such as kitchens, bathrooms, storage space and appliances are located. They are typically displayed in both the online and printed marketing material of your property and are widely considered to be of equal importance as professional photographs.

Do I need to have one?

Having a property floorplan is not a legal requirement to market your property for either sale or let. However, getting one is quick, easy and will vastly improve the marketing of your property, which will lead to faster results!

What are the benefits?

For such a simple process, the benefits of having a floorplan are huge! The main benefit of professional floor planning is to help improve the quality of viewings on your property. There are few things that are more frustrating than getting feedback from your agents to say that the viewers loved the location and the decor but ‘the layout wasn’t right’ or ‘they only want an open-plan living space’. This can easily be avoided by having plans as part of the marketing materials for your home.

Having a better quality viewings will mean less time wasted on cleaning and preparing for appointments and, ultimately, less viewings before you sell or rent your home!

A digital plan will also give the marketing of your property a much more professional appearance and is a great addition to professionally taken photographs.

Remember, some people will not even come to view a property without a plan - don’t miss out on your potential buyer or tenant by not having a property plan!

Can I do it myself?

Doing your own plan is possible but not recommended. Making an accurate representation of a property is actually a lot more difficult than it would seem. All rooms must be accurately measured, in accordance with Government guidelines, and then transferred to a digital platform. For a novice, the process is complicated and time consuming. It is also worth noting that many agents will not use plans that have not been professionally produced in order to avoid possible legal disputes over misrepresentations.

Can I use the old plan?

Most agents will not accept a floorplan from previous marketing campaigns. The main reason being accuracy, potential misrepresentations and being able to identify who was responsible for the original plan. Should there be any legal disputes over the accuracy of the plan, the estate agent will need to know who produced the plans and when.

How long does it take?

This will obviously vary depending on the size of the property and the complexity of the layout. A home with multiple floors or unusual shaped rooms will take a lot longer than a modern, purpose built home. A typical purpose built apartment should take around 30 minutes, with a normal family house taking closer to 45 minutes.

What happens during the appointment?

As the plan is designed to document the total size of the property, the planner will need access to all room and auxiliary spaces in order to obtain accurate measurements so you need to ensure that access is freely available. The planner cannot assume a measurement, or take your word for it, so plan ahead - it will make the appointment much quicker!

Typically, professional plans will include a measurement of the outside spaces (if practical) as well as garages or storage spaces or rooms. They do not typically include the measurement of loft spaces. Planners are only able to document the spaces as they sit and are unable to add any detail for potential space, regardless of whether planning is already obtained (if you have separate documents for this, they should be supplied to the agents or directly to the viewer).

What floor planning does not include

Whilst every effort is taken to ensure that all measurements are accurate and provide a fair representation of the property, it should be noted that floorplans are created with a disclaimer that they are ‘Illustrations for identification purposes only’. As a result, they should not be used for any architectural, construction or planning purposes.

In many homes, particularly period properties, not all rooms are perfectly square, even though they might seem like it to the naked eye - or the plan. Therefore, plans should also not be relied upon for the purposes of buying furniture etc. A floor plan should also never be considered as any type of ‘survey’ on the property. No assumptions should be made in relation to structural integrity, location of supporting walls, extension potential or similar.

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