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Remedial Electrical Works

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Elena M.
It's the second time we've us e Lewis through my constructor and everything went smoothly. We had to reschedule our first appointment but everything went well and we got our EICR report. Lewis was responsive to my messages and calls and resolved any issues that I raised.
Geoff K.
Pete was friendly and respectful and did his work to a good standard
Muddasar N.
Abdul was amazing! Came on time, got the job done, gave excellent advice! He was super - will definately be using again. Use him, you'll have peace of mind and won't regret it!.
Christine W.
Peter was pleasant, knowledgeable and offered sound advice. He arrived at the arranged time and cleaned up afterwards.
James D.
Good guys got the job done quickly and very professional. I would recommended them.
Jacob B.
Left them a key for the property. Completed the EICR in the morning and had the report by lunch time.
Aziz Z.
Excellent job done. Really prompt, very polite and efficient at a great price. Excellent work.
Julie B.
Awesome experience with these guys!! Was let down on the day. Booked them, they called me..and the EICR was carried out the SAME day! Thank saved the day
Neil H.
Highly recommend Enoch. He was right on time, very polite and carried out inspection swiftly and professionally .
Raul R.
Simon was very friendly, professional and competent. He did a great job. I would highly recommend!
Jaswinder J.
The electrition who came to do the electrical safety checks was very polite and professional. He was there on time and explained what he was doing. I will use the MyConstructor service again. Thanks.
Tim B.
First time using myconstructor and Simon at Rental Comply. Couldn’t fault either and would recommend without any hesitation.
Kay C.
Excellent, my tennants were happy wiht the service and I consider that the work was undertaken to a high standard with minimal disruption.
Lisa C.
Great experience with my electrician. He was punctual, friendly, got the job done with ease, provided the EICR report within 24 hours and even checked the smoke/fire alarms for me. Very happy with this service and I’m keeping his number for any future needs!
Lily H.
Michael was very efficient and explained everything in detail we will see him on the 14th Nov to finish the job
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Your Electrical Safety Certificate says that work needs to be done on your property to ensure that its electrical systems are safe to use.

What’s the next move? Remedial Electrical Work!

Why Do I Need Remedial Electrical Work Done?

Unfortunately, many fires and other accidents take place every year due to electrical system issues that are left unchecked.

It is of the utmost importance if you are a landlord, therefore, to take time to ensure the safety and security of your tenants. Being mindful of electrical safety is a major way in which you can do this. Moreover, thinking ahead can help you to prevent future problems and establish trust with your tenants.

In the UK, there are also legal requirements when it comes to electrical safety: namely, the electrical safety certificate that you will occasionally need to obtain for any property you own, or would like to sell. The certificate certifies that your property’s electrical systems have been inspected by a qualified inspector, and that they are safe for general use.

Your electrical safety certificate, or Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) will give you a detailed list as to what needs to be done in the home to bring its electrical systems up to UK legal standards.

When Do I Need Remedial Electrical Work Done?

To determine whether Remedial Electrical Work needs to be done on your property, you will need an electrical safety certificate. This needs to be done once every five years, or every time there is a change of tenants on your property. Getting the certificate requires a qualified assessor to come inspect the electrical systems in the building.

If it is deemed that there is some kind of issue with your property, the code C1, C2, or C3 will be listed on the certificate. Here are what the codes mean:

  • C1: There are signs of imminent danger as per the property’s electrical systems. Work must be done on the property immediately.
  • C2: Serious hazards have been identified. Work must be done on the property as soon as possible.
  • C3: Remedial work is strongly suggested, but not required or urgent.

Remember, it is your legal obligation to conduct remedial electrical work if it is decided by the assessor that there is an issue, as dictated by codes C1 or C2 on the EICR. A failure to comply could lead to fines or other repercussions, especially if your negligence leads to any kind of damage to the property or your tenants’ belongings or well-being.

Remember, it is your legal obligation to conduct remedial electrical work if it is decided by the assessor that there is an issue, as dictated by codes C1 or C2 on the EICR. A failure to comply could lead to fines or other repercussions, especially if your negligence leads to any kind of damage to the property or your tenants’ belongings or well-being.

If there is a C3 noted on your certificate, note that while work on the property is not required, it is strongly recommended. If you receive this code when you get the certificate back, it is likely that the systems on your property are in line with an older legal standard, or there is a simple issue that can be fixed at your convenience.

Your EICR will give specific information as to what needs to be examined and fixed: if you are unsure, simply speak with the expert who assessed your property. They can give you advice, and explain what needs to be done.

How Much Can I Expect To Pay For Remedial Electrical Work?

Remember, if remedial electrical work is needed for your property, it is your financial responsibility to pay for such repairs. Such is a requirement if you are a landlord, as you must ensure the safety of your properties for your tenants.

Costs for this kind of repair work can vary heavily depending on the state of the building’s electrical systems, and by what kind of work needs to get done. While more simple repairs can cost under £25, major issues can cost hundreds. It also may depend on where you live, and who you have hired to conduct such work.

If you have been frequently keeping up with your EICR reports, you will have an idea ahead of time as to what kinds of electrical problems could take place. While it does cost some money to get an EICR done, the EICR can therefore save some money in the long run as it can help you be proactive about preventing major (and expensive!) issues.

Prices may vary: when speaking with a professional, be as clear with them as you can about the work that needs to be done so that they can give you the closest estimate possible in terms of price.

What Are Some Common Issues That Require Remedial Electrical Work?

Depending on the state of your property, there are a wide variety of issues that may require electrical work.

Some of the most common faults include the following issues:

  • A new consumer unit is needed.
  • Important earth bonds are missing or damaged and their parts must be replaced.
  • Further Investigation (FI) on the part of the assessor is needed to determine the state of the electrical systems on the property. If this is the case, you must pay full price for an electrician to come in to inspect the property for a half-day or longer.
  • Replacement of light fixtures, sockets, sockets, and the like are necessary.
  • The Residual-Current Breaker with Overload protection (RCBO) must be replaced and re-installed.
  • The Residual-Current Device (RCD) must be replaced. If this happens, you must pay for the new RCD itself in addition to more for the fitting and installation of the device.
  • Circuits on the property must be identified or labeled.
  • Wires in the home must be secured or re-secured.
  • Any Miniature Circuit Breakers, or MCB, must be installed, re-installed, or replaced.
  • Other minor electrical issues must be investigated or fixed.

Many of the simplest repairs are for fixing some of the “plastic” parts of an electrical system. Such repairs include the following.

  • The replacement of standard 1 or 2 gang light switches. These gang switches control light fixtures.
  • Single or double-sockets need to be replaced or fixed.
  • Cooker switches may need to be replaced.
  • Switch/Unswitched fused spurs may need fixed.
  • Replacing missing blanking plates (used to cover switches or sockets) in board
  • Any switches that need to be fixed or replaced.
  • Bathroom light fixtures may need fixed or replaced.

It’s worth keeping an eye out for these kinds of problems on your own, so that you may have repairs done ahead of time. You cannot carry out a check for an electrical safety certificate unless you are a certified electrician as per UK law, however.

Need Remedial Electrical Work? Arrange to Learn More About The State of Your Property Today!

It is important to be proactive about all properties you may own, especially if you rent one or more of them to tenants you have a professional relationship with. An important way to be proactive is to plan ahead when it comes to remedial electrical work.

You will need an EICR to see whether you need any remedial repairs done. At our website, you will find a list of qualified assessors in your area who will bring competence, experience, and a job well done when it comes to inspecting your properties or completing any repairs you may need. Try it today!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Remedial Works:

An electrical safety certificate, or Electrical Installation Condition Report, certifies that a property’s electrical systems are up to legal standards in the UK and are safe for private use. You will need an EICR to determine whether you need to conduct repairs on the electrical systems in your house.

Remedial Electrical Work can be done by a certified electrician. In fact, the electrician who assessed your property may also be able to carry out the job, especially since they know your property particularly well.

To find a trusted professional in your area, you can search for one on our website, where you can receive a quote ahead of time for the work required.

For the purposes of obtaining an electrical safety certificate, your properties must be checked every five years. You also will need the certificate every time a property is bought, sold, or rented to a new person or group of people.

For older properties or properties with known problems, it may be worth checking the electrical systems more often.

As of 2020, there are heavy fines if you do not obtain electrical safety certificates for properties before renting them out to tenants. If you currently have tenants on a property, you have until April 2021 to obtain an EICR.

If your EICR comes back with a C1 or C2 code, that means you must complete any necessary repairs listed within 28 days. If you do not get an EICR or do the repair work necessary afterwards, you could be fined up to £30,000, or even face other legal repercussions.

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