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Need efficient and fast rubbish removal for your properties? Look no further! At MyConstructor we can easily undertake the demanding task of waste disposal and rubbish collection! We will remove everything and anything you need in no time!

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Why choose MyConstructor for your Waste Disposal?

At MyConstructor we understand that waste disposal can be daunting and this is why we have found the best professionals to undertake this demanding task! Environment is our priority and our professionals will take care of your waste in the most eco-friendly way possible.

Stress-free Process

You do not have to worry about a thing! Our professionals will undertake all the heavy lifting and will remove all of the items you need in no time!

Free Cancellation

If needed, you can cancel and reschedule your appointment for free!

Competitive Prices

Through our platform you can compare prices and reviews and get the best possible quote for the day you choose!

Basic Compensation Cover

Not satisfied with our services? You’re 100% covered and can get your money back in the time of 48 hours.

We are fully insured and licensed.

All you need to know about waste disposal!

What does Waste Disposal mean and why is it important?

The term Waste Disposal or Waste Management means the collection, deposition and recycling (if possible) of your waste materials.

An effective waste disposal/management plays a significant role in environmental protection, but also in the sanitation of the community. Over the years, waste disposal methods have changed a lot, in order to reduce their harmful effects to the environment. For example, centuries ago, waste used to be buried or burnt as the materials were biodegradable. Today, due to the increase of population and thus the increase of waste, the fact that modern waste is not as biodegradable as it used to be, and due to the environmental crisis that threatens our population’s health, those methods are no longer an option.

Nowadays, waste disposal is focused on recycling your waste materials in order to reduce the amount that ends up in the landfill, and because this is the most environmentally friendly method. The modern philosophy around sustainability is centred on the safety of our ecosystems and so is MyConstructor. We’re ensuring that your waste is disposed of in an ethical and environmentally friendly way!

What is the process of the Waste Disposal?

The process of the rubbish removal from your property is really simple! First and foremost, you should start with the research, one of the most important steps of the process.Through our website you can compare reviews and professionals, so you find the one that suits you. It is very important to check if the professional has insurance and a valid license as you don't want to take any risks. Before choosing a professional you must know your requirements and needs.

  • What do you expect from a professional?
  • Under what budget do you wish the service to be done?
  • What are your requirements during the waste removal?

What are the costs of the Waste Disposal Process?

When it comes to Waste Management and Collection, there are no fixed costs. On the contrary, costs may vary depending on a different number of factors:

  • How many items do you wish to move out of your property?
  • How many large items do you need the professionals to take?
  • What is the distance the professional has to cover in order to come to your property?
  • How many people will be needed to carry out your waste?
  • What are the waste disposal centre fees?

All of the factors above can affect the final price. You can always communicate with our professionals so they can help you calculate the final amount of the service.

Table of Contents

Why choose MyConstructor for your Waste Disposal?

Our professionals can undertake the Waste Management for both domestic and commercial properties!

Domestic Waste Disposal

Items Included:

  • Unwanted Furniture
  • Carpets/Rugs
  • Sofas & Any Type of Chair
  • Tables
  • Electronic Waste
  • Garden Waste
  • Refrigerated Units
  • Household Junk
  • Black Bags Waste
  • Construction Waste
  • Builders Waste
  • DIY Waste

Commercial Waste Disposal

Items Included:

  • Desks/Workstations
  • Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Printers etc.
  • Office Chairs (any type)
  • Sofas
  • Black Bags
  • Electronic Waste

Do not see an item you need to remove? Not to worry! Contact our professionals and inform them about it. They will add it to the list for you and remove it as the day of the appointment comes. The most important thing for a high-quality waste disposal service, is to communicate with our professionals in advance so they can be fully ready for the waste removal!

Benefits of Effective Waste Disposal

Environmental Safety and Protection

Waste disposal can reduce contamination and pollution.

People are safer

Irresponsible disposing of waste is a significant factor that affects people’s health. In the long run, not taking care of your waste in a proper way, can harm you and your loved ones.

Cities are cleaner

An effective waste disposal can lead to cleaner streets and properties

Hire a waste disposal professional today!

Our platform has a variety of professionals who can help you with this demanding task and thus help you save time and money!

Rest assured, that with our assistance, you’ll find the right professional who can undertake your waste management for the right price!

Got any Questions? Look here.

What is Waste Disposal/Management?

A waste disposal service refers to the collection, deposition and recycling (if possible) of your waste materials. At MyConstructor, we can easily undertake both commercial and domestic waste disposal.

What is the cost of Waste Disposal?

In the UK, there are no fixed prices for waste disposal service. The final price can be affected by numerous factors such as: the number of the unwanted items, the size and weight of them, the distance the professional has to cover, the number of people that will be needed for the service.

Is booking online my Waste Disposal service safe?

Booking a waste disposal company from MyConstructor is completely risk-free. You can easily compare prices, reviews and professionals in order to find the one that suits your needs. All of your personal data are safe and all of our professionals are fully insured and licensed.
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