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Van and Man Near Me Services
What Should You Know Before Booking?

Everything you need to know about our Van and Man near me service before booking!
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What is a Van and Man Near Me Service?

A Van and Man Near Me is a removal service which is designed to enable anyone access removal services in an easy and cost efficient way. The name says it all, a man and van service is usually for faster and smaller relocations.

The majority of us will require removal services at some point, whether due to moving house, stu-dent accommodation, office or simply to transport a piece of furniture from point A to point B, as a result, the van and man near me service can be accessed all across the UK.

The removal service will involve one or two professional movers who will assist you along the way, enabling you to make the move stress-free.

How Do I Organise a Van and Man Near me Service?

The Van and Man near me removal service is organised to accommodate your daily routine and schedule as well as your needs.

Below you can find an overview of van and man near me processes which will enable you to pre-pare and be aware of what to expect of the day of the move.

  • The first step should focus on deciding what items and/or furniture you would like to move and where to. Once this key task is complete, you will be ready to book man and van near me services.

  • A swift and easy way to find the right professional for you would be by calling or visiting the MyConstructor. Here, numerous qualified people of trade have been selected and gathered to help your move. This is also where you can receive further instructions and your free quote.

  • Each move is different and some may be more complex than others. If your move fits into a more complex category, we will simply arrange a site survey to plan out every detail. Depending on preference, a survey can be done online or even on site.

  • Once the free quote has been received and you are happy with the price, feel free to ask any additional questions, whether they concern further adjustments or additional services.

  • Set the date of the van and man near me service. On the day of the move, the mover/s will arrive at the agreed time, arrange and load the items, transporting them to their new address.

  • If you have opted for additional services, such as professional packing, this will be done first, up-on the arrival of the movers.

  • Finally, upon delivery at the new address, the van and man near me movers will unload the items carefully and take the boxes and/or furniture inside.

Van and Man near me services is the perfect option for small office, studio, small apartment relocations or student accommodation moves.

Why Booking a Van and Man Near Me Is The Best Option For You?

Van and Man near me services are an efficient and cost-friendly way to make you moving day hassle-free.

Below are some more benefits to help you better understand whats provided through this service:

  • In order to opt for a moving service you do not need to be transporting an enormous quantity of items. Each case is different and if you need the help to move a single box or a smaller collection of items, our movers at MyConstructor will be there to assist you. The move will be organised efficiently and can even be booked on the same day.

  • Mover vehicles are equipped and adjusted specifically for item transportation. This way you can rest assured that your items will remain safe throughout the journey.

  • Booking is super easy. All you have to do is go online and get your free quote today. MyConstructor is a leading property service provider and we will connect you with qualified movers and tradespeople. Simply click here or speak to one of our representatives to find out more.

Items That Can Or Cannot Be Moved Through Van and Man Near Me Sevices

  • Generally, the variety of items that can be transported is too large to note down. Whether those are boxed items, fragile items, furniture (big and small), all of these can be transported with van and man near me services. If you are unsure about a certain item, maybe it is of the fragile kind and would like to discuss things further or receive some advice, simply give us a call or write a quick message on or site and one of our customer service representatives through our site will guide you through the processes.

  • If the quantity of your items exceeds the limit of the van capacity, it may be a good idea to organise a different type of removal service. Regardless of the situation, MyConstructor will connect you to the right services.

  • Items that are prohibited and cannot be moved with van and man near me services include; Pets, dangerous items (fireworks, lighter fluid, firearms and ammunition, cleaning solvents, petrol, pains and paint thinner, oxygen bottles, matches, propane cylinders, among others).
    Wherever there is doubt, simply contact one of our customer service representatives, and they will give you the advice you're seeking.

How Much Does It Cost To Arrange a Van and Man Near Me Service?

The cost of a Van and Man Near Me Service usually varies with each individual case depending on the following factors:

  • The amount of items you are wishing to transport.
  • Their nature (fragility, size, etc).
  • The weight of the boxes or items.
  • The number of rooms in the property.
  • Other factors, will all be considered when finalising the overall costs.

MyConstructor provides Van with Man services starting from £10 per hour with a two hour minimum. In order to save time and money, organise your move well in advance and our movers will do the rest.

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Booking through MyConstructor means that you can rest confident that your move will be stress-free and your items will be transported safe. You caan compare prices and reviews in no time!
A Man and Van Service cost can vary depending on several factors that can affect its price. Some of these include the distance between the two sites, the number of boxes, and the size of the property.

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