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Everything you Need to Know about Removals London

Moving out from your apartment?
Continue reading and learn everything you should know about house removals London before you hire them!

What Should You Ask Removals London Companies Before Hiring Them?

Moving house for the first time can be a daunting task.

However, removals London can help relieve the stress of moving house by taking on 70% of the task you should have done yourself.

It is important that you hire the right removals London for your move so that you don’t get frustrated with three moving processes. More importantly, there are certain questions you should ask any removals London to ensure that they offer the services you require before deciding to hire them.

You will have many opportunities to interview the removals London you wish to hire to make sure they are the perfect fit for your house or office move. Whether it’s over the phone, via their email, or even during a pre-move survey.

Do not be shy to ask them questions on areas that are not clear to you or on areas you do not feel comfortable about.

We have highlighted some of these questions so that you can hire a good removals London and have a stress-free move.

Keep reading to find out!

Question 1: Do Removals London Conduct a Pre-move Survey Before the Moving Day?

The essence of a pre-move survey is to provide you with a precise quote and to allow the removals London company to inspect your home to decide whether or not they can carry out the move. The truth is that not every house removals London is capable of complex moves.

Some removals London are suitable for small moves and cannot handle complex home or office moves. This is why you should ask them if they conduct pre-move surveys before hiring them.

Question 2: Do Movers Have an Insurance Policy Covering Their Company?

This is one vital question you need to ask the house removals London who will help you move.

Your valuable items are going to be handled by them and if they do not have an insurance policy in place you may not be compensated for any damage to your property.

Do not be shy to ask the removals company for a copy of their insurance policy, so that you will know the items their insurance policies protect. Our removal companies will not hesitate to give it to you.

Question 3: Do Removals London Companies Regularly Train Their Movers?

You should find out if the removals company regularly trains their movers.

The safety of your property is highly dependent on the level of training the movers get. Most removal companies train their staff and keep them updated with the latest moving techniques and technology equipment available.

If the removal company is a member of the British Association of Removers (BAR) it can be an added advantage. This is because it boosts their reputation and you can be sure they are not a sub-standard company.

Booking through MyConstructor means that you don't have to worry about a single thing! All of the removal companies we have in our platform are fully-skilled and trained so they can provide tou the best services possible!

Question 4: Do They Charge for Waiting Time?

A lot of unexpected things can happen on the moving day.

If you are buying or selling a property, you might experience some delay with the solicitor or the house agent. It is best to budget for these unexpected circumstances so that you do not feel embarrassed.

You should endeavor to ask the removals company you intend to hire whether they charge for waiting time. Many removal companies charge for delays on the moving day.

It is best to ask in advance so that you can make the necessary preparations and include this in your budget.

Question 5: Do your Removal Companies Have a Cancellation Policy?

During the process of moving house or buying and selling property a lot of things can cause delays which might require you to cancel or postpone your move. Our removal companies have policies for cancellation without extra charges.

However, if it is not stated, it doesn’t hurt to ask them. With this in mind, you can prepare for the worst while hoping for the best.

Question 6: What Other Services do They Offer?

Many Removals London offer a wide range of services ranging from packing services to storage services and even white glove delivery services. A good removals company will offer subsidiary services that come with moving house because it is expected that you might need them.

You should enquire about the other services they offer so that you won’t have to contact more than one removals company.

One particular service which you might need is the white glove delivery service. A white glove delivery service is a special service offered by removal companies to move fragile, and expensive properties in a separate van from the regular properties. Items such as your glassware, expensive paintings, and pianos.

This service helps protect your valuables during transit.

Question 6: What will Happen if it Rains on The Moving Day?

This might seem like a weird question to ask a removal company but it is as important as the others.

Nobody wishes that it rains on the moving day but what if it happens?

You should make sure that your removal company is fully equipped to handle the situation. A good removals company will have trained staff as well as the necessary equipment that can handle the move in case it rains on the moving day.

A reputable removal company will not cancel the move because of a bad weather.

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We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch services all the time. With years of experience in moving houses, we make sure to give our clients the very best. We make your goals are our priority.

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The answer to that is not standard. The final price of your moving process depends on a different number of factors such as: The size of the property, the number of boxes that you want to move, the number of large and fragile items you own, extra services like packing and unpacking etc.

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