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Expert Guide Of A Piano Removal Service

Everything you need to know about transporting your piano, listed below. Continue reading and learn everything you need to know about piano removals and how you should deal with them!

Introduction To Piano Removals

Getting a piano from one place to another is no simple undertaking.

A piano removal is not an easy task due to the instrument's size, weight, and fragility. A piano's physical size and weight, as well as its emotional significance, make it one of the more difficult things to transport during a house or office relocation, even across oceans.

A piano may be moved in a number of ways. As a moving provider, it is our goal to accommodate each client's specific needs at an affordable rate. The moving crew will need to work quickly and effectively to get the piano where it's going.

Moving it by hand and loading it into a moving van is one option, especially if it's a baby grand piano or is placed on the ground or first floor. A regular grand piano is far more difficult to carry and needs not one but many strong guys with a lot of experience in the moving industry.

Is It Worth My Time To Try To Transport The Piano By Myself?

You should never attempt to move a piano on your own.

It's one of the trickiest items to move, and it's also the thing that tends to give individuals the most injuries during relocation. Following all the principles for safely carrying big things won't prevent you from getting tired and dropping the piano. When there is not enough helpers available, we can help in piano removal from one location to another without putting anybody in danger of getting hurt.

The good news is that there are several Piano Removal Moving Services in the UK, Europe, and elsewhere that specialize in the safe and secure relocation of pianos. A professional piano removal service can transport your instrument securely to any location in the country, no matter how large or valuable it may be.

Myconstructor.co.uk is a seasoned piano removal moving business, and our specialists have received extensive training in the skill of piano removal and preparing your instrument for transport, packaging or safeguarding its delicate components, moving it safely, and unpacking and setting it up in its new home.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Piano Removal Service Provider?

Since the difficulty level of each individual piano removal is different, we are unable to provide an accurate estimate at this time.

The cost of a piano removal task might vary depending on a number of factors, including;

  • The size of the piano.
  • Whether or not it needs to be partially disassembled.
  • The floor of the room where the piano is placed.

The cost of a service may increase if more workers are required to do the task, or if more time is spent on it.

In What Ways Do Piano Removal Providers Ensure The Instruments' Safety During Removal?

Moving companies that specialize in pianos removals should have a tried-and-true method for handling the instruments' fragility and weight. Professional piano movers use a multi-step process to relocate an instrument with minimal stress and no harm to the piano.


We make sure that the pickup and drop-off locations are accessible, before scheduling a piano move. As part of our meticulous approach to moving planning, this helps to guarantee that our clients have as little disruption as possible during the process. The success of our service hinges on our ability to transfer pianos without damaging the instruments themselves, as well as the surrounding surfaces, fixtures, and people.

A lead member of our moving crew always goes over the piano with the customer before we move it. In a jointly signed piano condition report, any preexisting damage is detailed and recorded. Because we care about our customers' peace of mind, we also photograph any signs of damage.


When working with a model, the team takes care to secure or remove any unnecessary items. Keyboard lids are removed or locked, and fragile piano pieces like the music stand, pedal action, and grand piano legs are carefully wrapped.

We utilize a "shoe," or protective platform, put under the piano for easy transportation and protection, and then roll the piano on its wheels to get it from one area to another. Any areas where harm to the floor from the rubber wheels is conceivable is equipped with preventative covers.


The piano's packaging method will be determined by the piano's characteristics, the customer's unique packaging instructions, and the final delivery location. Everything from thick woolen transit blankets to 5-ply wax coated sturdy paper blankets to bubble wrap with a soft fabric inner lining and a card over layer constitutes a "export wrap," all of which are wrapped and knotted securely.


Our company specializes in the relocation of expensive pianos, many of which have custom wooden cases built specifically for them. The cases are kept at MyConstructors' warehouse and are lined with foam to protect the piano until it is time to move. All grand piano deliveries that involve international shipment undergo crating as standard practice.

If you need to move your piano quickly, our professionals will pack it for export, arrange for the booking of a shipping container or airfreight, and handle all of the essential international paperwork and logistics. Our network of agents will handle import customs clearance, then coordinate delivery to your new home and any necessary set-up.

Movers, Security & Insurance For Pianos


The high value of many of our shipments necessitates that all employees have top-secret clearance and always carry official identification. Each year, our personnel practice packing procedures in the company's training program. This helps to guarantee that they are prepared for any removal challenge.


Senior operations managers solely handle all transactions to ensure privacy. Service provider personnel’s have a responsibility to keep client information private. Storage facilities are state-of-the-art, spotless, and fully air-conditioned. Redcare's cutting-edge alarm and CCTV systems keep your warehouse safe, and your goods are stored in low-crime zones.


Depending on condition and rarity, pianos can have wildly different prices. New Yamaha pianos still retail for over £200,000, while Christie's just sold a vintage Steinway for £750,000. If you want peace of mind knowing that your piano is insured from door to door, we will talk to you about and set up insurance for the relocation.

Instructions For Tuning A Piano And Other Piano Removal Tips

A piano takes time to acclimate to any new environment since it has to adjust to the humidity conditions.

Due to its susceptibility to expansion and contraction with variations in humidity, hardwood components are frequently given a three-week grace period to settle before being used. Pianos are best kept on an interior wall, away from drafty windows, doorways, and other openings.

Also, keep the piano away from any sources of central heating, since this will dry it out, but don't try to fix this by placing a basin of water on the floor beside it. Keep in mind that the piano, unlike other musical instruments, will require tuning even if it is not used during the time it is stored. The tune is ruined by all the shuffling and the fluctuating humidity.

The inner workings of your piano are surprisingly delicate, despite its seemingly sturdy exterior. Overall, the relocation itself shouldn't have too big of an impact. However, keep in mind that you will be transporting the instrument into a new environment, complete with new temperature, humidity, and room space considerations.

Let the piano settle into its new home for a couple of weeks before scheduling a tuning.

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When it comes to piano removals, there are no fixed costs. The final cost of your removal may vary depending on a different number of factors, such as;
  • The size and type of the piano.
  • The pick-up and drop-off location.
  • The number of movers that will be needed for the move.
  • The type of van.
Yes. All of our movers are certified in the moving industry. They have insurance in transporting goods, so you can rest assured that there will be no harm during your piano removal.

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