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What you should know about packing before hiring a Man with Van

Planning on transporting your belongings or move out with a few items? We've summed up for you everything you need to do about packing before choosing a professional man with van!

Keep reading and learn how to make the transport and the packing of your items a hassle-free process and how to find trustworthy movers in no time!

Top 7 Common Mistakes at Packing while planning to find Man with Van

Transporting all of your household goods and personal belongings from one home to another is a massive undertaking with many moving duties to accomplish.

Yes, the process of relocating is jam-packed with many activities, and while some of them prove to be more challenging than others, packing is the time-consuming champion.

To start with, for me I will have to find my man with van.

Given the amount of time and work required to pack a complete house, it's no surprise that moving packing mistakes are common. After you find a man with van service, here is a list of 7 typical packing mistakes while moving house to help you have through a smooth and swift transition to your new apartment.

Naturally, a list of typical moving blunders would be useless if appropriate solutions were not provided after you find a man with van, so we have not neglected to provide you with the best ways to rectify the most common packing problems.

1. Failure to Plan A Packing Strategy

Starting the packing process. Not having a clear packing strategy is one of the worst packing mistakes you can make. Keep in mind that slapping on a random principle will result in a lot of lost time and tired nerves. As a result, don't even try it. Instead, you can create a packing calendar for each day you have until you find a man with van service and then Moving Day.

However, these packing activities should be personalised and prioritised according to your relocation requirements. So prepare your packing calendar and stick to it, and you'll notice how time transforms into your trusted ally.

Aside from the packing timeframe, you should follow these two basic criteria for a speedy and efficient packing experience.

2. Refusing to accept any packing assistance

The packing process after you find a man with van may range from difficult to impossible to do by one person or even one family, depending on the quantity of stuff in your home and the time you have until the Big Day. Another typical packing mistake is firstly, underestimating the amount of time it will take to pack your complete home and secondly, refusing any packing assistance due to your poor overestimate.

The packing calendar you've previously made will give you a decent sense of how much assistance you'll need. However, suppose your moving budget allows it. In that case, the best way to avoid this common packing blunder is to engage and find man with van professional packers - highly trained and experienced personnel who know exactly what it takes to pack any type and amount of home things safely and quickly.

If your budget is fixed, enlist the help of your devoted friends to help you pack when you need it most. Send a request for assistance, either in person or on your preferred social media platform, and wait for good responses.

3. Putting off packing until later

When it comes to moving mistakes, leaving packing until later after you find a man with van service is one of the worst, and maybe the most dangerous, choices you can make. However, when it comes to packing a full home for a move, the latter approach is never a good idea.

Use the present concept, and you won't have to discover why relocating is one of the most stressful task in one's life.

Of course, the solution is to begin packing my belongings into the van as soon as humanly possible. Remember, you should never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

I follow these two packing strategies demonstrated to acquire a distinct advantage in my timed race successfully.

  • Pre-packing: If I am moving in the summer, I start pre-packing any goods I know you won't need until moving day, such as winter clothes.
  • Daily packing: There is never be a day when I don't have at least a few boxes packed — it's as easy as that.

4. Packing all of your belongings without first sorting them

After I find a man with van service, there's nothing wrong with packing all of your belongings once you've sorted them out. Remember that inventorying and categorising your belongings is necessary if you don't want to make the costliest packing mistakes.

That's right — it's pricey! It's expensive on numerous levels because:

  • Money: As you may be aware, the final cost of having your belongings delivered to your new home is determined by the overall weight of the shipment. To put it another way, the more items you pack for a move, the more money.
  • Time: You will never get back the time you waste packing unnecessary goods that you will almost certainly get rid of after the relocation. And, of course, time equals money, so you get the picture.
  • Consider the available space in your new home or apartment. Even if it isn't little, you don't want to start cluttering it right away.

If you value your time and pocket, you should never make the moving error of not optimising your household things after you find a man with van provider.

5. Forgetting to Pack an Essentials Box

This is a failure to pack a particular moving box with all of the important goods you'll need until you regain access to your other belongings. If you are forced to stay one more night at your old home while your packed household things are being transferred to your new home, you will certainly understand the importance of such an essential box.

Similarly, it could take an entire day or more for your removal company to transport your shipment after you reach your new home, so you'll need your survival box in the interim.

Meds, non-perishable food, bottled water, plastic kitchen utensils, towels, a change of clothes for everyone, toiletries, and basic hand tools (a set of screwdrivers, a hammer, a measuring tape, a torch, and so on) should all be included in your survival kit.

6. Packing your belongings incorrectly

Another typical packing mistake to avoid when moving after you find a man with van service is failing to adhere to the particular packing needs that each set of items necessitates, or, in other words, treating all of your belongings the same when packing for a move.

You should avoid making any of the following packing mistakes:

  • Pack fragile objects as though they were non-breakables: Readily breakable items require extra care and packing expertise to get them through the relocation trip intact. To protect them from accidents, use plenty of soft packing paper and sheets of bubble wrap, but don't forget to immobilise the moving container they're in with a significant amount of padding materials as well.
  • Packing books like feathers: Despite the light sensation of single pages, books have proven time and time again that when packed together in moving containers, they are surprisingly weighty. When packing books for a move, use small to medium-sized boxes and don't overfill the containers to avoid accidents or injuries (the recommended maximum is 50 lbs).
  • Packing heavyweight and bulky pieces of furniture without first disassembling them: Packing your prized furniture without first disassembling it is a job best left to professional packers who have been trained to take all necessary safety precautions not only for the sake of your prized furniture but also for the safety of your property. However, if you've decided to pack your furniture, make sure you've disassembled it as much as possible for easier and safer transit.

7. Packing your belongings incorrectly

Another common blunder while packing for a move is using unsafe packing materials. You must do all possible to ensure the safety of your cherished goods while they are being transported to their final destination.

In general, there may be too many instances of dangerous packing; however, the most common packing faults when it comes to safety are:

  • Ignoring the box size rule: One of the foundations of moving is that heavy objects should be packed in small to medium boxes, while lighter items should be packed in large boxes. If you break this regulation, it could jeopardise the overall safety of your relocation, resulting in property damage or even personal injury.
  • Not strengthening the boxes: Despite its appearance, a box can break under the weight of its contents.

Packing seems hard for you? Let our professionals take over!

If you're scared that you will make all of the above before booking your man with van service, don't worry! We've got you! Our professional movers can easily undertake the demanding task of the packing and the unpacking of your belongings after request, and transporting them safely to your new home.

Make sure to inform them beforehand for these extra services so they can come fully-prepared!

Booking your man with van service through MyConstructor means that you can easily compare prices and reviews of certified and experienced movers near your location. If you wish the movers to pack, wrap and unpack your items, you should add this requirement at your checklist in order to get the best deal possible!

Our Man with Van Service is one of our most requested hire services. Give it a try and you'll find why!

Does MyConstructor provide high quality Man with Van Services?

MyConstructor's Man with Van Services is one of the most requested hire services in our platform. We have gathered the best professionals in their field in order to provide you the best services possible and make your move a hassle-free process.

Does Man with Van Service undertake the packing and the unpacking of my belongings?

Of course! Our professionals can easily undertake this demanding task. Although, you should inform them beforehand so they can come fully-prepared.

Does MyConstructor provide House Removal Services too?

Yes. Apart from Man with Van Services, we also have gathered the best house removal companies who can easily undertake big and demanding moves.

Planning on a whole House Removal!

Our professionals have a van for every need.

Hiring a licensed professional to conduct your house move in no time.

Got any Questions? Look here.

The answer to this question is yes. Although, what if you don't have the right vehicle to do it? Through MyConstructor you can find movers with any type of van and choose the one that suits your move best. Hiring a man with van service to undertake your move, means that you can sit back and relax, while our professionals transport your items to your new property safely!
There are no fixed prices for the transportation of your items. The price may vary depending on a number of factors such as: how many items do you wish to transport, how many large and fragile items do you own, how many boxes will you need, what is the distance between your old and your new home etc.
Moreover, you should know that if you wish our professionals to pack and unpack your items, the final price will be higher.

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