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Planning on moving out?

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Many people think that a Man with a Van Service is the same as a regular House Removal Service.

Well, this is not entirely true.

There are significant differences between these two services that you should know about, before planning and booking your removal appointment.

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Why Our Man And Van Service?

Booking your moving through MyConstructor will guarantee you a smooth and trouble-free moving process.

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Professional Moving Companies

We have gathered the best Man and Van Services for you!

Everything You Need ToKnow About Our Man And Van Service!

Everything you need to know about Man and Van Service listed below! Continue reading and learn how to find experienced and reliable movers only in a few steps!

What Exactly Is A Man And Van Service?

A Man with a Van Service just like a regular moving company. It transports your personal items from point A to point B.

This kind of service is the best solution for your house or office removal, especially if you have a few items or your property size is small (1-2 bedrooms home or a small office space).

A growing number of people are turning to the services of a Man and Van Service Provider. But why is that?

According to a recent poll, over 100,000 households in the United Kingdom relocate each month. Every year, the number becomes more and larger which necessitate families hire a Man and Van hire service provider.

Whether you work for a private company or the government, you have no influence over where your career takes you. This career might require to relocate more often and so hiring a Man and Van hire service is crucial.

It's also important to note that relocation isn't only confined to your work life. There may be a number of additional factors, such as marriage, the ageing of parents, or financial constraints, that contribute to one's decision.

Nonetheless, relocating may be both emotionally and physically taxing, so let's face it. When you leave your old house and move to a new one, you may feel a slew of emotions. However, you'd be concerned about the commotion you'd have to deal with. Ensuring that everything is correctly packed, safeguarding valuables, and ensuring that everything is loaded and unloaded.

It is at this point that many customers opt to use a Man and van hire company.

Why Should I Choose The Man and Van Service?

Deciding to go with Man and Van Service for your home removal or office removal, is the best solution for many reasons.
Some of them are as follows:

  • Save money, time and most importantly, stress.
  • Our professionals can move from heavy or fragile objects, to sentimental items and valuables.
  • The most economical and simple choice for your relocation requirements.
  • Ideal for short-distance removals.
  • Ideal for moving only a few items.

Please note that, if you need some extra help in moving and transporting the larger and heavier items then a Man with Van Service can undertake this task, only if you inform them in advance.
Our transport partners can guarantee you a professional and an immediate service.

Should I Hire A Professional?

We understand how demanding your house removal can be and we’re ready to offer you the best services possible.
Plan ahead and do not think twice!
Booking your moving through MyConstructor will guarantee you a smooth and trouble-free moving process.

Are There Any Differences Between Man and Van And House Removal Services?

The short answer is yes. These two services may provide the same result but there are some differences in the moving process that you need to know about, before planning your house removal, in order to make the right choice based on your preferences and requirements.

Here are some of the main differences between these two services:

  • They accommodate moves of different sizes.
    Removal companies can undertake much bigger moves than Man with Van Services. They have much bigger teams and larger vehicles in order to provide you a trouble-free service. A Man with Van provides smaller scale removal services.
    This service is ideal for short-distance moves because it offers fewer staff to help you and smaller vehicles.

  • The costs are different.
    Man and a Van Hire Service is cheaper than hiring a removal company for your move. Although, Man and a Van service is not always the wisest choice. If you have large items to move, or your property size is big, hiring a Man and Van service in the end might cost you much more than a House Removal Company.

How To Choose Between These Two Services?

Before choosing which type of service is ideal for you, there are some things that you need to take under consideration.

Ask yourself the following questions, in order to choose the service that fits better for your needs.

  • What’s the distance between your new and old location?
    As mentioned before, if the distance between your old and your new place is short, a Man with Van hire service is the best choice for you. For long distance transportation a Man and Van service cannot undertake this task easily.

  • What is the volume of the items you want to transport?
    If you don’t have many belongings and your items can fit in a small moving van, hiring a Man and Van service is better than hiring a house removal company.

  • Do you want to move any large items?
    If you want to move heavy or large items you might need more people to help you and also a bigger van to transport them. Usually, Man and Van service provides only 2-3 people on the job. On the other hand, if you don’t have any large items, hiring a Man and Van service can save you a lot of money and time.

  • How soon do you want to move?
    The time frame for your move will definitely play a role in choosing between Man and Van hire service and removal company. If you’re planning on a last-minute move it is quite difficult to find a removal company. A Man and Van hire service however, is easier to find, as their schedules are more flexible.

Factors Affecting Man and Van Prices

We have summed up the most significant factors that can affect the final cost of your move.

  1. The Job's Length
    Hourly rates are used by certain Man and Van firms as one of the criteria in determining the entire cost of relocating. That means it will all come down to the quantity of furniture and things you have, as the length of time it takes to move is directly proportionate to the amount of time it takes to move.

    Meanwhile, Man and Van services may include time in the entire cost through fixed fees that cover your relocation from beginning to end. That implies you'll be charged either a half-day or full-day cost.

  2. Van Size
    Even while the longer a relocation takes, prices might mount up, time isn't the only issue that can effect the final moving cost. The fees will also be influenced by the type or size of car you require.

    As a result, the smaller the van, the less expensive it will be. It's critical, though, to select a van that can accommodate all of your belongings rather than cramming everything into a small car. During transit, the possibilities of your damage being broken rise tremendously.

  3. Travelled Distance
    Because certain removal or moving operations need longer journeys, the distance between Point A and Point B, will also influence the cost of your transfer. The longer the trip, the more petrol you'll need to travel.

    Long-distance moves are, of course, more expensive than local moves and shorter-distance moves. So, if you're relocating to a faraway region, be prepared to spend a little extra money.

  4. The Difficulty of Your Action
    Because of the layout of your home and building, the amount of furniture you have, the size of your furniture, and the kind of objects that need to be transported, no two house removals are ever the same.

    Multiple flights of stairs, small corridors, far-flung parking places, oddly-shaped furniture, and the presence of precious art all contribute to the difficulty and complexity of any relocation. The more difficult it is to accomplish your transfer, the higher the cost.

  5. Supplementary Services
    Finally, if you want packing and unpacking services, an extra helper, supplementary transportation insurance, or a route that necessitates your man and van paying toll taxes, you will undoubtedly incur additional costs.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Man And Van Hire Service?

We have listed some of the most crucial benefits of choosing our Man and Van Services;

Enough Storage Space

In the event of a postponed move, your moving partner will offer you with suitable storage facilities for the safe and secure storage of your goods. There will, of course, be additional fees associated with this. As a result, you can be certain that your possessions will be in good hands for as long as it takes for your shipment to arrive.

No Return Trips

Let's be honest: Do-it-yourself moving is based on guesswork and supposition. To save money and time, many people choose to hire someone instead of trying to do it themselves.

Let's say you've opted to transfer everything in a single van over the course of a few journeys. The problem is that you didn't take into account how much room your cabinet or washing machine would take up in the moving truck. An additional journey will be required to transport all of your items as a result of this.

When using a Man and Van Hire Service, this is not the case. They'll take care of everything in advance, ensuring that your moving day doesn't develop into a nightmarish experience.

A Feeling Of Serenity

The most important thing is that you are stress-free! Exhaustion might chip away at your appreciation for your hard work if you do the moving on your own.

Local movers, on the other hand, will take care of everything in a systematic manner, guaranteeing that their services provide you delight and satisfaction.

Customer Care That Is Always Pleasant

Why is Man and Van hire 's crew superior than that of other moving companies?

Professional movers normally give courteous customer service in addition to the necessary paint stripping services. It's because they place client pleasure above everything else that you'll be treated with courtesy and respect. They make it simple for you to communicate, so you're less likely to hold back on asking questions. Professional movers also see it as their responsibility to assist you in solving any of your moving-related issues.

Insurance Coverage Ensures Safety

Customers of reputable movers are frequently provided with minimal insurance coverage. It's a peace of mind knowing that your belongings are protected in the event of theft or damage.

But the coverage varies from one company to another, and you should not expect complete payment for your possessions. Additional insurance coverage can also be purchased for a small fee.

The Bottom Line

Moving isn't as fun or straightforward as it seems, as this story shows. However, hiring a local mover might be a wise decision in the same way that seeing a doctor when you are unwell is.

Get in contact with us if you're thinking of moving your house, workplace, or even just a few pieces of furniture you bought online.

What Should I Do Before Booking A Man And Van Service?

Preparing in advance for your move will ensure that all goes well on moving days.
We’ve summed up some simple things you can do beforehand to make your move easier and help the moving process go smoothly:

  • Take note of the size of the vehicle.
  • Ensure all small items are pre-packed in boxes before the move takes place.
  • Let the service you have hired know if there are any particularly difficult, fragile or heavy items to move.
  • Let the Man with Van Hire Service you have hired know if there will be stairs in either the property you will be leaving or moving into.
  • Let professionals know about the locations you will be moving from and into. In this way, you all will be more prepared for difficult roads, parking situations, and other issues that may come up.

To sum up, the key is to communicate with the service you have hired in advance, because it will help ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

Need a bigger van? Try our House Removal Service!

Our professionals have a van for every need.

Hiring a licensed professional to conduct your move, will make your life that much easier.

Got any Questions? Look here.

A Man and Van Hire Service transports items from point A to point B. Man and Van Hire Service is the best solution for your house or office removal especially if you have a few items or your property size is small (1-2 bedrooms home or a small office space). Another important thing that Man and Van Hire Service does is picking up materials from a depot and delivering them to an address of your choice.
Yes! People usually don’t see the difference between these two services. The basic difference is that the Man & Van Hire Service is ideal for short-distance and one-day duration moves. On the other hand, a regular moving service is suitable for all sizes of properties and distances. Another difference between these two services is that Man and Van Service is perfect for fewer items and does not require large vehicles and a lot of manpower.
A Man and Van Hire Service cost varies and depends on different variables and factors. Some of the factors that can affect the price are: the number of boxes, the size of the property, the distance between the two locations etc.
Booking your Man and Van Hire Service through MyConstructor is completely reliable and safe! Our professionals are responsible for your personal belongings and they will make sure that your stuff is safe during the whole moving process.

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