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Planning on moving out soon but don't have the right vehicle to do it? Continue reading and learn how you can find a trustworthy Man and Van Company!

What Is A Man And Van Hire Service?

A Man and Van Hire Service is organised to enable anyone access removal services in an easy and cost efficient way. It is usually for smaller and faster relocations, and its services can be accessed all across the UK.

These types of removal services involve one or two professional movers, helping you to make the move stress-free. It should be noted that for bigger properties and moving distances, opting for House Removal Services would be wiser, as book Man and Van hire is designed to aid smaller properties and moves.

Book Man and Van Hire Services for small apartment, studio, small office relocations or student accommodation moves.

Why You Should Choose Our Man And Van Hire Service?

Man and Van hire services are an easy and efficient way to make moving hassle-free.

Here are some benefits to help you better understand what is provided:

  • If you are not moving a big amount of items, instead you have a single piece of furniture or some boxes, book a man and van is a good service to opt for. The move will be quick and same-day.

  • The vehicles used are equipped and designed specifically for item transportation.

  • While on the move, your items will be safe and insured. This is included in the service fee as we want to provide a trusting and reliable service.

  • Booking is easy, simply click here and get your free quote today. MyConstructor is a leading property service provider and we will connect you with qualified movers and tradespeople.

How Is A Man And Van Hire Organised?

Our Man with Van Service is designed to accommodate your schedule and needs.
Here is a brief overview of how the process will be organised, so you can prepare and know what to expect of the move, beforehand.

  • Firstly, you should decide what exactly you want to move and where to. Once this is done, you will be ready to book man and van. By calling MyConstructor you will receive further instructions and your free quote.

  • Some moves are more complex, if that is the case, we will simply arrange a site survey. This can be done online, depending on your preference.

  • After receiving a free quote, you will be able to ask any questions or add or discuss further ad-justments or additional services.

  • Once everything has been discussed, the next step will be to set the date of the man and van hire.

  • On the day of the move, the mover/s will arrive at the agreed time, load the items and move them to their new location. If you have added packing to your service package, this will be done first, upon the arrival of the movers.

  • Finally, once the items have been delivered to their new address, the Man and Van Hire will unload and take the boxes or furniture inside. If you have added the additional service of un-packing to your package, this will be done too.

Tips For The Day Of The Move

A move can be a daunting task and at MyConstructor we really understand that. Here are some tips for the day of the move:

  • Before the arrival of the movers, organise the items that you want to transport. This could be done by organising essential everyday items and less important items into separate boxes. Marking the boxes is key, you will know whats inside each package and this way it can also be moved to the right room in the new property, if you are moving houses.

  • It would also be useful if you marked heavy and/or fragile item boxes.

  • Inform the man and van hire company of any fragile or antique items, as this way they will be able to secure and pack them in the safest way possible.

  • On the day, leave the heavy work to the professionals, or in other words, it is not your job to do the transporting of your boxes and items. The professionals will take care of it. Everything is done in a specific way and book man with van movers have had specific training when it comes to ranging crates and lifting heavy objects the safe way. Don't risk injury, the movers are there to deliver a service.

What Types Of Items Can I Move With Man And Van Hire?

Types of items you can move with our Man and Van Hire Service as follows:

  • This is largely up to you, boxed items, furniture - big and small, can all be transported with man and van services. If you are unsure, or would like to discuss things further, for a peace of mind, simply get in touch with one of our customer service representatives through our MyConstructor site.

  • If the quantity exceeds the limit you may need to organise a different type of moving service. Whatever the situation, MyConstructor will connect you to the right services.

  • There are some specific things that cannot be moved with man and van hire services and these include; pets, dangerous items (fireworks, lighter fluid, firearms and ammunition, cleaning sol-vents, petrol, pains and paint thinner, oxygen bottles, matches, propane cylinders, among others).

If unsure, contact one of our representatives, and they will give you the advice you're seeking.

How Much Does It Cost To Book Man And Van Hire?

Generally, the cost of man and van services will vary depending on:

  • The amount of items you are wishing to transport.
  • The nature of these items.
  • Weight of the items.
  • The number of rooms in the property.
  • Other factors.

Give us a call and get a free quote today!

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Man And Van Hire Service?

Movement needs both human and mechanical force.
Without these resources, moving out is impossible. Knowledge, strength, and the correct tools are needed to pack and transport a large number of objects, as well as to unload and repack them. Attempting to accomplish all of this on your own can be physically and financially taxing.

Because of today's hectic pace of life, we don't have much time to do anything at a reasonable pace. Due to time constraints, most people are unable to plan or carry out their projects effectively.

Fragile Objects: Antique collectors nowadays are drawn to items that are not only pricey but also delicate. A lack of experience and resources can have a significant impact.

Using the services of a Man and Van Hire may be the most cost-effective option in such a scenario.

If you've ever had to relocate your home, a moving company is a godsend.

Not only can they help you with the logistics of relocating, but they may also offer advice on the numerous facets of moving as well.

When it comes to moving, experience is a man's best friend. Moving is a hard job that requires a lot of planning, especially if it is your first time doing so. However, this is not the case with movers. When it comes to the obstacles that await them, they are well prepared.

The relocation procedure is simplified and expedited since they are well-equipped to deal with the challenges that arise. They know how to get the job done safely, quickly, and without causing unnecessary stress or expense to others.

Some of the benefits of using a professional Man and Van Hire Service are as follows:

Cost-Effective Service

Man and Van Hire firms in London may save you both time and money, despite the initial cost. Moving may be a costly endeavor if you don't have the proper supplies and equipment. Professional movers, on the other hand, are prepared with all of these equipment in advance. In many cases, the cost of hiring an individual with a van includes a wide range of services.

Cost of moving objects from one location to another, mainly dependent on the size of the cargo for long distance travels. A local move's price is usually determined by the number of hours it takes.

Insuring your possessions is a common service that moving firms provide to their customers. Hiring a moving company has the added benefit of removing any uncertainty about the final price.

Moving in a Safe and Secure Way

The protection of your stuff is the most critical factor in a successful home relocation. Whether it's your antiques or your furnishings, you take great pride in your collection. Moving firms have the required skills and experience to manage fragile and delicate items during the moving process.

Note: Appliances and furniture are packed differently than tiny, delicate objects to minimise damage during transport.

In addition, the manner in which they bundle your belongings is outstanding. The Man and van hire service personnel have the proper tools and a team of helpers, which makes the transportation even safer.

A Time-Saving Option

You're living in a fantasy world if you believe that relocating yourself is less time-consuming than hiring professional house movers. It's time to take a step back and look at the big picture. Without proper training and expertise, moving may be an extremely time-consuming endeavour. You'll spend the most of your time packing.

It's not like this when it comes to moving firms. Packing and unpacking your belongings takes them less time because of this. It's also a time-saving method, because they have a team of experts to handle the move. As a result, using a man and van hire can save you a lot of time.

A Well-Planned Action

When moving, you may count on the aid of your friends and relatives. Then then, do you guarantee that it will be a wise decision? The possibility exists that a few crates will be unlabeled or dispersed. It's a major time waster and has the potential to muck up the work.

However, if you choose a Man and Van hire service, you may avoid all the headaches. As a result, they avoid wasting time sifting through crates. All of the boxes in the corresponding room are accounted for by them.

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MyConstructor provides Man with Van Services starting from £10 per hour with a two hour minimum. In order to save time and money, organise your move well in advance.
Making a check list could help you stay on top of things, and ensure that your move is as hassle free as possible. The main thing to remember is that there is support where you seek it.
Our professionals have plentiful of experience and will guide and support you every step of the way.

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Our Man and Van Service transports your items from point A to point B. This service inludes a van and one or two movers and is ideal for small-distance moves with only a few items. Prices starting from £10 per hour
Yes. Our movers are qualified to undertake the demanding task of packing and unpacking of your items after request.
You should make sure to inform them in time so they can come prepared the day of the move. Also, note that there are some extra costs for these kind of services.

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