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What you need to know about House Moving?

Moving is something we all dread in some point. We completely understand that the process can be really stressful and daunting. This is why we're providing you everything you need to know about your house move!
Continiue reading and learn how to book your house move only in a few steps!

Introduction to House Moving

A house move signifies a time of change. It often proves to be more stressful than exciting as organising logistics and packing with no guidance can take up a lot of your precious time and if you have never done it before, it may also be confusing in general.

Fortunately, there are ways to make your house move easy and hassle-free. By planning ahead and organising the house move, in good time, the process is more likely to be smooth and efficient.

Keep reading, to find out key information that will make this experience something to look forward to!

Where to start with a House Move?

We all know that moving can easily become a chaotic process! Feeling stressed? Not to worry!

Here is some important advice that will guide you through the moving day:

  • Decide which items you want to take with you.

    First of all, a house move will require you to decide on the things you want to take with you, on this new and exciting journey.

    Decluttering and getting rid of things that will no longer serve a purpose in your new home is important.

    One of the benefits is that it will lower the cost of your move, as less things mean lower removal charges. There are numerous ways in which you can declutter, for example, donating items to your local charity shop, selling items or simply throwing stuff out.

  • Book a house move removal company.

    This step is the most crucial one. Once you have a good idea of what needs to be moved, you should then book a removal company. Removal companies are the best option if you want to avoid the stress of packing, carrying boxes and furniture and then transporting them to the new address yourself.

    Home service companies like MyConstructor are the leading providers in the field, providing you with the chance to find the right movers, in your area, for the most competitive prices.

    Book your house removal here!

  • Time for packing?

    Once you know what you're bringing and have a house move removal quote at hand, the next step is to pack as early as possible. Making a checklist for each room can help you organise the move more efficiently.

    It is important not to leave packing till the last minute, as it will create a more stressful house move experience for you and the movers.

  • Don't want to deal with the packing and the unpacking?

    If unsure, you can add packing services to your personalised package when booking movers. These professionals will be able to provide the correct and most safety-assuring materials to keep your things intact throughout the journey.

  • Label your boxes!

    By writing the key contents on each box and which room they will need to be moved into you will avoid a lot of confusion and misplacement.

    This will also enable the movers to know which boxes need to be handled more carefully, as they may contain fragile items. Another, more simple tip would be to colour coordinate the boxes with stickers, each colour representing a room in the house.

  • Leaving the cupboard doors and drawers open one the day of the move. By doing so, you will be enable you to see if anything has been left behind by accident.

  • Pack a survival bag. This may end up being very useful. Having essentials such as medicine, toothbrushes, change of clothes, phone chargers, toilet roll, among other key things, in a designated bag will be very handy.

Technical tips for your House Removal

House moving involves things beyond the general packing and hiring a removals company.

Here are some technical tips that may come in handy:

  • Changing your address should be done in good time. Service providers, companies and organisations will often require your most up to date address. These include banks, your medical centre/GP, dentist, car insurance company, among others.

  • Updating your council tax band with your new address.

  • Updating your address is also important in order to stay on the electoral register.

Tips for things that should NOT be done when moving house

  • Do not move items which are forbidden by removal companies. If unsure about a certain item, check in with your chosen removal company. These, most often consist of items which may cause danger, such as, fireworks, propane cylinders, petrol, paints, firearms, among others.
  • Approach packing correctly. This means do NOT overpack the boxes. For example, if the weight of the box is getting heavy but it is still half empty, simply add something light to it (clothing or a pillow). If a box is too heavy it will be difficult to move and it may simply rip apart.
  • Do not leave boxes too empty, especially if they contain fragile items. By using packing paper, towels or even clothing, you will balance out the space within the box and ensure that the items are kept in place and as safe as possible throughout the transit.

Why may a house move be stressful?

A house move may come as a milestone and may require a lot of planning and organising in order to ensure that nothing goes amiss and the new chapter can begin smoothly and successfully.

Remember that there is help and guidance out there. By choosing the right house service company, through MyConstructor, you will be able to avoid unnecessary worries. We will connect you with professionals that are experienced and trustworthy, making this milestone an exciting one.

What are the costs of a house move?

House move costs will vary depending on a different number of factors such as:

  • The distance between the two properties.
  • Your general location. As rates in London tend to be higher in comparison to the rest of England.
  • The scale of the house move.

To get the best idea of the overall cost of your move, simple click here!

The quote will take into account the size of the house, number of boxes, the weight of the items, their nature (fragility/size), the number of bedrooms, etc. Once the key information is provided, you will receive instant prices and reviews. Next, you will be able to choose the best deal based on these factors and your chosen date of the house move.

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When moving out, a lot of people decide to undertake this task all by themselves. But what if you're new to an area and your family and friends are not able to help you? Well then, you will need a removal company to undertake your house move!

Professional movers can take away the stress that comes along with moving and conduct this demanding task in no time! By hiring a professional means that not only you can save a lot of time, but also money. Moreover, professional movers can easily pack and unpack your items after request and also take care of your fragile belongings in order to transport them safely at your new home.
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