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Hi, My name is Asif . I have worked as a maintenance engineer and now started our own family run business "365 Engineers Ltd". I am registered with NAPIT and my registration numbers is NAPI62807.


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An EICR is a detailed electrical inspection of a property’s electrical installation where an in-depth report detailing any necessary remedial work is produced. During the appointment, your electrical engineer will complete an Electrical Safety Inspection to ensure that all electrical circuits on the property are in working order and are safe to use. Please note that the electrical engineer will need to disconnect the installation from the main electrical power supply for the inspection. Please note, it is your responsibility to plug appliances back in after your electrics have been tested (this includes your fridge/freezer). The entire onsite process will typically take up to two hours depending on the number of circuits on the property. Following the assessment, the Electrical Safety Certificate is emailed within 2-5 business days. 

As a landlord you are required by law to have an Electrical Installation Condition Report, this helps protect you from prosecution in the event that a tenant is harmed by faulty electrics in your property.

The frequency with which EICRs should be obtained varies depending on the kind of property. For rental properties, an EICR Testing is typically done every five years or at the start of a new tenancy. An EICR should only be done by a qualified electrician.

What does the inspection include?

  • The inspection includes the below checks if earthing and bonding is adequate
  • Whether light switches, fittings, sockets, and controls are suitable, serviceable, and protected -  replacement will be recommended if necessary
  • If earthing and bonding is adequate
  • If the wiring system is adequate and its current condition
  • If adequate identification and safety notices are available
  • The extent of any wear and tear, damage or deterioration
  • Whether there are any changes in the use of the premises which have led to, or may lead to, unsafe conditions

Appointment details

A Non-Domestic Electrical Installation Condition Report is, as it states, a report rather than a certificate. It provides an assessment of the in-service condition of a commercial electrical installation against current requirements. During the appointment, the electrical engineer will complete an Electrical Safety Inspection to ensure that all electrical circuits on the property are in working order and safe to use. All lighting and lighting circuits will be assessed and a report on the findings will be logged. Typically a commercial EICR is a lot more in depth than a standard domestic report. For commercial properties, there may be operational limitations that the engineer will discuss with you first, such as shutting down any servers or phone lines that would impact a business. The engineer may ask for a sample rate which would detail what percent of sockets would be tested to begin with, and then should any faults occur with the sample size, the engineer may choose to increase the sample size (i.e, from 25% to 50%) to check for further faults. 

The entire onsite process can take from a few hours to a couple of days depending on the size of the property, especially for some larger commercial or industrial installations. Following the completion of the assessment, the Electrical Installation Condition Report is emailed within 2-5 business days. It is a legal requirement commercial properties are tested every 5 years and installations at industrial premises are tested at least every 3 years

As a landlord you are required by law to have an Electrical Installation Condition Report, this helps protect you from prosecution in the event that a tenant is harmed by faulty electrics in your property.

What you will need to do prior/during the appointment?

  • If you are not sure about the type and the quantity of the circuits please contact the engineer

  • Give permission to engineer to disconnect installation from the main electrical power supply for the inspection

Appointment details

Portable appliance testing, or PAT, involved the inspection of electrical appliances and equipment to ensure they are safe to use. During the appointment, your selected professional electrical engineer will visit the property and complete an Electrical Safety Inspection to ensure that all electrical appliances on the property are in working order and are safe to use. All electrical appliances supplied by a flexible cable with either a plug and socket or a spur box to connect it to the fixed electrical installation are considered portable appliances or portable electrical equipment (PEE) and need to be tested, regardless of their size. Typical examples of PEE include kitchen equipment, including toasters, food mixers, kettles, refrigerators, microwave ovens and office equipment such as computers, printers, scanners, and any  Extension leads are also regarded as portable appliances. The entire onsite process will typically take up to one hour depending on the number of appliances on the property. 

Although the law does not specifically state how often PAT testing should be performed, it is reasonable to at least have an inspection yearly. PAT testing is one of the most effective ways to minimize electric risks from faulty appliances.

What does the inspection include?

PAT testing includes visual checks for:

  • Damages to the flexible cable such as cuts, abrasions, trapped cables etc.
  • Damages to the plug, such as cracked case or bent pins
  • Illegal joints in the cable, such as taped joint
  • Any equipment being used in unsuitable conditions, such as wet or dusty environment
  • Any signs of overheating, such as stains or burns

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David O.


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My tenants said he was a great guy - very respectful. Job well done. Thanks

david f.


5 excellent service very reliable

Nirali Vipali P.


Very efficient process for booking and the test was done well and successful

Adrian M.


Very Professional, friendly, efficient and knowledgable with regard to all the regulations for the electrical certificate we had done. I would highly recommend and will be using them again for me other rentals.

Nathalie S.


Very happy with Asif. He had great communication, came early as he had availability that worked for me, very politely and professionally completed the task and sent over the certificate in a timely manner. Asif also brought along someone he was training, which is always great to see as he clearly has a passion for his work.

Nicholas M.


five stars....xxxxx

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Easy and smoothly run process

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Hi,all good, Very good experience,I love him, it's good worker

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Asif had offered wonderful and professional service which was carried out diligently. Will highly recommend Asif to everyone who requires any electrical service.

Yen I.


Very pleased with what Asif did. Price reasonable.

Yasmin M.


Super easy!

mamta j.


Good communication, very pleasant and respectful while going through each room in my house to complete the EICRA check.

Pauline W.


Very professional, punctual, polite, excellent standard of work. I would definitely recommend to anyone

Jian Q.


Dave S.


Ken Y.


Asif was great, i wouldn't hesitate to book him again when needed!

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First class service, I would highly recommend Asif

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He was friendly, on time, and very professional.

Fei L.


Very efficient team and professional. Highly recommended.

Yassine L.


Super efficient and helpful.

Mahraj H.


Reshma D.


Very good

Simon V.


Very good

Simon V.


Excellent booking procedure, professional tradesman (On time) and carried out work with minimal fuss. A breath of fresh air as we have been let down so many times by shabby workers. Well done to you all.

Andrew S.


Quick, efficient, good prices. Very happy.

Catriona T.


Asif completed an EICR for us and recommended some major changes to our electricity box. He did a great job.

Alla D.


After an inspection by Asif I had to chase up the EICR certificate. Two days after his visit I was told my flat's electrics had failed and that the remedial work would cost £700. I always get a second quote for any work I carry out on my home and the second electrician I called said that there was no problem with my electrics and was happy to issue the EICR certificate! Very disappointed with this experience. If I had trusted ASif I would have wasted £700 for unnecassary work.

Rita C.

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