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Everything About Gas Certificate Birmingham

When it comes to our property's Gas Appliances, it is really important to go with a professional you can trust.
Continue reading and learn everything about Gas Safety Certificates in Birmingam and how you can find reliable professionals!

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Things You Should Know About a Gas Certificate Birmingham

These days, almost everyone uses gas appliances in their homes. There is no doubt that gas appliances make our lives easier, however, if they are not checked regularly, they can pose a lot of danger to household members. It is highly advisable to conduct a Gas Certificate Birmingham for the gas appliances in the home.

Using a competent and registered Gas Engineer is crucial to having effective Gas Certificate Birmingham. Moreso, conducting regular gas safety checks for your gas appliances willprolong the lifespan of the appliances.

If you're a landlord in Birmingham with properties rented out, it is your legal duty to carry out regular gas safety checks for your properties. For each property, you'll need a seperate Gas Certificate Birmingham as evidence that the checks were done.

At MyConstructor, we genuinely care about your safety and that of your properties. This is why we've made this post so that you can be kept abreast with the relevant information concerning Gas Certificate Birmingham.

Let’s get started!

What Will The Gas Engineer Check For During the Gas Inspection?

Gas Certificate Birmingham checks are done to ensure that all gas appliances in a property are working correctly. Appliances such as boilers and cookers will be checked during the safety check.

The Gas Engineer will also check the following during the inspection for the Gas Certificate Birmingham.

  • He will check all gas installations to make sure they are safe and suitable for the location where they are installed.
  • He will also ensure that each appliance is working at the recommended pressure.
  • The gas engineer will make sure that there is a sufficient amount of air supply to each appliance.
  • He will also check to see if the appliances are burning gas correctly.
  • He will also ensure that the chimneys and flues are open and can remove fumes from the property.

Should I Hire a Professional?

For your Gas Safety Certificate it is really importan to hire a reliable gas engineer to carry out the inspection.

At MyConstructor you can find trustworthy professionals in your area!

Must I Regularly Conduct a Gas Safety Certificate?

If you're a private homeowner in the UK, the law will not mandate you to regularly get a gas certificate Birmingham for your property. However, since gas appliances pose a great danger when they are not regularly checked, it is advisable as a private homeowner that you conduct annual gas safety checks on your property.

Gas appliances are the leading cause of gas poisoning in homes.

They pose high risks of emitting carbon monoxide which can be harmful to health. When you carry out a Gas Certificate Birmingham, you are rest assured that your gas appliances are in perfect condition and will not cause any health hazards.

Landlords & Gas Certificate Birmingham

For landlords in the UK, the law is quite different. By virtue of the Gas Safety Installation and Use Regulations 1998, all landlords are mandated to annually conduct a Gas Certificate Birmingham for their properties.

After the safety checks, the landlord will need to obtain a CP12 Certificate as proof that the checks were done. The Gas Certificate Birmingham should contain details of all gas appliances inspected and the findings of the gas engineer.

If you’re a landlord, you should know that you are responsible for the gas appliances, pipes, and flues that you own. You are not responsible for the appliances in the tenant’s house. However, you are still responsible for the pipes to which the tenant’s appliances are connected to.

Who Should Conduct The Gas Certificate Birmingham?

Only Gas Safe Registered Engineers are permitted to conduct Gas Safety Certificates.

Regular engineers who have not been certified by the gas safe register are not permitted to perform gas safety checks on properties.

To be certified as a Gas Engineer, you will need to be trained for the certification. As a tenant or a landlord, before you hire a gas engineer, you should always endeavor to run a background check on them.

How To Choose The Right Gas Engineer?

Search for the engineer’s name on the online gas safe register to be sure that they are legally certified to carry out safety checks on your property..

You can also request to see the gas engineer’s gas safe ID card to confirm if they are qualified to work on your gas appliances.

The details on the gas safe ID card will confirm whether the engineer is qualified to carry out checks on your property or not and thus, conduct the Gas Certificate Birmingham.

Asides from conducting the safety checks and issuing safety certificates, your gas safe engineer will also give you safety tips to protect you from gas hazards.

How Long Will The Gas Inspection Last?

Gas Safety Checks will normally take about an hour or two depending on how fast the engineer is and how many appliances need to be checked.

How Much Does a Gas Certificate Birmingham Cost?

The cost for Gas Safety Certificates is not fixed. It varies from engineer to engineer.

Unfortunately, the price for a Gas Certificate Birmingham is not regulated by the Gas Safe Register. We advise that you sample quotes from different engineers and vendors, so you can get an estimate of the cost for safety checks.

However, you should know that the price for Gas Safety Certificates can start as low as £40 and can go as high as £150.

Average prices are listed below.

When Is The Right Time To Book My Gas Safety Certificate?

We highly advise that you book the services of your engineer ahead of time, preferably during the summer months.

This is because winter is the busiest time for Gas Engineers and if they must make your appointment at that time of the year, they might have to charge you more.

Hire a Professional Through MyConstructor

If you do not know any qualified, competent, and registered gas safe engineer that can help you with the Gas Certificate Birmingham, reach out to us at MyConstructor.

On our platform, we have qualified and competent engineers, who are willing to carry out the task at a reasonable price.

We are one of the best around and our customer reviews speak for us!

Contact us for a wonderful experience. We look forward to working with you!
Table of Contents

How much will having a professional Gas Engineer inspect my property?

Expect that if you have older, or more difficult appliances to inspect at your property, it will be more expensive for a professional to conduct the certificate. However, you can easily estimate the average cost based on the number of the appliances that need to be checked.

Finding an Excellent Gas Engineer in Birmingham

If you are going to have your property's gas appliances inspected, you need a professional Gas Engineer you can trust. But how can you do that, especially if you are new to a city or town?

At MyConstructor, we have listed the contacts of many trusted and reliable gas engineers, where you can get a quote for free! You can easily compare prices and reviews of wide range of professionals who all have extensive experience in the business, so that you can make an informed decision.

The price of the Gas Safety Certificate may vary depending on a different number of factors. Some of them are as follows:

  • The number of the appliances that need to be inspectes.
  • How easy is for the professional to access the appliances.
  • The distance the professional has to cover.
  • The size and type of your property.

Meter & 1 Appliance from £ 43
Meter & 2 Appliances from £ 48
Meter & 3 Appliances from £ 58
Meter & 4+ Appliances from £ 75
Average prices in London tend to be higher than the rest of the UK!

Don’t Think Twice! Hire A Gas Engineer Today!

We’ve all underestimated the stresses a last-minute gas inspection can bring.

Hiring a licensed gas engineer to conduct your Gas Safety Certificate will make you (and your landlord’s) life that much easier!

Find Experienced Gas Engineers in Birmingham from £39
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