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Energy Performance Certificate in Birmingham

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Gerry F. 
Great service. Very easy and good communication. Man who did the survey and Cristina (Office) were very efficient.
April 10, 2024 Verified
Paul H. 
Really happy with the service. Arrived on time, very professional. We have used Kevin at MLX 3 times now for EPCs and will definitely use again.
April 10, 2024 Verified
Richard R. 
Sateesh was great on our survey, accommodated a short notice schedule change with ease and courtesy. very efficient and polite. highly recommended.
April 10, 2024 Verified
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EPC Birmingham

Finding the right professional to conduct your Energy Performance Certificate in Birmingham can be a really stress-full process.

Continue reading and learn how to find a qualified Energy Assessor in your area!

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What is an Energy Performance Certificate?

Are you a landlord and located in Birmingham? Then most likely you'll need an EPC Birmingham for your property.

An Energy Performance Certificate has become a legal requirement for all landlords in the UK. UK law mandates all landlords to get an EPC Birmingham for their property or risk facing consequences.

As a landlord, we don’t want to assume that you have it all figured out. That’s why we’ve made this post specifically for you.

If you’re a landlord in the UK and there are some grey areas about the whole “Energy Performance certificate thing” or like a puzzle you don’t have it figured out yet, then you’re in luck because in this post, we’ve taken out time to give detailed and useful information regarding EPC Birmingham.

Without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

Finding the right EPC Assessor

This is the main challenge many landlords in Birmingham have.

Before you can get an EPC Birmingham, you will have to hire a competent and qualified Energy Assessor to conduct an inspection on your property. After the checks are complete and the assessor is satisfied with his findings, he will then issue an EPC for the property.

However, the main task lies in finding a competent and qualified electrician that can do a proper job.

Let’s face it, there are many assessors out there who do not have good work ethics and many more who have not mastered their craft. So, how can you find the right one?

If you need an Energy Assessor that will help you with the Energy Performance Checks, as well as the Electrical Safety Certificate, you can start asking your friends and family for referrals.

However, if you do not want to go down the “trial and error” road, then you should book an appointment with us!

Should I Hire a Professional?

The short answer is yes.

You cannot conduct a valid Energy Performance Certificate for your property all by yourself. Only professionals can conduct energy inspections.

What does the Assessor Check

When the electrician/energy assessor visits the property, he will take a number of factors into consideration to determine how energy efficient the property is. He will need to take photographs and measurements of the property.

Some of the checks for the EPC Birmingham you should expect from him include;

  • The lighting; he will check the number of energy light bulbs that are fixed on the property.
  • The insulation type; he will also check the type of insulation used on the building and if it was used throughout.
  • The heating system; the heating systems will also be checked by the energy assessor including the fireplace.
  • Window type; the window type used throughout the building will also be checked. He will check if the window type is single glazed, double glazed or triple glazed.

We’ve highlighted some of the things the Energy Assessor will check during his visit so that you can have an idea of what he’s doing when he comes. For your EPC Birmingham, the assessment by the assessor usually does not take much time.

He will most likely finish the checks within an hour or two although the size of the property can also add to the time taken to complete the checks.

Of course, the bigger the property, the more time needed to complete the checks.

EPC Birmingham cost

There’s no fixed cost for the EPC Birmingham, since every Energy Assessor has the right to charge what he wishes.

However, for your budget, you should be ready to pay anything between £36 and £120. The size of the property can also be a deciding factor when the energy assessor is giving you a quote.

Always ensure you compare quotes from different assessors so that you will get the best deal off the market.

Your legal oblgations

The simple answer to this is no.

Not all buildings are required by law to have an EPC Birmingham. Although it is still advisable to get the safety checks done, in order to minimise your bill costs.

A list of some of the buildings that do not require an energy performance certificate include;

  • Places of worship like churches and mosques.
  • Buildings in conservation areas, as well as vacation properties rented out for less than 4 months in a year.
  • Buildings that are marked for demolition.
  • Stand alone buildings with less than 50 square metres floor space.
  • Temporary properties that will only be used for less than 2 years.

After the electrical safety checks for the EPC Birmingham, the electrician might recommend remedial repairs to help improve the energy efficiency of the building.

Some of the recommendations will include simple steps like installing adequate loft insulations, having draught proof measures around the doors, windows and chimneys.

Why Should I Choose a Professional From MyConstructor?

If you need an EPC Birmingham for your property, then MyConstructor is your best bet for your property's energy efficiency.

At MyConstructor we have competent and qualified Energy Assessors that will give you that perfect and seamless service you desire. With us, you don’t have to worry about disappointments or messy jobs.

You’re sure to get your money's worth.

You don’t have to take our word for it, you can hear directly from our previous clients at Trustpilot. We’re sure you won’t think twice about hiring us.
Table of Contents

Finding an Excellent Energy Assessor in Birmingham

If you want to know how energy efficient your property is, it’s important to go to someone you can trust. But how can you do that, especially if you are new to a city or town?

At MyConstructor, we have listed the contacts of many trusted professionals, where you can get a quote for the services you need ahead of time. You can read reviews of a wide range of professionals who all have extensive experience in the business, so that you can make an informed decision as to who you should choose to clean your apartment.

This way, you will be giving valuable business to a reputable and deserving professional, having an excellent job done when your apartment is inspected, and no surprises when you receive the bill.

Studio Apartment from £ 36
1 Bedroom Apartment from £ 43
2 Bedroom Apartment from £ 44
3 Bedroom Apartment from £ 44
Average price rates in London tend to be higher than in the rest of the UK for the Energy Performance Certificate.

Don’t Think Twice! Hire An Energy Assessor Today

When it comes to property services, we all want to go with a professional we can trust!

Hiring a licensed Energy Assessor to conduct your Energy Performance Certificate will make your life much easier!

Energy Performance Certificate in Birmingham from £34
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