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Got my full deposit back - cleaner went above and beyond - thank you
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The cleaners did a great job and literally didn’t stop for hours. Highly recommended
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The lady (Samira) who arrived to do the job was amazing. I forgot my gold jewellery in one of the cupboards and when I returned to examine the job she had placed it safely with my other belongings. She had the kindest, loveliest manner and made Mt flat good as new. The landlord was so happy he returned my fulld deposit. My only regret is not paying the lady a tip, she was fantastic!!!
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How Much Do Window Cleaners Cost? The Ultimate Guide!

Windows are essential in a commercial or residential building. Most people spend a lot of time standing near them, so when they stop seeing clearly, it is time to clean the window. Window cleaning is one of those services that can be effectively provided by a professional but can also be quite pricey. If you’re considering hiring a window cleaner soon, it’s important to know exactly what to expect before you commit. 

Here, we will provide you with all the information you need about professional window cleaners’ costs in the UK. We have everything covered, from the average price range to the types of services offered. So whether you’re looking for a comprehensive guide or just a ballpark estimate, read on!

What Is Window Cleaning?

Window Cleaning is one of the most popular services that professional cleaners offer. It is necessary for people in the UK to have their windows cleaned regularly. The main reason why people opt for professional window cleaning is that it is an effective way of keeping their homes clean and free from any unwanted messes. Professional window cleaners use the latest techniques and equipment to clean your windows quickly and effectively.

What Are The Different Types of Window Cleaning?

Window cleaning is one of the UK’s oldest and most beloved services. The three main types of window cleaning are industrial, residential, and commercial.

  • Industrial Window Cleaning: This type of window cleaning is used by businesses with many windows to clean. It involves high-pressure water and a powerful jet spray to clean everything from large glass panes to tiny little windows.
  • Residential Window Cleaning: This is the standard type of window cleaning that most people think of when they hear “window cleaning”. It usually involves using a bucket, clothes, and a hose to clean all the windows in a house or apartment.
  • Commercial Window Cleaning: Commercial window washing is different from residential or industrial cleaning in that it’s used for larger buildings with many windows. It usually involves teams of two or three people working together to clean every window in an office or building.

What Are The Window Cleaners Costs?

Window cleaners cost in the UK can vary depending on the company you use. A basic clean may cost between £10 and £20, while more comprehensive jobs may be priced at £30 or more. It is also important to factor in travel costs if hiring a professional cleaner out of town.

A partial window clean, including just the inside or outside of the windows, may only cost £20-£30 per hour. It is important to remember that prices will also vary depending on the time of year and whether there are any additional requests, such as removing cobwebs or insects.

What Services Does A Professional Window Cleaner Offer?

Professional window cleaner offers a wide range of services to their customers. Some common services include window cleaning, house cleaning, and gutter cleaning. Other services, such as pet care or yard work, may also be offered depending on the company.

When choosing a professional window cleaner, it is important to consider the cost of the service. While several companies have affordable rates, some may charge more than others. It is also important to consider the service type being offered. Some companies offer comprehensive window cleaning services, while others only focus on one area, such as windows or gutters. It is also important to compare prices before deciding, as some companies may have discounts for repeat customers.

When choosing a professional window cleaner, it is important to consider the cost of the service. While several companies have affordable rates, some may charge more than others.

Factors That Determine Window Cleaners Cost In The UK

Window cleaners cost in the UK can depend on various factors, including the size and type of window, the method used to clean it, and whether a service is provided as standard or as an optional extra.

Standard services typically involve a one-time fee for cleaning the entire window, while additional services may include routine maintenance and special cleaning tasks. Prices for these vary depending on the provider but generally range from around £10 - £30 per window.

Some businesses offer ‘window wash’ packages, from removing dirt and dust build-up to painting frames or vinyl. Prices for these usually start from around £70 per window - with discounts available for multiple windows cleaned at once.

The cost of window cleaners in the UK will also depend on the location - with prices generally higher in larger cities than in rural areas.

Many people think that they can clean their windows themselves. This might be true if your house is on the ground floor. However, only window cleaners can do it successfully and efficiently if you’re living in a mansion or your property/business is on a high rise. Hiring window cleaners and cleaning your windows is pricey, but sometimes it’s worth it.

Let’s look at the factors considered while calculating the cost of window cleaning;

  • Type of Cleaning Service: Whether you require residential, industrial or commercial, window cleaning will go a long way to determining your window cleaning cost.
  • Type of Window Cleaner: Next, you’ll need to decide what cleaner you require - steam, gel or polish. Steam cleaners are great for removing dirt and grease, but they can’t be used on windows that have vinyl or plastic frames, as the heat will damage them. Gel cleaners are perfect for vinyl and plastic frames as the gel formula is water-resistant. Polish cleaners work well on both types of the frame but may leave behind residues if used on some surfaces such as glass.
  • Kind of Property: Windows cleaners cost will depend on the kind and scale of property as one of the most important factors while calculating the total cost of window cleaning. Price difference exists for cleaning windows of bungalow apartments and mansions, and the reasons are simple. If a person lives in a bungalow, a limited number of windows are involved. On the other hand, if your property is a mansion or bigger, there are more floors and windows to be cleaned. The bigger the job, the more time involved, so the more materials required. 
  • Kind of Windows: Special attention must be paid when cleaning high-rise windows like those found in glass structures. This includes using ladder and ropes to reach the top of the windows. On the other hand, the main bay and double-bay windows can be cleaned by regular squeegees with a T-bar. Data shows that cleaning high-rise windows cost more due to their difficult nature.
  • Condition of Windows: Some outside windows are dirty due to the presence of pollutants. These windows demand equipment and specific tools that increase the cleaning time and the effects. The condition of the outside window is another important factor for professional window cleaners to consider when determining window cleaners cost.

Window cleaners cost also increase due to the following auxiliary factors:

  • While some want their windows cleaned internally or externally, others opt for both. Window cleaners cost the cheapest for Internal window cleaning only and cost the most for both. It would be beneficial to hire professionals once a year if that’s how often you require their services.
  • Some customers ask for frames and sills cleaning along with window cleaning. It is necessary to highlight that professional window cleaners cost extra charges for cleaning window sills and frames.
  • A few companies always offer window cleaning for the standard price. Other companies will adjust their prices depending on the type of area your property is in. If you want to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck, ask what services are included when you book an appointment with a company.
  • Professional window cleaners cost higher than local service providers because:
  • They use high-quality equipment and offer window cleaning services for all building types.
  • They use high-quality water, along with natural and eco-friendly cleaning ingredients.
  • They are ready to work as per your schedule and will be willing to accommodate any demands. If you want them to do something on a specific day, ask for their time slots without any hassles.
  • They provide professional cleaning services and handle your personal property with expertise while performing window cleaning tasks.

Tools And Equipment Used In Professional Window Cleaning

Professional window cleaners need to carry a variety of tools and equipment to clean windows properly. This includes the basic tools needed for cleaning windows, such as buckets, mops, and brooms, and specialized tools used for tasks such as removing dirt, oil, and grease. 

Some of the most common tools and equipment used by professional window cleaners include:

  1. Towels and Sponges.
    Window cleaners have many uses for towels and sponges, such as removing water and cleaning solutions that may build up around the window panes or scrubbing away dirt and stains. Quality towels and sponges could be used for many cleaning jobs 
  2. Squeegees.
    A squeegee is a common cleaning tool with a rubber blade on a handle. Water-repelling squeegees are a useful accessory for window cleaners. They use it to clean away moisture from other surfaces such as glass, porcelain, paint, and more. Squeegees come in various lengths and sizes, making them easy to use on certain surfaces.
  3. Scrubbers.
    These are sometimes known as sleeves. Microfiber sheets are small cylinders that can scrub both sides of a squeegee or on their own. They save time and space, as they come in a kit with the included scraper. They’re also strong enough to clean exterior windows, even with tough dirt and grime.
  4. Holsters and Belts.
    Professional cleaners need the right tools to do their job, which means wearing a lot of different gear. Holsters give them the best way to organize and wear all their stuff so they don’t get caught short or stuck with a flashlight that’s too long for them to use. Holsters can be customized to fit any tool, so everything is securely attached.
  5. Safety Goggles and Glasses.
    When window cleaners clean exterior windows, they are exposed to wind, sun, insects and other flying debris. They’re also exposed to the cleaning solutions they use on the windows. Safety goggles and glasses protect from all these things — any debris that could get in their eyes via the wind or by accident is completely prevented.
  6. RopesandHarnesses.
    While cleaning, cleaners rely on ropes and harnesses to reach high-up parts of any building. These need to be strong and dependable to be safe while working. When they can’t use a lift, the cleaners have to rely on their ropes and harnesses to haul themselves up skyscrapers.
  7. Seatboards.
    Why not use a seatboard instead of a harness when cleaning high-rise buildings? Instead of just using one, they come in various sizes available to help fit larger and smaller people. This makes them a versatile option for many companies and can help provide safe support for professional cleaners.
  8. SafetyTools.
    Safety is vital to any professional cleaner. Hauliers may need to use descenders, ascenders, rope grabs, safety lanyards, carabiners, suction cups, and helmets. They may also need equipment that helps with safety on ladders. Cleaners might also put out safety cones, signs, and even tape to let passersby know of their work. This protects them and others from harm without interfering in their jobs and requests for privacy.

Benefits of Hiring A Professional Window Cleaner

Window Cleaning is one of a professional cleaner’s most important services. Not only does it help maintain your home’s appearance, but it also helps prevent potential health hazards. When you hire a professional window cleaner, you’ll enjoy many benefits.

  • First and foremost, hiring a professional window cleaner will save you time and money. Instead of trying to clean windows yourself, you can let a professional do it for you promptly and efficiently. In addition, professional cleaners are experts at cleaning all types of windows, which means they will be able to handle any challenge that comes their way.
  • Another benefit of using a professional window cleaner is that it will protect your windows from damage. Unlike homeowners who might try to clean their windows with questionable methods or without proper equipment, professionals use the safest and most effective methods. This means your windows will look great long after hiring them to do the job!
  • Finally, when you choose to use a professional window cleaner, you can rest assured that they have the skills and training needed to meet your specific needs. No matter what type of window cleaning service you require (including vinyl window cleaning), a qualified professional can provide it safely and effectively.

Hire A Professional Today!

Professional window cleaners cost a bit more in the UK than in the US, but this is mostly due to the high cost of materials and equipment used in the cleaning process. On average, professional window cleaners will charge between £15-£25 per hour, with some charging up to £40 an hour. In addition to their usual fees, professional window cleaners will also typically charge for materials (i.e. cloths, sprays, detergents), travel time, and any damage caused during the job.

Frequently Asked Questions

Window cleaners cost vary depending on the region in which they are working, size and scope of cleaning. Generally speaking, they will cost between £10 and £30 per hour.
Window cleaning services in the UK range. This range includes basic window cleaning and more comprehensive services, such as streak-free windows and removing old sealant. Some cleaners offer extras, such as pet clean-ups or window tinting. The more comprehensive the service, the higher the price will be. For example, a window cleaner who offers streak-free windows will charge more than one who cleans windows.
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