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Satvinder A.
Everything was excellent. MyConstructor has some of the best professionals available. Well done! I would definitely recommend Tahir of EPC London to others and will use this service again in the future.
John L.
Hi Niki was fine but you gave her the wrong date at the beginning to carry out the inspection so it was a week later than was arranged with you which was annoying for us having to take time off 2 weeks running!
Erhan E.
Great experience overall. Jhonell is very efficient, on-time, courteous and information. Good communication throughout. Certificate processed in under 2 days. Recommend to everyone.
Alan T.
The assessor arrived on-time, was very polite and friendly and went over the whole property including the loft and outside. All-in-all I am very impressed with him and the service,
Kamal B.
Great communication, connector reached out to me ahead of the appointment to confirm arrangements, he turned up on time and was friendly and professional. He answered all my questions satisfactorily. Pricing was competitive, he was time efficient with the assessment and issues the certificate by the end of the day. Excellent service and very pleased overall. Would highly recommend Harsh for your EPC needs
Karen C.
Sateesh was professional throughout, confirming the appointment before he was due , came on the scheduled appointment time and explained what he was doing during the a0
Syed A.
The contractor was very prompt, communicated very well prior to arrival. Knowledge and expertise was very good, responded to all queries I had answering all questions well. Inspector completed the whole inspection very thoroughly over multiple floors without any disruption. Very polite, courteous, came with own ladder and equipment. At the end explained the process and also reasons why there maybe higher energy usage and what could be done to improve energy performance. Definitely5*****
Roger B.
Phoned when on her way. Called during inspection to check issue and then called to report the results of post inspection research. Friendly and cheeful person.
Nick E.
George came to do my energy certification,he was very professional and knowledgeable and was extremely pleasant and thorough in the process,I would certainly recommend him to anyone. A +
Natasha P.
Everything was great. Easy to organise, Peter came on time and the process was quick and straightforward and I had the EPC in my inbox by lunchtime. Thanks v much - a 5* experience.
Guiyi L.
Jhonell contacted me beforehand to confirm his arrival time, showed up on time, and promptly produced the report the day after. I will use him again next time.
David M.
Paula arrived at my house and knocked at the doors back and front with no answer.She rang me to say she was unable to gain access to the property,I asked her to open the door and shout for my daughter in law.There was no reply and she entered and called out up the stairs, my daughter daughter in law was in a bedroom.Paula explained that she was there to carry out the EPC survey and did so.Paula rang me again to say it was complete and I would receive my certificate online.
Paul C.
Andrew was brilliant, he happily changed the time of my appt that I had requested, he was very nice, easy to talk to and I was very satisfied with the job. Definitely got the right person, would fully recommend using him.
Martyn T.
Emma was very professional and helpful. The inspection was thorough and efficient and the link to the certificate was available before Emma even left the property!
Kat F.
Took a few days to get the certificate due to Bank hol and a software update but very friendly service. There was an email to explain about the software but it went to my spam so I hadn't seen it. I sent a text, which was promptly answered. I also received a text to inform me the cert had been sent, which was very helpful as that had also gone to my spam. This was at 7pm. So he had sent it out of normal working hours which, was really appreciated and shows he cares about his customer. Thank you!
Mark S.
Very satisfied with organisation, timeliness and performance during the visit. The process was low key and efficient to a level where my tenant was barely disturbed, having no adverse comments at all. Ensuing report was thorough and informative, issued in a reasonable timespan. Will happily use Furqan’s EPC services again in future, great work at a reasonable rate. Liked the website job request where I could add extra detail and requests, really useful as didn’t personally attend on the day.
Z C.
Nirav did a great job, he was professional, contacted me ahead of schedule to arrange the logistics of his visit, was on time for the appointment and did his assessment in the allocated time and kept me informed on the necessary steps to take in order to successfully complete the assessment. I would recommend booking Nirav for your EPC.
Jeremy C.
Aran provided a call on the morning to confirm his arrival time, he arrived promptly and explained the process fully and completed the work quickly and professionally.
Ivana J.
Very professional. Called me to confirm the time, notifies me of a slight delay. Friendly and personable during the appointment. The report was ready less than 24 hrs later. Definitely recommend
Lyndsey H.
Joel turned up on time and was polite and professional. Joel gave me advice on some things that I could do to improve my energy efficiency. I received my certificate very quickly after the appointment
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What is an Energy Performance Certificate/EPC?

An Energy Perfomance or EPC for short, is a document that details how energy-efficient your home or commercial property is. It lets you know in advance how much energy it uses and what actions can be done to improve it.

If you are a landord who is planning on selling or renting his property, you're obligated by the UK law to carry out a valid EPC Certificate. With a valid EPC in your hands, you can save a huge amount of money on your utility bills.

But, how can you find one?

Continue reading and learn how to find EPC Certificate quickly and easily through our platform!

How to find EPC Certificate for your Property?

As have been said above, if you own a property in the UK, you are required by law to get an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for it before you can sell or rent it out to potential buyers or sellers.

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a document that tells prospective buyers or tenants how energy efficient your building is. If your building is energy efficient, it will be indicated in the report. With an energy-efficient property, you stand a better chance of attracting buyers or tenants because it increases the value of the property.

If you want to find EPC for your property or you’re looking to get a new one, you’re in luck because here you will learn how to find EPC certificate as well as how to obtain a new one.
Let’s dive right in.

Finding your existing EPC Certificate

If you have an existing EPC certificate for your property and you wish to find it, follow these simple steps.

  • Go to the EPC register website: All inquiries and questions about energy performance certificates are usually addressed on the website. The energy performance certificate register website is the authorized site for all EPC-related matters. So, if you want to find energy certificate head over here.

  • Input the Report Reference Number (RRN): The next step to find EPC Certificate is to enter the report reference number. A report reference number is a special number consisting of 24 digits which is peculiar to each energy performance certificate. When you visit the EPC register website you can input the report reference number to find the energy certificate you’re looking for.

  • Input the address of the property: If you cannot find the report reference number of the EPC you can find EPC certificate by inputting the property address in place of the RRN. You can do this by clicking on the left side of the EPC register website that shows “retrieve report using property address”. To find EPC certificate you will be required to input the postcode of the property as well. If you do not have the property’s postcode, you can use the property street and post town in place of the postcode.

  • Save/print out a hard copy of the EPC: When you input the report reference number or the property address on the site, a copy of the certificate will be made available to you. You can then save it or print out a hard copy for future purposes.

This is how to find EPC certificate.

How to obtain a new Energy Performance Certificate

If you do not have an existing Energy Performance Certificate, then it is of no use trying to find EPC certificate on the goverment's website. What you should concentrate on doing is obtaining a New and Valid energy certificate.

To obtain a new and valid Energy Performance Certificate follow the steps below.

  • Verify if your property needs an Energy Performance Certificate: Having an Energy Performance Certificate is a legal requirement for properties in the UK. However, this legal requirement is not compulsory for all property types. You should check if your property is among the exceptions before you spend money, time, and energy trying to find EPC certificate or trying to obtain a new one.

    A list of properties that DO NOT need an Energy Performance Certificate are highlighted below:
    • Churches, mosques, and other places of worship.
    • Temporary buildings which are to be used for two years or less than two years.
    • Residential buildings designed to be used for 4 months or less as well as holiday accommodations.
    • Agricultural buildings that do not use a lot of energy and do not have permanent residents.
    • Industrial site and workshops.
    • Buildings that are due for demolition.
    • Stand-alone properties less than 50 square meters of floor space.

    If your property falls within any of the categories above, then you should not bother trying to find EPC certificate or try to obtain a new one.

  • Get an accredited energy assessor: Once you’ve verified that your property needs an Energy Performance Certificate the next step would be to find an accredited and competent energy assessor. The energy assessor will inspect the property to check how energy efficient it is. Then based on the assessment, an Energy Performance Certificate will be drafted.
    The energy assessor will rate the property on a scale of A to G. This is the official rating used by all energy assessors. A rating of A signifies that the property is highly energy efficient, whereas a property with a rating of G means that the property is poorly efficient. You should ensure that you hire an accredited energy assessor else, your certificate won’t be valid.

  • Select a day and time for your property to be assessed: You have to be around when the assessor comes to conduct the inspection so that you can show him round the property as well as answer any questions, he has for you. The inspection can take up to an hour or more depending on the size of the property. Ensure you choose a time when you will be free.

  • Let the assessor do his job: When the energy assessor arrives, you need to let him do his job. Show him around the property, answer his questions, clear all obstruction on the property. During the inspection, the assessor may need to take some photos and measurements. Assist him if he needs help with anything.
    After the inspection is complete the energy assessor will use the information gathered during the assessment to produce an EPC. The certificate will be sent to you mail within a few days. You may also receive a digital copy of the EPC through your email.

Learn more on our information page.

What are the costs of an EPC Inspection?

The cost of an EPC Certificate may vary depending on a different number of factors. Be ready to pay anything between £35 and £120.

The most common variables that affect the EPC Certificate cost are:

  • The area you live in
  • What is the type of the property
  • The size of the property
  • What is the type of construction of the building you live in
  • The distance the professional has to cover in order to come

Up-front estimates for an EPC certificate costs as follows:

  • EPC cost for studio from £36
  • EPC Certificate cost for 1 bed from £43
  • EPC Certificate cost for 2 beds from £44
  • EPC Certificate cost for 3 beds from £44

Who bears the responsibility of obtaining an EPC?

For buildings that are being offered for sale, the seller has the responsibility of providing the energy performance certificate to prospective buyers. If the building is being put up for rent, then it is the responsibility of the landlord to provide the Energy performance certificate to any prospective tenant. In cases of buildings under construction, it is the responsibility of the person carrying out the construction to provide the Energy performance certificate.

An energy performance certificate must be made available by landlords and sellers to potential buyers and tenants as soon as possible. As soon as the certificate is ready in writing it is the duty of the landlord/seller to make the certificate available to tenants and buyers.

The energy performance certificate is a “must-have” document for all landlords. If you have not obtained an Energy performance certificate and you do not know how to kick-start the process or you do not know any energy assessors that will carry out the inspection of the building and subsequently issue the certificate. At we have competent and qualified assessors who can carry out the safety check of your property and issue the energy performance certificate. Our prices are reasonable as our services are top-notch. Do reach out to us for a wonderful experience.

Hire a Professional to Conduct your EPC Inspection Today!

Now that you know how to find EPC Cerftificate, it is time to book your appointment! If you do not know any accredited energy assessors who can carry out the inspection and issue the certificate, don't worry! We've got you!

Through our platform you can easily compare prices and review of professionals near your location in order to find the one that suits your needs! We are one of the best around and our customer reviews speak for us!

The process is really simple and the best part? You can cancel any time for free! Don't think twice! Hire a professional today!

Frequently Asked Questions About EPCs

An Energy Performance Certificate is a document that details how energy efficient is your property. It a legal requirement at the UK if you're planning on renting or selling your property. The final cost of an EPC varies depending on the size of the building. Prices starting from £36 through MyConstructor.
EPCs are used by potential buyers or renters to quickly see how much their energy bills will cost in their new house or flat.
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