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What Is An Electrical Certificate - EICR Manchester, And Why Do You Need One?

It’s something we all dread. Having an up-to-date Electrical Safety Certificate is vital for your and your tenant's safety and also, your property's value.

Continue reading and learn everything about EICRs before booking your appointment.

group of hands close up holding three bulbs with one bulb turned on

What Is An Electrical Certificate & Why Do You Require One?

Are you a landlord and located in Manchester?

Then most likely, you need an EICR for your property. AnEICR Manchester certifies that the electrical installations, wiring, and fuses are in good working order. It's an important aspect of making sure your home is safe to live in.

If you are a landlord (or desire to be one), you must obtain an EICR Manchester (Electrical Safety Certificate) and keep it up to date by law.

This is why, it's critical and vital to understand your responsibilities and stay on the right side of compliance with your investment!

What Is A Certificate Of Electrical Safety?

Here, we'll go over all you need to know about the Electrical Installation Condition Report, before booking your inspection appointment! We will answer for you, the following questions about EICRs in Manchester.

  • How can you get one?
  • When should you schedule the inspection?
  • What precisely is looked at?
  • How often should you get your property's electrical system inspected?

Let's get into it!

An Electrical Safety Certificate or EICR for short, is a document issued by a licenced electrician. It is used to assess the electrical safety of your house or investment property and ensure that it remains compliant.

After an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR Manchester) has been completed on a property, an Electrical Certificate is provided. Your Electrical Safety Certificate, also known as an EICR Certificate, must be kept up to date, with fresh inspections required every five years.

Should I Hire A Professional Electrician?

The short answer is yes. Hiring the right electrician for your property is vital for your safety and also your property's value!

All of the electrical appliances must be inspected properly in order to conduct a valid EICR Manchester!

What Is The Significance Of An Electrical Safety Certificate?

According to the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act of 2018, it's a landlord's legal obligation to keep their homes safe and fit for human habitation includes obtaining an EICR Manchester. This law ensures that privately rented dwellings are safe to live in for the rental duration.

Electrical Safety and Gas Safety are critical considerations for any household.

According to Home Office data, electrical failures are responsible for almost 10% of house fires in the UK. When electrical systems are ignored over an extended period, factors that might cause electrical fires, such as overloaded outlets, exposed wire, or old appliances, become more likely.

What Is The Electrical Safety Certificate Act & What Does It Do?

The granting and upgrading of EICR Manchester certificates are not governed by specific legislation.

However, legislation enacted in June 2020 is based on the authorities outlined in sections 122 and 123 of the Housing and Planning Act 2016(1) and section 234 of the Housing Act 2004 and paragraph 3 of Schedule 4 (2).

The law takes effect on July 1, 2020, for all new rental properties, and April 1, 2021, for all existing private rental units.

How Does an EICR Manchester Appear?

An EICR Manchester does not have to follow a set format. This may be a source of annoyance for some landlords, as each issuing electrician's EICR report may differ somewhat.

This, however, isn't always an issue. Landlords just need to make sure the report has all the pertinent information listed below.

What Will Be Examined And Tested?

All "fixed" installations in your house are covered by the EICR Manchester. In essence, this refers to any electrical infrastructure components that are permanently linked to the property.

This includes the following;
  • All fittings.
  • Each and every plug socket.
  • Every piece of internal and exterior wiring.
  • The fuse boxes on the property.
  • Any permanently attached electrical equipment, such as storage heaters, power showers, or extractor fans.

Non-fixed appliances, such as your refrigerator, washing machine, or electric oven, are not subject to EICR Manchester examination.

However, it is also a good idea to get these checked frequently.

How Much Soes An Electrical Certificate Cost?

Every landlord wants to maintain their earnings consistent while lowering their running costs.

As a result, they may groan internally at the idea of the additional cost imposed by an electrical certificate. However, the cost of the EICR Manchester (which includes your certificate) is rather low.

Different electricians charge varying fees.

However, the average starting price for an EICR Manchester is roughly £69 + VAT. Your prices may vary if your house needs more of the electrician's time to do the appropriate tests and reports. This is more likely to be the case with larger homes or older residences.

If electrical installations are dangerous or fall short of projected electrical safety requirements, the report will detail the steps necessary to attain certification. Although landlords must shoulder the expense of these repairs, they are minor in comparison to the penalty of noncompliance.

Hire a Professional Through MyConstructor Today!

Choosing a professional through MyConstructor means that you can rest assured that all of your electrical appliances are safe and there are no potential dangers for you and your tenants.

On our platform, you can compare reviews and prices of qualified electricians in order to choose the one that fits your needs and requirements!

We have gathered the best professionals in their field for all kinds of property services. Contact us for this wonderfull experience!
Table of Contents

How much will having an EICR Manchester cost?

The cost of an Electrical Safety Certificate may vary depending on a different number of factors that are listed below. Price rates in London tend to be higher that in the rest of the UK.

Prices at MyConstructor starting from £69!

Finding an Excellent Electrician in Manchester

For your Electrical Installation Condition Report or EICR for short, you should go with a professional you can trust.

At MyConstructor, we have gathered many trusted and reliable electricians, where you can get a quote for free! Compare easily prices and reviews in order to make the best choice for your property! Hiring a professional electrician means that with the right improvements (if any needed) the value of your property will increase.

Some factors that will affect the final price of your EICR are as follows;

  • The size of your property.
  • The number of the bedrooms that your property has.
  • The type of property (Commercial or Domestic)?
  • The area you live in.
  • The distance the professional has to cover.
  • Studio Apartment from £ 69
    1 Bedroom Apartment from £ 89
    2 Bedroom Apartment from £ 99
    3 Bedroom Apartment from £ 99
    Commercial properties usually cost more to inspect than residential ones.

    Don’t Think Twice! Hire A Professional Electrician Today

    Are you located in Manchester and need an EICR?

    Hiring a licensed professional to conduct your EICR Inspection means that you can rest assured that all of your appliances will be checked properly!

    Got any Questions? Look here.

    What is an EICR?

    An EICR or an Electrical Installation Condition Report, is a report that verifies that all of your property's electrical appliances are in a good order. As a landlord, you are obligated by the UK law to conduct an up-to-date Electrical Safety Certificate.

    How much does a Electrical Safety Inspection cost in Manchester?

    The price of an inspection may vary depending on your property's needs. Please note: Average price rates in London are higher than in the rest of UK.

    Why should I choose MyConstructor?

    While you can make the research of electricians on your own, it may be difficult to find the right one. Through MyConstructor you can easily compare prices and reviews of electricians in your area and find the best one for your property! All of our professionals are certified and well-trained to conduct EICR Manchester inspections in no time!
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    Find Qualified and Reliable Electricians in Manchester from £69
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