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Rug cleaning for your home. Keep your rugs clean and fresh as new with a professional cleaning. All of our professionals use high-end equipment removing dirt, stains and odors. Eco-friendly detergents, safe for both chlidren and pets.
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Rug Cleaning

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Rug Cleaning

Are you in the search for a rug cleaning service to take over the deep cleaning and sterilization of your rugs?

You are probably familiar with the struggle of removing hard stains from your rags and how much valuable time it can consume. Our experienced rug cleaners can offer you the proper care to remove the hardest stains and improve your indoor air quality.

Appropriate rug cleaning is a detailed process that needs to be regularly repeated so that you can maintain the condition of your rug and extend its life expectancy. It should be persistent and frequent in order to avoid a build-up of bacteria and a fresh quality of air in your room.

Why choose a professional to clean your rugs?

As persistent as it is, rug cleaning is something anyone can attempt to achieve, however it can be time consuming and require specific equipment. With the use of a professional rug cleaner not only will you achieve better results and save time but also achieve a guaranteed deep sanitization that home equipment can not achieve.

Before all else, you save yourself from a time, power and mood consuming activity that could take much longer if you attempt it on your own. Also, you save money in the process as the delicate treatment of a professional will prolong the life of your rug.

If you also pay extra attention to the overall look of your interior, you will be surprised to see how much stainless, clean rugs, in good condition can flatter your rooms and aesthetically enhance them.

At length, by hiring an experienced cleaner, you will not have to worry about the outcome of the cleaning process. You will know for sure your rugs will be clean and sanitized through a child and pet friendly process.

What is the process of on-site rug cleaning?

The cleaning usually consists of three stages:

Cleaning & inspection:

The rug is inspected to see if there is any detail that needs different treatment, your rug is then vacuumed thoroughly to get rid of any dirt and dust with high power vacuums.

Color testing & washing:

After color testing to ensure there will be no colour bleeding, your rug is washed carefully and thoroughly.

Steam or Dry Cleaning:

Making sure to not harm your rug, our professionals will choose one of these methods to ensure as a last step that all kinds of bacteria and microorganisms have been eliminated from your rugs.

What are the suggested methods for rug cleaning services?

Rug cleaning is something that, as we all know, can be achieved at home, however, most households can not keep up with the demanding repetition the process needs in order to get rid of bacteria and germs sufficiently.

On the other hand, our professionals not only provide guaranteed sufficiency but also a plethora of methods, equipment and techniques, such as:

  • Special detergents and cleaning factors remove difficult stains in the fibres and also fight mites while offering deep cleaning.
  • Biological rug cleaning - This children friendly process treats microorganisms and allergens that may be harmful to you and your family.
  • Hot water extraction (deep steam cleaning) - By using a high performance unit that not only will improve your indoor air quality but also destroy germs at their root.

How much does it cost?

Hot water extraction (deep steam cleaning) is the most popular method. Our company offers more techniques for more detailed cleaning if it is required. The main factors that determine the cleaning cost is the size of the rug and also the material i.e hand made, cotton, nylon as well as the surface of your rug.

The average cost is estimated between £30-56 with the minimum cost starting at £22 (depending on the size).

Why trust us?

All of our rug cleaning professionals are highly experienced with many years in the field, securing that your rugs will be free of microorganisms and sanitized.

The high-end professional equipment that we possess can guarantee that your rugs will be looking fresh and brand new. By choosing us you can have an idea about the total cost beforehand so there will be no surprise and of course guaranteed results.

Rugs as good as new are just a few clicks away!

Frequently asked questions about Rug Cleaning

Admittedly, rug cleaning is a process you can attempt on your own. Nonetheless is a time-consuming process with demanding repetition. By hiring a professional not only you save yourself time but also money as you will not have to purchase specific materials and equipment to do the job. Also, our professionals have highly specialized techniques, materials, and cleaning appliances that will achieve much more thorough and also guaranteed results that you can not reach easily with household equipment.

It is strongly recommended to book for this service a few days if not a week or two beforehand. In this case, any cancellations on your appointment will be avoided and it is important to book in advance a week or so especially during more demanding times of the year such as Christmas.

An average cost is estimated between £30-56 with the minimum cost starting at £22, and it depends on various factors such as the type, material, and number of rugs required for cleaning.

While many home cleaners would have the necessary equipment, it is a service often provided separately along with carpet cleaning. If you have booked a home cleaning appointment, you can request this service for some additional fee.

Although it would depend on certain factors, it would be best to have your rugs cleaned every 12 months if not more regularly. If for example, your household members are more sensitive to allergens or if small children reside in the property, the process should be done on a more regular basis.

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