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PAT testing prices - Learn everything before booking your appointment

In our homes, we use different electrical equipment every day for different purposes. Most times, we do not know if these electrical appliances are safe for use, but we make use of them regardless. Portable appliance testing also known as PAT testing is a series of tests that helps you determine how safe your electrical appliances are.

PAT testing is not required by law but it is the best way to comply with the Electricity at Work regulations of 1989 as well as other electricity regulations. PAT testing should be done regularly after which a PAT testing certificate will be issued alongside serial numbers for each electrical appliance tested.

Since PAT testing is a regular exercise, you should know the PAT prices and what you should budget for. 

It's for this reason we've made this post so that you'll know the PAT testing prices and the factors that affect its cost.

What you should expect to pay

After extensive research, we found out that most companies charge a flat rate for the initial electrical equipment that is tested. Subsequently, a lesser fee is charged per appliance tested. The PAT testing prices differ from one company to another since they will provide you with a specific quote. However, for the PAT prices, you should expect to pay anything between £50-£100 as a flat rate for the initial batch and then between £1 to £3 after that.

Factors influencing the PAT testing prices

The PAT testing prices can vary depending on several factors. The primary factors that you should consider when determining the overall budget are listed below.

  • The kind of item examined.
    Smaller items typically require less labour since they don't take as long. Larger items, on the other hand, could cost more since they would take longer.
  • Total items tested.
  • If the business bills by the item, then if more items need to be tested, the total cost will probably go up.

  • Location.
    The PAT testing prices may also vary based on your location. You will typically be charged a fee to cover the cost of transportation if it is farther from the company's working area. Therefore, it is advised that you search for PAT testers in your vicinity.
  • Any Extra Tasks.
    Any appliances that don't pass the test, need to be fixed or need to be replaced will be included in the quote and will ultimately drive up your bill.

How Does The PAT Testing Work?

Apart from the PAT prices, one other aspect you should know about is how the PAT testing process works. Firstly, the electrician will conduct visual checks on the appliances. This stage is important because many faults can be found in this stage. Once the visual checks are complete, the electrician then proceeds to the next stages of the tests. 

They are the earth resistance tests, earth continuity tests, and insulation resistance tests. Knowledge of the stages of the PAT tests is as important as the PAT prices.

Can I conduct a PAT test myself?

For those who want to test their appliances as a do-it-yourself project, there are basic kits available. A competent individual with the ability to perform the tests and inspections is all that is needed.

An individual who possesses sufficient knowledge and experience in electrical work is considered competent. They must also be able to comprehend the tools and the outcomes, as well as how to conduct the various components of the test.

PAT testing devices provide a straightforward pass-or-fail result and are incredibly user-friendly. Thus, bearing this in mind, you could conduct a test on your own. It is imperative to remember that the person conducting the testing is approving the equipment's safety for use by others. Therefore, the person administering the test must possess the expertise required to completely comprehend the findings.

It's advisable to entrust this responsibility to professionals who possess the expertise and experience required to complete the task thoroughly, providing you with peace of mind. Mishandling electricity can pose serious risks, making it wiser to explore optimal PAT testing prices rather than jeopardizing your safety.

Why Do Electrical Appliances Need PAT Testing?

Well, the most obvious reason is safety. Although PAT testing is not a legal requirement in the UK, businesses owe a duty of care to workers and customers to ensure that electrical equipment is safe for use and PAT testing helps guarantee this.

Different legislation has been put in place to ensure electrical safety at work such as the 1989 Electricity at Work Regulations and the Health & Safety at Work Act of 1974. One way to comply with these safety legislation is through PAT testing. If you do not comply with the safety regulations, you can be fined as a penalty and the PAT testing prices will be the least of your concerns.

What Type Of Electrical Appliances Need To Be Pat Tested?

3 types of electrical appliances should be considered for PAT testing. They are categorized into class 1, class 2, and class 3 appliances. Class 1 appliances are considered to be dangerous and extra care should be taken during the PAT testing while class 3 appliances are the least dangerous.

  • Class 1 appliances include vending machines, industrial machines, toasters, microwaves, kettles, freezers, washing machines, and even electric heaters.
  • Class 2 appliances are made up of less dangerous appliances such as televisions, food mixers, drills, DVD players, lamps, and hair dryers.
  • Class 3 appliances include appliances with low voltage like torches, cameras, and mobile phone chargers.

If you need PAT testing for your appliances and you do not know how to go about it, do not worry MyConstructor will take care of it.

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