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Professional Oven Cleaning Service

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Professional Oven Cleaning Service

Oven interiors are easy to ignore because they are usually out of sight and out of mind. But don’t neglect to clean your oven! Food particles and crumbs can get trapped in the oven easily, and eventually can cause fire safety issues if not addressed. Grimes, grease, mold and other bacteria can also build up in the oven over time if not maintained, potentially leading to health issues.

In reality, regular oven cleaning (especially professional oven cleaning) is key to maintaining your oven while ensuring fire safety for you and your roommates, family, and pets. Struggling to complete an oven cleaning on your own? Not to worry! Professional help is available to help you get the task done stress-free.

Continue reading to learn more about our professional oven cleaning service, how you can find a trusted oven cleaner on our website, and get a quote today!

Can I clean my oven on my own?

While you can certainly clean your oven on your own (many people do!) the task can be difficult without outside assistance. If you plan to keep an oven clean on your own, diligence and consistency on your part is important.

How easy is it to clean my oven all by myself?

Some ovens, especially newer ones, have self-cleaning functions. If you have an oven with the self-cleaning function, you should occasionally use the feature to maintain your oven’s cleanliness. The reality, however, is that self-cleaning alone often is not enough to ensure the oven is completely clean. Even with regular self cleanings, it will at some point be time to consider other ways you can maintain the appliance.

Of course, many people successfully clean ovens on their own, by hand and with gentle scraping tools. This can be done with home-made remedies including baking soda, vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide to remove built up product from the oven walls. Oven shelves can also be removed and soaked in soapy water before being thoroughly washed.

If you’re hoping to keep an oven clean on your own, it’s worth asking family and friends for tips as well as for any materials and equipment they may use to get the task done.

Why do many people hire a professional for Oven Cleaning?

While possible, cleaning an oven can be difficult and time-consuming without professional help, especially if the oven has not been cleaned in some time. Greases can build up and stick to surfaces over time, becoming more difficult to remove without the right cleaning materials and equipment. It is for these reasons that many individuals opt instead to hire a professional when it comes to cleaning their oven.

How does the Professional Oven Cleaning Service usually go?

The first and most important thing you need to do in order to start the professional oven cleaning process is to begin the research. Through our website you can compare prices, reviews and professionals so you find the one that fits your needs best. It is very important to check if the professional has insurance and a valid license as you don't want to take any risks. Once everything is set - it's time to book an appointment for your oven cleaning service!

As the day for your professional oven cleaning service arrives, the professional you chose will come fully-equipped in order to undertake the task. You can be as much involved as you want to, for instance you can go through the manual together or choose the method of cleaning that fits your preferences etc. Once everything is set, it's time for the actual oven cleaning process. Your qualified professional will use a combination of methods in order to achieve best results.

The first thing the professional does is to remove all the items inside the oven in order to conduct the deep cleaning. If needed the professional will remove the inner glass panels, to reach the difficult areas that many people can’t clean their own. When the oven is completely empty, it is time to get down to business. All of the surfaces are pre-treated in order to help break down grease and grime. When the inner part of the oven is ready, the next step for the cleaner is to work on the rest of the oven and the separated parts. All the surfaces will be thoroughly scrubbed to remove all stains and grease.

As everything is cleaned, the technician will put everything back together and test the oven’s appliance. If everything is okay, you’re done! You are able to use your oven straight away.

What are the benefits of the Professional Oven Cleaning Service?

Frequently cleaning your oven ensures it will last a long time, and also can help prevent buildup in the oven from catching fire. Bringing in a professional, furthermore, will also save you time and stress.

If you are moving out of your apartment and are conducting an end of tenancy cleaning, ask your landlord in advance if they will also require the oven to be cleaned. Some may expect a light cleaning or degreasing, while others may request you schedule a professional oven cleaning service. If this is a requirement, hiring a professional to do the oven cleaning can help you ensure the job is done properly, thus ensuring you receive the entirety of your security deposit back.

How much does a Professional Oven Cleaning Service costs?

The cost of a professional oven cleaning can depend on a number of factors, including the size, upkeep, and the age of the oven. In addition to paying for the cleaning itself, keep in mind that you are paying for the expertise of the cleaners you hire to take on the job.

Price estimates for professional oven cleaning service are as follows. Note that prices are not universal, and services may cost more in large cities.

  • Oven Cleaning Service for Single Oven: £40
  • Oven Cleaning Service for Double Oven: £65+
  • Oven Cleaning Service for AGA Cooker/Oven: £100-130+, depending on model and condition.

If you are looking to clean the oven’s stovetops, keep in mind that this may be an additional fee. The professional team that comes to clean your oven, furthermore, may also be able to clean grills and other cooking appliances for a bundled rate or package. Ask ahead of time depending on how much work you’d like done in your home, and call multiple professionals to compare costs and find a price right for you


What else does a Professional Oven Cleaner do?

Except for professional oven cleaning service, hiring an expert oven cleaner can benefit you in more ways than you think. He/She can undertake extra services you might want to try out.

Other cleaning services you can benefit from a professional oven cleaner:

  • Barbeque (BBQ) Cleaning: Our professionals can easily undertake the cleaning of your BBQ. They'll come to your place fully-equipped in order to make your BBQ sparskle in only a few hours. This task is something really difficult to do all by yourself because there are a lot of spots you cannot reach on your own. Also, cleaning your BBQ requires professional tools that are hard to find. Let our professionals take over and offer you a stress-free process and a professional result.
  • AGA Cleaning: The cleaner will take professional care of your cooker in order to remove burnt food and grease spots.
  • Range Cooker Cleaning: Our professionals can underdate any range cooker regardless of the type or size of it.

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Looking to hire a professional to clean your oven? Unsure where to start, or want to make sure you can get the job done under a budget? Let us give you a hand!

Our website, can help you get in touch with trusted, seasoned professionals to help you complete any home improvement project. Try today and search by area and price, leave and read reviews, and get a quote. While the website can help you find a professional, these extended features mean our website is also a helpful way to learn about professional services for any task you’re considering getting done in your home or rental property.

Rest assured that with our assistance, you’ll find the right professional who can help clean your oven for the right price!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Professional Oven Cleaning Service

It’s a good idea to clean your oven every 3-5 months or so, with a professional cleaning every 12-18 months.
Like other home appliances, ovens last longer if well-maintained. In general, ovens can work well for about 10-15 years before a replacement or repairs are needed.
Household materials including vinegar, baking-soda, and hydrogen peroxide can help you clean an oven on your own. If you find these products are not enough to get rid of the built up grease and grime in your oven, it may be time to call a professional.
Most ovens in the UK will cost between £50-70 to clean. Note that professional cleanings for larger ovens and AGA ovens may be more expensive.
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