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Francesca D.
The only issue I have is that when contractors argue over price - once the prepaid price has only been paid. I have been made aware that some contractors are charged between 20-50% of the price requested on the website. Please be aware that the contract if made through MYCONSTRUCTOR.COM is between you and them - what rate they pay the contractor is not the issue of the payee. Wishing you all a blessed day - and please remember that not all disabilities are visible - so please be respectful.
Mary-Jane C.
Good communication. Tenants in property so have not seen work, but I have had no complaints!
Jourdan M.
Great service, 100% professional. Highly recommended. He was a big help and would definitely use him again for any work I need doing in the future.
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Everything You Need To Know About Lock Fitting And Repair Services

Locks are one of the most important pieces of security on your property.

Lock fitting and repair is a common task for locksmiths and can involve several different techniques. Here are some basics to get you started:

  1. Understanding the mechanism: The first step in lock fitting and repair is understanding the lock's basic mechanics. This includes understanding the type of lock, how it's constructed, and how it works. This information will help you choose the right tool for the job and understand how to dismantle and reassemble the lock properly.
  2. Choosing the right tools: You'll need the right tools to fix your lock. While various tools are available, most locksmiths use a combination wrench (or pliers with a ratcheting action) to manipulate screws or levers inside the lock. Other common tools include an angle grinder or cut-off wheel to cut through pins or tumblers and an impact wrench to open locks.
  3. Fitting the new parts: Once your tools are ready, it's time to fit the new parts onto the old mechanism. First, tighten all the screws or levers until they're snug but not too tight - this will ensure that everything stays together during transport and installation later on. Then, position each part onto its corresponding screw or lever hole and tighten them gently using your wrench or pliers until they're secure - don't over-tighten!
  4. Installing new keys: Finally, it's time to install them. This involves removing the old key from the lock, inserting the new key into the lock, and tightening the locknut - just like you did when you replaced the original key. Once everything is tightened down, replace the old key with its corresponding hole on the door and snap it into place.

How To Repair Your Door Lock

Repairing a door lock can be daunting, but with a little know-how and some basic tools, it's not too difficult. Here are five tips for fixing common door locks:

  1. Test the lock before you start by inserting a key into the lock cylinder and turning it to see if the door opens. If it doesn't turn easily, try using a pry bar to break the seal around the cylinder and then use a small screwdriver to help twist the locking knob.
  2. If your lock is electronic, ensure that power is off to the unit by pressing and holding down both buttons on the front of the lock for 10 seconds or so. Remove any screws that may be securing the housing of the lock unit and unscrew them from the door handle or frame. Take out any individual components, such as batteries or chips.
  3. Clear away any dirt, rust, or debris around the outer edge of the door handle or frame where the lock attaches using a metal scraper or sharp knife blade. This will make cleaning and lubricating all moving parts inside the lock assembly easier.
  4. Apply an appropriate level of lubricant (usually WD-40) to each internal part of the lock assembly- including the key way and tumblers- using a cloth applicator pad or heavy-duty oil spray bottle. Work each part in turn until everything is coated.
  5. Replace any defective parts with new ones, following the instructions with your lock. Be sure to replace all screws and washers and torque them to the correct specifications. Test the lock once again before you replace it on the door handle or frame.

Best Lock Fitting And Repair Tips For Your Home

You can do many things to keep your home safe, including installing locks. However, if your locks break or need repairs, it's important to know how to do them properly. This guide will teach you the best ways to lock your home and make repairs when necessary.

When selecting a lock for your home, it is important to consider the type of door it protects and the security measures you need. For example, a deadbolt is usually the most secure type of lock because it requires two separate keys to be opened from the outside. A standard keyhole lock can also be secured with a deadbolt but may not be as sturdy as a full-door deadbolt. If you only have one door in your home that needs locking, a knob-and-tube lock or lever lock are both good options.

Suppose you have more than one door in your home that needs locking. In that case, an improved cylinder lock is a better option because it uses three different keys (two for the outer cylinders and one for the middle). In addition, improved cylinder locks are often easier to use than keypad locks because they have fewer buttons. If you don't want to use keys, electronic locks that work with codes or fingerprints are available. However, these locks aren't as secure as traditional locks and may not be compatible with all doors.

If your door has been damaged in some way (by weather or vandalism), repairing the lock may be the best option. If the door is dented, a locksmith can usually replace the lock without replacing the entire door. If the damage is more severe, the locksmith may need to remove the whole door and replace the lock with a new one.

In addition to lock fitting and repair, it's important to regularly check your home security system for malfunctions and update your software or hardware if needed. Home security systems can include alarms, cameras, and sensors that can help you keep an eye on your property while you're away.

How To Recognize A Safe Lock Fitting

There are a few things to consider when assessing if a lock is safe. The most important thing to consider is the type of locking mechanism. Some common locks include pin tumblers, mortise and tenon, wafer locks, and keyless entry systems.

To determine the type of locking mechanism, you first need to look at the shape of the lock's keyhole. Most pin tumbler locks have a pear-shaped keyhole with four ridges on either side. Mortise and tenon locks usually have a U-shaped keyhole with five or six ridges on each side. Wafer locks have a round keyhole with no ridges. Keyless entry systems use tiny computer chips that store your personal information, so you don't need a physical key to open the door. They're typically found in high-end homes and businesses.

After determining the type of lock, you need to look at how it's secured. Most pin tumbler and wafer locks are secured by pins that fit into grooves in the door frame. Mortise and tenon locks are secured by screws that jamb through the door into holes in the frame. Keyless entry systems use digital codes or biometric identifiers (like fingerprints) to secure them against unauthorized access.

If you're unsure whether or not a lock is safe to use, always consult an expert!

Tips For Last-Minute DIY Lock Fitting and Repair

You can do a few things to make lock repair last minute and easier.

  1. Test the lock before trying to repair it: This is especially important if the lock has been damaged somehow. If you're not sure how to test a lock, many online tutorials will teach you how. Always test the locking mechanism - don't just test the latch itself.
  2. Use heat and cold: Heat or cold can help reset a stuck key or break a jammed cylinder. However, be careful not to overheat or freeze the lock - doing so can damage it permanently.
  3. Don't force the lock: If your lock doesn't seem to want to open even after trying all of these tips, don't force it - chances are you'll only make the problem worse. Instead, call a locksmith who can fix your lock without any hassle...or at least without damaging it too much!

10 Tips To Make Your Locks More Secure

Secure your property with these tips to make your locks more secure.

  1. Use a quality lock: A high-quality lock will be more resistant to attack.
  2. Keep your key safe: Store your keys out of sight and away from attackers.
  3. Choose the right lock type: Use a padlock or a hardened lock if you need extra security.
  4. Test your lock regularly: Make sure that it is functioning properly by testing it out periodically.
  5. Change your locks when necessary: Replace old, damaged or worn locks with new ones to improve security.
  6. Keep a spare key handy: Have a backup key in case you lose yours or someone steals it.
  7. Create an emergency code: If something happens and you can't access your locks, create an emergency code before leaving for safety reasons。
  8. Educate yourself about security risks: Learn about the common security risks and how to avoid them.
  9. Stay informed about technological advances in locking technology: Be aware of new attack methods and update your locks accordingly.
  10. Practice good personal security habits: Follow basic safety precautions like avoiding public places after dark and using passwords or PIN protection on devices like smartphones and laptops.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lock fitting and repair service is used to fix or replace a lock on a door or window. A locksmith will use their expertise to determine and fix the problem. If the lock needs to be replaced, the locksmith will provide you with a new lock.
Lock fittings can often become loose and require repair or replacement. This can be expensive, so it is important to know how much it costs. The cost of lock fitting and repair varies depending on the type of fitting, the type of lock, and the location. However, lock fitting and repair services are usually not cheap to have a lock fitted or repaired.
Handymen from MyConstructor can help you with your lock fitting and repair needs. We have a team of experts trained in the art of lock fitting and repair, so you can be sure your locks will stay secure. We also offer various other services, such as plumbing and electrical repairs. Contact us today to learn more about our handyman services or to schedule a consultation.
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