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Morene C.
He was very polite, and respectful, he put on his shoe protectors before entering the property, he explained what he was going to do, and asked us if we had any questions.
Arezou P.
Though I made mistake in choosing the right date, Peter was kind enough to reschedule my appointment in a short notice. I found Peter, very prompt, thorough and friendly.
Adele B.
The person who came out was very prompt (in fact 5-10 mins early and he waited outside in his car until I went to the door). He introduced himself and showed his ID. He was very pleasant and professional and got on with the job explaining everything he was there to do / doing. I have no doubts about recommending his services.
My experience was overwhelmingly positive with Mr Lana’s communication, punctuality and professionalism being highly notable. The icing on the cake was the prompt publication of the report which Mr Lana compiled within two hours.
Nirav C.
Harsh arrived promptly and did survey and EPC was issued same day. Very reliable and fast service. Definitely Reasonable price out there compared to other suppliers.
Jason B.
Niki kept me updated of her visit, giving me plenty of notice that she was running slightly late on the day, was very polite and accommodating offering a different day if it wasn't convenient. When she arrived, she was polite, very knowledgable, and carried out the survey efficiently and professionally. The whole process from booking through to the certificate being issued was pain free and very quick. I will definitely be using My Constructor again in the future. Thanks again, Niki
Hilary G.
Excellent experience with your company and David's professionalism in relation to carrying out the survey, answering my questions and prompt production of the EPC
Ed C.
Kyle was very flexible when we kept having to rearrange - when he visited he was friendly and offered plenty of advice as well as carrying out the job we had booked him for
Androulla (Andrea) K.
Arrived on time. Very polite, pleasant and efficient, explained the process to me then got on with it without any fuss/delay. Report received within four hours. Would definitely recommend George.
Muhammad A.
The price was competitive he arrived on time and emailed me the EPC Certificate within 2 hours. Thank you for the good service and hope to use your services again.
Kenneth W.
An efficient and effective EPC process from booking to attendance by asssessor. Impressed with the speed and ease of the assessment and the sensitivity and respect shown by the assessor.
Eghosa U.
The young man was friendly and professional. He went about his job professionally. Apologetic despite the fact he was not even late. Seek permission before accessing part of the house he needed to. Good lad.
Nigel S.
the experience was very good, the booking was very smooth and the engineer turned up on time explained very clearly what he had to do and carried out a thoroughly efficient job. very pleased and will definitely use you guys again
Susi W.
Went above and beyond, very courteous and considerate. Offered to carry the ladder upstairs to access the loft and brought it back down for me. Removed his shoes without being asked. Friendly and professional. Kept in touch about timings on the day and did a great job.
Raspal B.
Olayinka Kareem did an excellent job with the EPC. He was punctual, articulate, and incredibly detailed in his approach. His professionalism and thoroughness were truly impressive.
Heather Y.
Brian was very professional and friendly. He arrived within the time slot booked and undertook his survey quickly and efficiently. We received our EPC later the same day. Great service at a great price!
Avril H.
George was super informative and very easy to chat with. He explained everything he was doing and reasons behind it all and future changes I could make if I was not selling.
The best price I could find (some places wanted to charge almost double), with flexible payment methods. The assessor arrived on time, did what he had to do and we received the new EPC after a few days, as agreed.
Berrin T.
Jhonell was very kind and professional. He contacted me to obtain floor plans prior to his visit. All process was very well organised and I will recommend MyConstructor and Jhonell to other friends/ colleagues. Many thanks for great service. Berrin
Aderinola O.
Having Furqan Zia assigned to execute the EPC was a pleasure due to their exceptional communication skills. ability to convey any delay effortless. Thanks to his effective communication, smoothly, resulting in successful outcomes. I highly recommend Furqan Zia for their outstanding communication skills.
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Local EPC Assessors In The UK: Why Are They So Important?

When you’re looking to bring a new project, you’ll want to make sure that it’s done in the safest and most efficient way possible. That means having an EPC assessor on your team who can help make sure your property is both technically sound and compliant with all applicable regulations. 

Here, we’ll take a look at all you need to know about employing a local EPC assessor in the UK. We’ll cover everything from their qualifications to the types of services they offer.

What Is An EPC Assessor?

An EPC assessor is an expert who evaluates the energy and environmental performance of a project and makes a recommendation on the level of energy usage and environmental impact that the project has. The assessor will look at the entire lifecycle of the project, from conception to completion, and make sure that any potential negative impacts are taken into account. 

The role of an EPC assessor can be very important in ensuring that a project’s energy and environmental impact is considered fully and accurately. As the evaluation process can be time-consuming and complex, it is important to find an expert who has the knowledge and experience to carry out this task properly. The right local EPC assessor can provide invaluable advice on how to improve a project’s energy and environmental impact while still meeting all required standards.

What Services Does A Local EPC Assessor Provide

A local EPC assessor provides a number of services that can be of great help to a property owner. These services may include:

  1. Conducting an assessment of the environmental and energy performance of a property, including investigating potential improvements;
  2. Preparing an EPC report for a property;
  3. Providing advice on how to improve a property’s EPC rating;
  4. Providing advice on green infrastructure and energy efficiency initiatives;
  5. Helping to identify any potential legal or tax issues associated with the property’s environmental and energy performance.

All of these services can help reduce the stress and hassle involved in managing a property’s environmental and energy performance while also helping to ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Local EPC Assessor?

There are a number of benefits to using a local EPC assessor when conducting your local energy audit. By working with an accredited local EPC assessor, you can ensure that your findings are accurate and reliable. 

Some of the benefits of using a local EPC assessor include the following:

  • An Accredited Professional Opinion: As an accredited EPC assessor, your assessor will have significant experience in conducting local energy audits. This will ensure that their findings are accurate and reliable.
  • A Consistent Assessment Methodology: The methodology employed by accredited EPC assessors is consistently applied across each project. This ensures that the results of the assessment are consistent and comparable from one project to another.
  • Quality Assurance: Accredited EPC assessors adhere to strict quality assurance standards in order to provide you with a quality product.
  • Availability: Local EPC assessors are usually available to conduct local energy audits at short notice. This means that you can get your assessment conducted quickly and without having to wait for a longer period of time.

One of the main benefits of hiring a local EPC assessor is that they can provide you with impartial advice. This means that you can trust their judgement, and their findings will be based on evidence rather than personal opinion. Furthermore, using a local EPC assessor can help you to save money on your energy bills in the long run because they will be able to identify potential savings opportunities early on.

How Much Does A Local EPC Assessor Cost?

Local EPC assessors are a relatively new addition to the UK market, but they offer a cost-effective way to carry out home energy assessments. Here’s what you need to know about these professionals:

The fee for an EPC assessment ranges from £290 to £2,000, but this can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. 

A local EPC assessor will typically require access to your home and all of its systems, as well as detailed drawings and specifications. This information will help them identify any deficiencies in your home’s energy efficiency and ensure that any necessary repairs or upgrades are carried out in a timely manner. 

If you’re looking for an affordable way to improve your home’s energy efficiency, then an EPC assessment is worth considering. These professionals are experienced in carrying out comprehensive assessments and can provide you with expert advice on how best to make your home more environmentally friendly.

Factors That Determine The Cost Of A local EPC Assessor

There are a number of factors that determine the cost of a local EPC assessor in the UK. 

  • The most important factor is the experience and qualifications of the assessor. A local EPC assessor will charge more than a novice, and a qualified assessor will charge more than an unqualified one. 
  • Another important factor is the location of the local EPC assessor. If the assessor is located close to where the project is being carried out, they will charge more than if they are located further away. Similarly, if the project is large or complex, then it will cost more to have an EPC assessor on board than if it is smaller or simpler. 
  • Finally, several other factors can affect the cost of an EPC assessment, such as the location of your property, how old your property is, whether or not comprehensive documentation is required for the assessment, and how many visits are necessary for completion.

If you’re looking to get your business up and running in the UK, then you’ll need to find a local EPC assessor. Here are some of the most important things to know about finding an EPC assessor in the UK:

  • There are a lot of different EPC assessors out there, so it’s important that you do your research and find someone who is right for your business. 
  • EPC Certified can help you narrow down the search by matching your business with a list of verified local EPC assessors. 
  • Make sure that the EPC assessor you choose is registered with the relevant professional associations, such as ARB or NATSEM. 

With a large array of qualified and experienced local EPC assessors within our team, we can reach you no matter where you are in the UK. Contact us today for an accurate EPC assessment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking for a local EPC assessor in the UK, there are a number of organizations you can contact. Some of these organizations will be able to provide you with a list of local assessors that they work with. Others may only be able to refer you to assessors who work with them directly.One way to find local assessors is to look online. There are many resources available that list local EPC assessors in the UK. One of the most popular resources is the EPCC website [1]. This website provides a directory of EPC assessors in the UK and allows users to search by region or city.Another way to find local EPC assessors is through word-of-mouth. Many people know someone who has used an EPC assessor and can recommend them. You can also ask around at your local businesses or community groups for recommendations.
A local EPC assessor is a qualified and registered member of an approved accreditation scheme in your area; who can inspect your property and determine the energy efficiency and environmental impact of your property, give you advice on how to improve your property’s energy efficiency rating and produce a valid EPC for that same property.Local EPC assessors usually work for companies that carry out energy evaluations for property owners or tenants. This means that they will visit the property being assessed and will take a look at all of the energy usage within it. They will then use this information to create an estimate of how much energy is being used and how much could be saved if certain changes were made to the property.
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