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What Are Gas Safety Checks & Why Are They Important

Annual gas safety checks are really important for you and the safety of your property. As per the UK law, it is the landlord's obligation to carry out a Gas Safety Certificate so that the tenants will be able to move in the property and also, a new gas safety certificate must be provided before each new tenancy.

It is worth knowing that for appliances that belong to tenants, it is not the landlord’s responsibility to have them checked, however the pipework connected to the appliance(s) is his responsibility.

Note: Since there is no legal requirement for private households and homeowners to have gas safety certificates, it is still advised that they carry out their own gas safety checks for safety reasons.

Carrying out gas safety certificates as a landlord is a significant factor for your property’s value. Gas safety reports (also known as CP12), certify that a property’s gas appliances have been checked by a verified engineer, are safe to use and there is no danger of potential carbon monoxide or gas leaks.

What Happens If You Don’t Carry Out Gas Safety Checks As A Landlord?

As per the UK law and due to the severity of the gas or carbon monoxide leaks that can occur in homes, breaches of the Gas Safety Regulations of 1998 are taken very seriously. If landlords fail to provide valid gas safety certifications, they could face substantial fines, imprisonment or both.

Which Appliances Need To Be Checked For Gas Safety Checks?

While booking your appointment for gas safety inspections, the engineer must be informed of how many of your property’s appliances need to be checked. These include gas boilers, gas stoves and ovens. As the certified engineer arrives at your place, he will first make a visual check for any obvious faults and then perform a more thorough inspection.

In general, the professional during gas safety checks will inspect the following spots:

  • Chimneys and flues: For any signs of blockage.
  • Gas connections and infrastructure: If all connections follow safety regulations.
  • Ventilation and oxygen supply: Is there enough oxygen supplied?
  • All gas appliances: If they work as per the manufacturer's instructions.

How Long Do Gas Safety Checks Take?

On average, the inspection lasts about 30 to 45 minutes. The duration however may vary, depending on how easy it is for the engineer to access your gas appliances and also on how many appliances you need to have checked. This is why you should inform the professional beforehand about these so he can be well prepared for the inspection and provide you the best service possible.

How Long Do Gas Safety Certificates Last For?

Once you pass your gas safety check and receive a certificate, its validation lasts for only one year. However, it is advised to keep records of at least the previous two years of your gas safety reports.

Why Could You Fail Gas Safety Checks?

The gas inspection is not enough to be considered as valid. You can easily fail the report if your gas appliances are a potential danger for your tenants.

The findings of each failure (if any) explained below:

  • Not to Current Standard (NCS): No immediate danger, relatively safe. Although, improvements can be made, after engineer’s advice, to increase the reliability and lifespan of the installation. In any case, installations after gas safety checks should be brought in line with current standards.
  • At Risk (AR) If an installation has a number of recognized faults, which are considered dangerous to life or property, then it will be turned off. It is also advised that it is not used for repairs until the fault has been fixed.
  • Immediate Dangerous (ID): Immediate danger to life or property. The engineer must disconnect the device until it is fixed. If the appliance is still immediately dangerous after the improvements, it could be a life threat.

Legal Requirements For Gas Safety Checks

As it has been said above, landlords are obligated to carry out a valid gas safety certificate every year (even if tenants do not use gas, appliances should be checked). When gas safety checks are over and the certificate has been conducted, the landlord should provide a copy of the new CP12 to tenants within 28 days from the issuing date.

Hire A Certified Engineer Today!

Looking for a gas safety professional can be a daunting task, especially if you're not sure about the skills and credentials of the person who will conduct the check for you. Not to worry!

This is where our website comes in. Through our platform you can find experienced and trustworthy engineers to undertake your gas safety inspection. You can easily compare prices and reviews in order to find the professional that fits your needs!

Still, it's important that you communicate with the gas safety certificate assessors beforehand about your specific needs, so that they can provide you the best service possible!

Frequently Asked Questions about Gas Safety Checks

Gas Safety Certificates must be carried out by landlords once a year. The inspection lasts for 30 - 45 minutes and it is landlords responsibility to provide a copy of the certificate to his tenants. The report assures that the property's gas appliances are safe to use and they are not a potential danger for tenants.
We understand how demanding home services can be and that is why we have gathered for you the best professionals! All of our engineers are certified and experienced in order to provide you the best services possible. Through our platform you can compare prices and reviews, so you can choose the professional that suits your needs!
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