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The Core Reasons Why Landlords Need To Check They Have Gas Safety Certificate

What Is A Gas Safety Certificate?

A Landlord's Gas Safety Certificate, also known as a Landlord's Gas Safety Certificate Record, is needed by law for all rental properties in the UK that include gas appliances. The Landlord Gas Safety Certificate (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 establish the need.

All gas appliances in rental properties must be tested annually, with a gas safety record created and a copy supplied to renters. The term "rented" refers to both lodgings supplied under a contractual arrangement for domestic employees and rented homes in general.

Engineers must be registered with the Gas Safe Register Programme, which took over from the former CORGI scheme in 2009.

Any boilers, ovens, piping, flues, chimneys, and other fixtures and fittings that burn or exhaust gas should have gas safety tests performed to get issued a landlord gas safety certificate.

The checklist to obtain a landlord gas safety certificate includes:

  • Appliances are operating at the proper pressure.
  • Gas is being burned appropriately by appliances.
  • There is sufficient air supply to appliances.
  • Clear flues and chimneys allow gases and fumes to be safely released.
  • Appliance safety features are functioning properly.

What Information Is Included At The Gas Safety Certificate?

When the inspection is completed and the certificate is issued, it will include the following information:

  • Date of gas safety inspection, name, ID number, and signature of the Gas Safe Registered Engineer.
  • Name and address of the landlord or letting agent (if the property is managed).
  • The property's address.
  • Each gas appliance and flue's location and information.
  • Any issues and the steps necessary to fix them.
  • Confirmation from the engineer confirming the check was done correctly and in accordance with the law.
  • The date of the next scheduled gas safety inspection (usually 12 months from the date of issue).

Why Should Landlords Check Their Landlord Gas Safety Certificate?

When renting out a house, it's critical to stay on the right side of the law while also keeping your renters safe. Obtaining a landlord gas certificate, which certifies that the gas connections in your rental property are safe to use, is one of your most significant legal tasks.

Gas may be quite harmful if not properly maintained, which is why these monthly checkups are so crucial.

Which Landlords Are Required To Get Landlord Gas Safety Certificate?

Any landlord who rents out a residence with gas appliances must furnish their renters with a landlord gas safety certificate. This might be due to the fact that you have gas central heating, a fireplace, or anything else that consumes gas.

These landlord gas safety certificate and certifications must be issued for the following purposes:

  • Private rentals (houses, apartments, etc.).
  • Multi-occupational dwellings.
  • Housing associations and council-owned properties.
  • Vacation properties.

What Checks Are Performed To Obtain A Landlord Gas Safety Certificate?

Gas Safety Inspections for obtaining a landlord gas safety certificate are rigorous, with each appliance and flue inspected annually to ensure they are in good working order and safe to use.

When you obtain a landlord gas safety certificate, you will be given a comprehensive checklist of everything that has to be evaluated, from the piping to the chimneys, to ensure that everything has been covered.

When Does This Need To Be Done?

You must conduct a Gas Safety Inspection to a renter within 28 days of their move in. Because most landlords provide 12-month leases, a gas safety inspection might be performed while the property is unoccupied between renters which will follow with an issuance of a landlord gas safety certificate.

If you have a short-term rental, such as a vacation apartment or Airbnb, maintain a duplicate of the certificate someplace in the property. You should do these tests on a yearly basis and preserve a copy of the landlord gas safety certificate for two years.

What If I Don't Receive A Landlord Gas Safety Certificate?

Tenants have no clue that their property is safe to live in without a landlord gas safety certificate, which might jeopardise your business relationship. In the worst-case scenario, a defective appliance might cause harm or even death. Gas or carbon monoxide poisoning causes around 30 fatalities each year, making it a very serious threat. That’s why it’s so crucial for the work to be carried out with folks having gas safety cards and plenty of expertise.

Noncompliance with gas safety standards can result in fines of up to £6,000 or six months in prison. If a tenant dies while residing in your house due to carelessness, you may be tried for manslaughter, which can result in a lengthy term.

Furthermore, if you have not followed requirements, your insurance may be void, leaving you hundreds of pounds out of cash.

Comprehensive Gas Safety Inspections For Landlord Gas Safety Certificate

If you are a landlord who owns a property with gas appliances, you are required by law to conduct gas safety checks, receive a landlord gas safety certificate, and keep up with any needed maintenance.

We can assist guarantee that your property is compliant and safe by using MyConstructor.

Our services offer everything you need to remain on top of your landlord duties, from landlord gas safety inspections to appliance checks and gas safety certifications.

What If A Renter Refuses To Provide Entry For A Safety Inspection Or Repairs?

Landlords clearly require access to the property in order to maintain and service gas infrastructure. The reason for this should be specified in your tenancy agreements or other commitments.

Even if the renter refuses to allow access to the property, it is critical to realise that you cannot force entry. According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), landlords should take the following procedures if they are having difficulty acquiring access:

  • In the first case, leave a written notice saying that you sought to access the property to repair or service the gas system, along with your contact information.
  • Write to the tenant and explain that a gas safety inspection is a legal necessity. Allow the renter to schedule a visit at a time that is convenient for them. Make it obvious that regular inspections and maintenance are essential for their safety.
  • Landlords should maintain track of any contact with renters regarding this issue. In the case of an HSE inquiry, inspectors will look to determine if repeated attempts to obtain entry were made, and if the landlord acted appropriately given the unique circumstances.

Hire A Professional Gas Engineer Through MyConstructor

As a landlord you should be very careful with the safety of your tenants during the tenancy. According to the UK law, you should obtain a Gas Safety Certificate every year in order to reduce the danger from non-working gas appliances.

No matter where you are located, we can connect you with the top Gas Enginners in no time! Through our platform, you can easily compare prices and reviews of professionals all around the UK in order to choose the one that suits your needs.

Fill the form and you can get a quote for a Gas Safety Inspection only in a few seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gas Safety Certificates

A Gas Safety Certificate (CP12 for short) is really important for your tenants' safety. As a landlord, you are obligated by the UK law, to have all of your gas appliances checked annualy, in order to make sure that they're working properly. This certificate can be carried out only by a certified and qualified Gas Engineer.
The final price of a Gas Safety Certificate varies depending on a different number of factors. The factors that can affect the price as follows:
  • The number of the property's gas appliances.
  • The size of the property.
  • The type of the property.
  • The location of the property.

Prices tend to be higher in London, than in the rest of the UK.
Finding a qualified and trustworthy Gas Engineer is easy with MyConstructor. Through our platform, by entering your postcode, you can easily find professionals near your location and compare their prices and reviews. In this way, you can find the one that suits your needs and requirements in no time. Book online at fixed prices.
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