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Jinhua H.
Jhonell was great, he arrived punctionally at agreed time. Was friendly, polite and professional. Would definitely recommend booking!
Amanda W.
George was friendly, punctual and the appointment was very efficient. EPC was uploaded a few hours later on the Government site. Communication was great, highly recommended.
Lorraine S.
Excellent job. Professional and skilled. He knows what he is assessing. So happy we got our EPC in few hours on the same day. So smooth and quick. Realiable and cheap. I would highly recommmend thier service.
Mr Lino S.
Arrived on time. Follow instructions as per description. Will hire services again. Thanks.
Mark C.
Stephen was punctual , polite and completely professional . I would recommend him unreservedly .
Tamara A.
I thought Vishaal was excellent. Ver glad I chose him. He was punctual, polite and very good at his job. I would heartily recommend him.
Dalijus K.
Very friendly and professional contractor, efficient service. Recommended. Thanks
Sharon W.
Aran was very knowledgeable, given that our property wasn’t straightforward!
Simon I.
It was so easy to book and get a time slot that worked for us. Aran was excellent. He was on time and even contacted us before hand as I had suggested an early time slot. The communication was excellent before hand and in the appointment. Aran was very professional and gave us some great advice as to how to raise our EPC rating using his clearly experienced expertise. We will definitely use his EPC services again.
Hannah M.
Highly recommend Nirav, professional, friendly and very fast service.
Joanne B.
George was excellent very professional on time answering all our questions reasonably priced same day overall excellent job done by George had my EPC certificate the same day will recommend to family and friends ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Andrew L.
Great service. On time, tidy, nice guy, and results were published very quickly after. Would definitely recommend.
Kamil S.
It was a pleasure to welcome Nigel to our place, I really recommend him!
Eddy N.
As a landlord, found the service very good, from booking to getting certificate. Great service.
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Things You Should Know About An EPC Report Before Booking Your Appointment

If you're a landlord you're obligated by law to carry out an EPC Report.

Continue reading, to find out how you can get one, where to find trustworthy professionals, what are the costs and a variety of other things related to Energy Performance Certificate.

What Does An EPC Report Mean?

EPC is an abbreviation for Energy Performance Certificate. Energy performance certificates are reports that show how efficient the energy in a property or building is. An EPC report records the energy efficiency of a building.

This record is usually graded on a scale of A to G. When a building is given “grade A”, it simply means that the energy efficiency of the building is high. Whereas, when a property gets the “grade G”, that property’s energy efficiency is poor.

EPC reports first came about in 2007 and since then, they have formed part of the legal requirements which landlords must satisfy before constructing, selling, or even renting out a property.

The EPC report also contains suggestions on how a building’s energy efficiency can be enhanced. Both private and commercial buildings are required to have their EPC reports. Private buildings are required by law to have an EPC rating of at least an “E”.

How To Get Started

To get an EPC report, you will need an energy assessor who is accredited to carry out an energy assessment on your building. The energy assessor will have to thoroughly inspect the property.

He will need to have access to the rooms and other important areas in the building. He will also need to inspect the heating systems. He might need to take photos and measurements of important information during the inspection.

The inspection does not usually take time but the time taken to inspect varies from property to property and is also dependent on the speed of the energy assessor. After the inspection, the information gathered by the energy assessor will be used to produce an EPC report. Afterward, the report is then filed at the central register.

Why Is An EPC Report Necessary?

Firstly, an EPC report tells you how energy efficient your building is.

Secondly, you must get the report because the law requires all private and commercial buildings to have this report before rent or sale can be made. This legal requirement is mandatory. Also, potential buyers and tenants have the right to see how energy efficient the property is. This will help inform their decisions to buy or rent the property.

Penalties For Non-compliance

In 2018, the mandatory legal requirement for EPC reports on buildings was introduced by the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards. This legislation applied to both domestic and commercial properties. The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards further imposed penalties on landlords for non-compliance.

By virtue of this legislation, any property owner who does not have the report can be sanctioned with a fine. This fine is usually grave and could cost your business a lot if the building is a commercial one. However, once you obtain an EPC report, the report is valid for 10 years.

What An EPC Report Will Contain

Amongst other things, the report will contain the following:

  • A validity date: Which tells the particular date the report will expire.
  • Certificate number: The report will also contain a certificate number which is usually displayed at the top of the page.
  • Property type: The type of property will be included in the report by the energy assessor.
  • Total floor area: The total floor area as measured by the energy assessor during his inspection of the property will also be included in the report.
  • A summary of the property’s features.
  • The assessor’s details and the accreditation scheme used: The contact details of the energy assessor that carried out the inspection are also included together with the date of assessment, type of assessment, and date the certificate was issued.

How You Can Improve Your EPC Rating

When you improve your EPC rating, you improve the energy efficiency of your home. Improving your building’s EPC rating helps you reduce energy bills. it also makes your home warmer and comfortable. Improved EPC ratings increases a building’s value and reduces carbon footprints.

Highlighted below are some effective tips for improving your EPC rating:

  • Double glazing: Double glazing has to do with upgrading the doors and windows on the property. This will improve the energy efficiency of the property and also help reduce noise in the building.

  • Insulating the walls: Wall insulation is another effective way of improving EPC ratings. Whether the walls of the property are solid or cavity walls, insulating the walls will help improve the EPC ratings.

  • Installation of solar panels: Solar energy has always been advocated for by energy experts. Solar panels emit greener and cheaper energy. This helps improve the EPC rating of the building.

  • Loft Insulation: Loft insulation can greatly improve the EPC rating of a property. Loft insulations are easy to install and are cost-effective. You should install loft insulations with at least 270mm thickness.

  • Get new boilers: You can improve the energy efficiency of your building by replacing the boilers with new and efficient ones.

What Types Of Buildings Do Not Need An EPC?

As earlier stated, Energy Performance Certificates are mandatory and compulsory for private and commercial buildings. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. Some properties do not need to have an EPC.

Some of these properties include:

  • Places of worship.
  • Agricultural buildings that do not have permanent residents and do not consume a lot of energy.
  • Workshops and industrial sites.
  • Buildings due for demolition.
  • Temporary buildings intended to be used for a period which is less than 2 years.
  • Holiday accommodations and residential buildings that are intended to be used for a period of less than 4 months.
  • Stand-alone properties that are less than 50 square meters of floor-space.

Don't Think Twice! Hire A Professional EPC Assessor Today!

You should require the services of an accredited energy assessor to conduct the inspections and survey of the property before an energy performance certificate can be issued to you.

But what if you're new to an area and do not know where to look for professionals? Well, look no further! Booking your appointment through MyConstructor allows you to find trustworthy and reliable professionals for your property's services at fixed prices!

We have competent and accredited energy assessors who will get the job done at reasonable rates! Compare prices, reviews and assessors in your area and find the one that suits your needs!

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