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Jinhua H.
Jhonell was great, he arrived punctionally at agreed time. Was friendly, polite and professional. Would definitely recommend booking!
Amanda W.
George was friendly, punctual and the appointment was very efficient. EPC was uploaded a few hours later on the Government site. Communication was great, highly recommended.
Lorraine S.
Excellent job. Professional and skilled. He knows what he is assessing. So happy we got our EPC in few hours on the same day. So smooth and quick. Realiable and cheap. I would highly recommmend thier service.
Mr Lino S.
Arrived on time. Follow instructions as per description. Will hire services again. Thanks.
Mark C.
Stephen was punctual , polite and completely professional . I would recommend him unreservedly .
Tamara A.
I thought Vishaal was excellent. Ver glad I chose him. He was punctual, polite and very good at his job. I would heartily recommend him.
Dalijus K.
Very friendly and professional contractor, efficient service. Recommended. Thanks
Sharon W.
Aran was very knowledgeable, given that our property wasn’t straightforward!
Simon I.
It was so easy to book and get a time slot that worked for us. Aran was excellent. He was on time and even contacted us before hand as I had suggested an early time slot. The communication was excellent before hand and in the appointment. Aran was very professional and gave us some great advice as to how to raise our EPC rating using his clearly experienced expertise. We will definitely use his EPC services again.
Hannah M.
Highly recommend Nirav, professional, friendly and very fast service.
Joanne B.
George was excellent very professional on time answering all our questions reasonably priced same day overall excellent job done by George had my EPC certificate the same day will recommend to family and friends ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Andrew L.
Great service. On time, tidy, nice guy, and results were published very quickly after. Would definitely recommend.
Kamil S.
It was a pleasure to welcome Nigel to our place, I really recommend him!
Eddy N.
As a landlord, found the service very good, from booking to getting certificate. Great service.
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Why your property's EPC Rating is so important

Property sellers must furnish a new buyer with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

It's a great tool for demonstrating to prospective buyers how energy-efficient the property is and whether it needs to be improved, such as adding insulation.

However, the EPC Rating should only be used as a reference to assess a home's energy efficiency.

With A being the best, an EPC rating assigns a letter grade to the property based on its energy efficiency.

Along with rankings and energy use, the certificate includes advice from the Energy Assessor to make the property more energy-efficient and lower its electricity bills.

An EPC rating is part of a more comprehensive energy evaluation, called a "house report," including a property survey and a questionnaire.

EPC Rating increaces the property's value

Energy efficiency, alternative types of energy, and waste have become increasingly important in the United Kingdom, and many individuals now use the findings of a property's EPC rating when making a purchase decision.

It's critical to know how energy-efficient a house is before making an offer on it, but this knowledge isn't written in stone, and other aspects like current energy costs and the number of occupants in the house are often overlooked throughout the evaluation process.

MyConstructor is a great place to start if you're looking to enhance efficiency.

If you're planning to sell your house, you'll want to get an EPC rating before you do anything else, because the process might be lengthy and deter purchasers. If you want to sell your property quickly, you must have conduct an EPC Certificate since many buyers want to view the information the appraiser uncovered and any vital areas of advice.

As a result, the information included in the EPC Certificate should be taken very seriously.

Am I obligated by law to have an EPC Rating for my property

EPC rating is currently required by law in nearly all properties, except a few.

An additional benefit of getting an EPC rating certificate is that it is valid for ten years, eliminating the need to get a new one each time you sell your property.

What is an EPC, and how do I know what one is?

Standardised documents known as EPCs assign a numerical value to a property's energy efficiency. When you're looking to buy a house, the seller will provide you with an EPC.

Data regarding a property's energy use and prices, as well as advice on how to make it more energy-efficient and cost-effective, are contained in Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs). The most energy-efficient properties are given an A EPC rating, with G least efficient.

Tenants will no longer rent houses classified F or G as of April 2018.

As a result, landlords intending to acquire a house to rent will find this rating very relevant.

Is it okay if an EPC determines whether or not I should purchase a house?

When you're looking to buy a house, an EPC will provide you with some insight into how energy efficient it is. In addition to identifying potentially costly inefficiencies, an EPC also estimates the cost to correct them.

EPCs, should be taken very seriously when it comes to making a purchasing decision. It is really important the property to be energy effiecient because this means that it is safe to live in!

How the appliances of the property are checked during the inspection?

When conducting a survey, assessors are prohibited from becoming intrusive. They can't drill into the walls or ceilings to find out how well insulated the building is or whether it's insulated at all.

As a result, appraisers are frequently forced to either assume the worst or rely on information provided by the property owner.

Can I keep the EPC the seller offers me if I decide to sell and use it?

After you acquire a house, you should retain your EPC rating. EPCs were first made available in 2007 and are good for ten years from the issue date. So, don't let go of it.

What more can I learn about my house from an EPC rating?

Additionally, it teaches purchasers and tenants how to increase the property's energy efficiency to save money. Everything from upgrading insulation to installing energy-efficient lightbulbs might be part of this process.

You can save money by improving your property's energy efficiency, and you can also demonstrate to potential buyers how appealing it is from an energy viewpoint, if you have an EPC.

How do I decipher an EPC rating code?

An EPC must be clear and easy to read.

At the beginning of the document, make sure the address is right, and make sure the dates and numbers on the paper are self-explanatory.

SAP and RDSAP are the two assessment methodologies listed in the Type of Assessment field; RDSAP stands for Reduced SAP and is a less expensive assessment technique.

The next part outlines the possible expenses and savings associated with the property's thermal insulation. You'll find the energy-efficiency rating at the bottom of the report based on this data.

What is the bare minimum in terms of Energy Efficiency?

As of 1 April 2018, all private rental houses in the UK must meet new energy efficiency standards laid forth in the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES). Using this tool, landlords can be encouraged to improve their homes' energy efficiency by bringing to light any inefficiencies.

Any rental property that has a rating of "F" or "G" cannot be rented under the MEES regulations currently in effect.

The landlord must spend a maximum of £3,500 to get a property's grade up to "E.". They will be able to ask for an exemption if the home cannot be renovated to that level without spending more than £3,500.

EPC rating stands for what?

Existing certifications may be found in the EPC register, and domestic energy assessors are registered to conduct assessments on homeowners' properties.

An Energy Performance Evaluation can also be checked to see if an inspector is appropriately certified. EPC rating certifications may be easily acquired from the EPC register once a property obtains a certificate. EPCs are good for ten years on a property.

Who compiles the EPC reports?

In England, only qualified household energy assessors may prepare EPC ratings.

Only chartered surveyors registered with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) can provide energy studies. Get in touch with MyConstructor and we will assist you with the EPC rating setup for your property!

Hire an Energy Assessor through MyConstructor!

Hiring a certified Energy Assessor through MyConstructor means that you can rest assured that all of your electrical appliances are working properly and are safe to use!

When you have a valid EPC Certificate as a seller, you increase your property value and thus you can get more potential buyers for your property.

Through our platform,you can easily compare prices and reviews of assessors near your area and get a free quote! It is vital to know beforhand your needs and requirements, in order to communicate them to the professional of your choice.

Then, he will come fully-prepared, in order to offer you the best services possible and improve your property's EPC Rating (if needed)!

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