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Joao R.
Everything went well and smooth from the time of booking to the work carried out
Thomas P.
Denis was great! Highly effective and efficient. Denis is very friendly and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him.
Harriet C.
Surprised at how quickly Niki completed the boiler servicing. Was happy to answer any questions I had also. Thanks!
Mark S.
Although delayed due to car troubles I cannot fault the communication from Chris. He was friendly and quick to diagnose an ongoing issue with our boiler. Came back a couple of days later to repair it at a very reasonable price. Would highly recommend.
Manjeet S.
My gas certificate was carried out on the agreed date/time, I received a very legible gas certificate by email shortly afterwards
Clarence W.
Very good and reliable he arrives on time and gets a job done with no mess.
Tamsin K.
He was great.. came on time, did the job well and had good communication :)
Christopher H.
Timely. Knowledgable. Did have to make a second payment for a further aspect of the check but likely my error.
Anthony K.
Very professional and courteous, gave great service and was able to assist with another job which needed doing. Would definitely recommend.
Loren D.
Efficient and quick, good communication and helpful when pdf didn't come through properly initially.
Ola O.
He was polite and very helpful. He knows his job. Would definitely use him again.
Chris R.
Saved me after another trader didn’t show. Came out on a bank holiday to check and provide an urgent certificate. Called to confirm ahead and got the job done.
Teresa H.
Lovely friendly polite and so thorough at he work I would highly recommend him to my friends
Ann-Marie L.
All great, arrived on time, polite and got the job done in good time
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Things You Need To Know About An Emergency Gas Engineer

If you're a business owner and your control room is running out of gas, then it's time to hire an emergency gas engineer. These experts provide solutions for businesses that find themselves in extremely difficult situations such as being on the brink of bankruptcy, closing down due to lack of funds or power plant failure. In this article, we provide you with some tips for hiring your gas engineer.

Emergency Gas Engineers are responsible for repairing or replacing gas lines in the event of a natural gas leak or a gas explosion. They are also trained in how to respond to and mitigate potential injuries from a gas leak. Most emergency gas engineers work for private companies, municipalities, or utilities. 

They typically have a bachelor’s degree in engineering, and many have additional training in gas safety and emergency response. 

A gas engineer should be familiar with the different types of valves and fittings used in natural gas systems, as well as the alarm systems used to detect a gas leak. They should also be aware of local regulations regarding the use of explosives and flammable materials.

A gas engineer is a specialist in the safe and efficient use of gas in emergency situations. They are responsible for ensuring that any gas-related emergencies are dealt with as quickly and safely as possible. This can include ensuring that the correct safety measures are in place, managing the flow of gas, and responding to any reports of leaks or emergencies.

Gas engineers are individuals who have the knowledge and expertise to safely install, operate, and maintain emergency gas systems. They typically have a degree in engineering or a related field, and may have experience working with gas systems in their professional or personal life. They typically work for companies that provide emergency gas services, such as fire departments, hospitals, or construction sites.

A gas engineer's job is to ensure that the systems they work with are safe and functional. They must be able to identify potential problems with the system and address them quickly. They may also be responsible for maintaining the system throughout its lifespan.

Gas engineers must have a knowledge of both technical and safety aspects of gas systems. They must be able to read diagrams and understand written instructions, as well as know how to use safety equipment such as respirators. They must also have a good understanding of chemistry, physics, and engineering principles.

Where To Find Emergency Gas Engineer Near Me

The best place to find a gas engineer near you in the UK is through the Gas Safe Register. The website contains a search function where you can enter your postcode to find a list of registered engineers. 

If you find yourself in a situation where you need a gas engineer, where should you look? You can use our platform’s engineers which are registered on the Gas Safe Register website. 

Benefits Of Hiring A Gas Engineer

Gas engineers play a vital role in helping to protect people and property during times of emergency. Their skills range from identifying gas hazards to helping to safely evacuate a building.

Here are some of the benefits that you may enjoy as an emergency gas engineer:

  • You May Be Able to Help Protect People and Property During Times of Emergency.

Emergency gas engineers are highly skilled in identifying gas hazards and helping to safely evacuate a building. They can help ensure that people remain safe during times of emergency.

  • You May Benefit from Excellent Skills in Gas Safety.

As an emergency gas engineer, you will have excellent skills in gas safety. This means that you will be able to identify any potential dangers related to gas use and help ensure that everyone involved is safe.

  • You May Enjoy Highly Beneficial Work Relationships with Other Professionals.

As a gas engineer, you will likely work closely with other professionals involved in emergency response. This means that you will have strong relationships with them and be able to rely on their support during times of need.

Some of the other benefits of having an emergency gas engineer on staff include: 

  • They can ensure that the gas system is operational and safe during an emergency. This can prevent injuries or fatalities. 
  • They can identify potential hazards and make necessary repairs. This can prevent further damage to the gas system and ensure its safety. 
  • They can provide guidance to other members of the emergency response team in order to improve coordination and efficiency.

Cost Of An Emergency Gas Engineer

The cost of a gas engineer in the UK may vary depending on the location, experience and type of service required. A basic gas engineer may charge between £10 and £350 per hour, while more experienced engineers may charge up to £500 per hour. 

The cost of hiring an emergency gas engineer will vary depending on where you are in the UK. However, this price can go up or down depending on the time of year and the demand for gas engineers.

Hourly rates also vary depending on the complexity of the job. In some cases, a basic emergency gas engineer may be able to provide initial assessments and recommendations, while more experienced engineers may be able to provide more detailed work.

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