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Kate S.
Very helpful and patient. Great communication skills and keen to get the best practice results for the job. Thank you!
Walter P.
Great service. She was so mindful of our house and people resting due to medical problems. Worked really fast and tidy. Great service.
Laurian S.
Bassam Chanouha was prompt and wholly professional. He carried out a thorough, careful and comprehensive inspection and provided the completed EPC the very next day. Highly recommended.
Kayne was very professional and friendly throughout. I will definitely recommend him to friends and family
Kevin C.
George was fantastic to deal with and super friendly. He provided good advice and was so helpful. I will definitely contact George in the future if I need anything else.
Chris W.
Abid was very professional and completed thorough checks. Happy with service.
Sarah H.
HANNAH O'NEIL was a total professional and a real credit to your organisation
Jenny B.
Great service - arrived on time, friendly, polite, very professional, informative and I would recommend 5*
Stephen W.
Jack Berry was on time and got things done without any problems at all. He phoned first to confirm time and appointment, arrived on time and was a very polite and pleasant young man, got the job done with no mess or disturbance. Would definitely recommend him if required again..
Luke B.
Simon was an excellent builder. The EPC inspection went great and was very quick. There was a slight mix up with the booking time which was not his fault (myconstructor booked him in past his working hours) but he got me booked in early the next day which was very good of him!!
David H.
Arrived bang on time. Very pleasant and efficient and knowledgeable about the process and purpose of getting an EPC. Would definitely recommend this surveyor!
Richard T.
Matthew arranged the appointment with us, and arrived when he said he would. Matthew was professional and friendly. He delivered the EPC certificate a few hours after leaving. Even when we highlighted an amendment, Matthew quickly made the change and delivered an updated EPC within a couple of hours. Thank you!
Martin B.
John was very easy to get on with/very polite /on time/explained what he was doing/ recommended
Jonathan L.
Aran was very courteous, efficient and thorough. I can highly recommend his work.
Julian B.
He kept us updated of his arrival time, clearly explained what he was there to do, and the report was uploading within hours. Also polite, friendly, and personable. Great job
Paul M.
Stephen was incredibly flexible and helpful. Certificate was produced the same day, really pleased.
Maneesha O.
Great communication. Super fast service. Very happy overall with the service provided. Would definitely recommend.
Anne R.
Great service. Very efficient, thoughtful and overall approach for getting me an EPC
Victoria C.
Great. Simple booking system and Phil arrived on time. He was quick and thorough. EPC was ready in a couple of days.
Trish G.
Jhonell was prompt, friendly, efficient and respectful of the property. Good communication regarding arrival time and managing expectations regarding issuing the EPC certificate.
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The Domestic EPC Register, or Domestic Energy Performance Certificate Register, is an existing registry of the properties that have EPC certificates, or Energy Performance Certificates.

The register, in tandem with the EPC Certificates themselves, is a way in which the UK has worked towards increased awareness about conserving energy in one’s home. While such certificates may sound like a hassle up-front, the reality is they may make your life easier: if you follow a certificate’s personalized energy-saving recommendations, after all, you may be able to save money!

If you are looking for a property’s existing EPC certificate or wondering if it already has one, the EPC register is an important place to look since it may have a copy for you to access online.

What is an EPC certificate?

The function of the domestic EPC register is to provide UK residents with access to EPCs around the country.

So, what is an EPC?

An EPC certificate is a way in which one can learn more about the efficiency of a given household’s electric system in the United Kingdom.

Specifically, an EPC certificate provides:

  • Information about a given property’s energy use levels and costs
  • Recommendations about how one can cut costs by reducing energy usage.
  • An energy efficiency rating, from “A” to “G” (most efficient to least efficient, respectively).
  • The rating is valid for ten years.

The certificate, issued by an assessor who does an inspection of a property’s electric systems, provides tailored information about the property and its energy use. Such knowledge may be helpful for a landlord or tenant looking to save money and thus energy. Therefore, it is important to check whether a property you are curious about renting already has such a certificate available on the register.

It is important to note, finally, that as of 1 April 2020, all rental properties must have an energy efficiency rating of “E” or above. If an assessor gives your property a lower ranking, you must follow their recommendations to improve the efficiency of the electric systems of the building.

Ultimately, the domestic EPC register helps enforce such a law as it is meant to make information about buildings easier to access for interested tenants, property owners, and home buyers alike.

How long are EPC certificates stored in the domestic EPC register?

EPC certificates are valid for ten years after the “date of certificate” date, listed on the top-left corner of the certificate. This is why it may be worth checking the EPC register to see if a given property has an EPC certificate still in effect.

How do I use the Domestic EPC register?

You will need the EPC certificate’s report reference number or an address to access a certificate on the register’s website. The reference number is twenty-four digits long and is located on the front of the certificate.

If information about a property or its EPC certificate is available, its information and perhaps the certificate itself will be displayed on the website.

Can I opt out of the Domestic EPC register?

Yes, you may opt a property you own out of the register, so that others may not see its EPC certificate. To do this, you simply have to fill out a form to opt-out of the registry on the EPC register website.

While you do not have to have a property’s EPC certificate in the domestic registry, you must still be compliant with relevant persons asking to see a certificate, if it exists. Remember, if you are a landlord, this means that you must provide the EPC certificate to potential renters or buyers whenever you are selling or renting out a given property: failing to do so many have legal consequences.

Check if your EPC certificate is in the registry today!

In a world where the environment is at risk, it’s important that we all do our part. As a landlord, keeping informed about domestic EPC register is a simple way to ensure you and others are aware about how you can cut costs in your living spaces and help the environment in the process.

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