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Georgios M.
Irfan came to do EICP certificate by my request. Irfan collected keys from my agent and let him self in, did the job and returned keys back to my agent. It was very easy for me and flexible to get the job done while I am away without any supervision or help. Very reliable and self managed contractor. Thank you so much!
Heather M.
Mohammad was fantastic, on time and really friendly! Explained the process as he was doing it and made the whole thing really pleasant! Will definitely use again!
Julie J.
Chris and his young apprentice were timely and friendly and happy to answer any questions. Would recommend
Heather S.
They were there when we needed the job done asap. Jack was very polite and reliable. Relayed the info to Tom which we needed that night . All good.
Kamal B.
Good communication throughout, what prompt with appointment time, completed job quickly and provided report in a timely manner.
Enrique D.
My experience was very good. Everything done fast and no trouble. Certified issued on time. Good communication.
Rumi R.
He arrived on time. Very helpful and approachable guy. Did the job nicely on time and left the premises tidy. Very highly recommended.
Kevin W.
Needed an electrical check quickly and these guys fitted the bill. Were out within 2 days and did a great job. Would recommend to anyone and i will certainly use them again. Thanks for great service.
Penny K.
Lewis was really great - I had the wrong day and had to get keys, so he had to wait, which he didn’t have to. What a nice guy.
Thomas M.
Really pleased with the service. Would be happy to contact LM Electrical Solutions for future work if it was required.
Anesha A.
Lovely couple who completed the electrical safety check. Certificate was sent by the evening. 10/10 would recommend
Lucy F.
The contractor was great. They arrived on time and carried out the work to an excellent standard. I will use again in the future and recommend.
Angela C.
This is the first time I've used My Constructor, and I'm delighted to have experienced a first rate service! I booked Richard Bressler-Riddell for an electrical safety check and found him to be highly professional, efficient and reliable. Thank you for doing a great job!
Gary J.
Contractor was polite and timely. He carried out the work to our complete satisfaction.
Rabia K.
Great service from Alan. Punctual and reliable. Job was completed within a timely manner. Would definitely recommend. Thanks again Alan
Neil B.
Rain was on time and very professional with his work. He explained the process and under time pressure (from us) managed to complete the job. We are now awaiting the results.
Lovelle S.
Fast and efficient. Very knowledgeable contractor. Good communication throughout
Catalina R.
Great experience. David was super helpful - will use again in the future. Highly recommend
Very polite and very competitive price good service all around ...definitely use again...
Luke H.
Really pleased with the appointment, they were on time and the guys who attended were polite and friendly, got the work done quickly and to a high standard.
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How Will A Commercial Electrical Certificate Benefit Your Business

If you run your own business and have a commercial electrical certificate, you're ahead of the game. You can use it to protect yourself legally in case of any potential issues, take care of any licensing issues or even encourage clients to hire you for your expertise. This article will outline all the benefits of having a commercial electrical certificate and which types of businesses need one.

What Is A Commercial Electrical Certificate?

Commercial electrical certificates are a safety requirement for any business that installs, maintains, or uses electrical equipment. A commercial electrical certificate shows that the business has undergone rigorous safety inspections and meets all safety requirements. This certification can also help the business qualify for government subsidies and grants.

Commercial Electrical Certificates In The UK

Commercial electrical certificates are becoming increasingly popular to certify that an installation is safe and compliant with UK standards. Certification can provide peace of mind for businesses, ensuring they make the right choices regarding electrical safety. Certificates can also help to attract potential customers, showing that your business is reputable and reliable.

There are many types of commercial electrical certificates available, each with its own benefits. Some certificates offer wider coverage than others, meaning they can certify installations for more specific areas, such as food processing or healthcare facilities. Suppose you're looking for a certificate covering all aspects of your business's electrical safety. In that case, a general certification may be your best option.

Certificates typically come with a fee, but discounts are often available if you purchase them in bulk. They're also generally valid for two years, so you can use them multiple times if needed. Once you have your certificate, it's important to ensure all your installations comply with UK standards. This will help to ensure customer safety and peace of mind.

Reasons Why Commercial Electrical Certificates Are Essential

Commercial electrical certificates are essential for businesses that operate in the commercial market. A commercial electrical certificate proves that a business is licensed and certified to provide safe, reliable electrical service. This certification can protect businesses from lawsuits, ensure the quality of their service, and promote public trust. Commercial electrical certificates also serve as a marketing tool for businesses and can attract new customers.

Steps To Successful Electrical Certifications

You need to take a few steps to be successful when pursuing electrical certification. The first step is to determine what type of certification you want.

There are three main categories for electrical certification: Commercial, Residential, and Industrial. Each category has different requirements, so choosing the right one for your project is important.

  • Commercial certificates are the most common and will be needed for many projects. 
  • Residential certificates are required for home repairs, such as updating wiring or adding new lighting fixtures. 
  • Industrial certificates can be helpful if you're planning on working in a manufacturing or construction setting.

Benefits Of Commercial Electrical Certificate

Commercial electrical certificates are designed to improve safety and efficiency in commercial buildings by verifying that the systems are properly wired, protected, and tested. They can also help avoid costly lawsuits and ensure compliance with state and federal standards.

Some of the benefits of having a commercial electrical certificate include the following:

  • It reduced safety concerns. A properly wired and protected commercial building is less likely to experience accidents or fires, which can lead to health and safety hazards for employees and customers.
  • Improved efficiency. Properly wired systems can help businesses save money on energy costs by reducing the need for repairs and upgrades.
  • Increased compliance with standards. A commercial electrical certificate from a trusted provider ensures that buildings operate according to applicable state and federal standards. This can protect businesses from penalties or fines.
  • Reduced risk of lawsuits. A properly installed, a wired system is less likely to cause injuries or other accidents, which can lead to legal action.

Commercial electrical certificates are available from several reputable providers, including JSA International, IECA International, Ameresco, and ABR. Choose the right certificate for your business by comparing specifications and pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial electrical certificates are important for businesses because they help to ensure that the electrical systems in a building are safe. Suppose there is a problem with the electrical system. In that case, it can cause serious damage and injury to people in the building. Commercial electrical certificates also help to ensure that the equipment used in a business is safe and compliant with safety standards.
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