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John L.
Hi Niki was fine but you gave her the wrong date at the beginning to carry out the inspection so it was a week later than was arranged with you which was annoying for us having to take time off 2 weeks running!
Erhan E.
Great experience overall. Jhonell is very efficient, on-time, courteous and information. Good communication throughout. Certificate processed in under 2 days. Recommend to everyone.
Alan T.
The assessor arrived on-time, was very polite and friendly and went over the whole property including the loft and outside. All-in-all I am very impressed with him and the service,
Kamal B.
Great communication, connector reached out to me ahead of the appointment to confirm arrangements, he turned up on time and was friendly and professional. He answered all my questions satisfactorily. Pricing was competitive, he was time efficient with the assessment and issues the certificate by the end of the day. Excellent service and very pleased overall. Would highly recommend Harsh for your EPC needs
Karen C.
Sateesh was professional throughout, confirming the appointment before he was due , came on the scheduled appointment time and explained what he was doing during the a0
Syed A.
The contractor was very prompt, communicated very well prior to arrival. Knowledge and expertise was very good, responded to all queries I had answering all questions well. Inspector completed the whole inspection very thoroughly over multiple floors without any disruption. Very polite, courteous, came with own ladder and equipment. At the end explained the process and also reasons why there maybe higher energy usage and what could be done to improve energy performance. Definitely5*****
Roger B.
Phoned when on her way. Called during inspection to check issue and then called to report the results of post inspection research. Friendly and cheeful person.
Nick E.
George came to do my energy certification,he was very professional and knowledgeable and was extremely pleasant and thorough in the process,I would certainly recommend him to anyone. A +
Natasha P.
Everything was great. Easy to organise, Peter came on time and the process was quick and straightforward and I had the EPC in my inbox by lunchtime. Thanks v much - a 5* experience.
Guiyi L.
Jhonell contacted me beforehand to confirm his arrival time, showed up on time, and promptly produced the report the day after. I will use him again next time.
David M.
Paula arrived at my house and knocked at the doors back and front with no answer.She rang me to say she was unable to gain access to the property,I asked her to open the door and shout for my daughter in law.There was no reply and she entered and called out up the stairs, my daughter daughter in law was in a bedroom.Paula explained that she was there to carry out the EPC survey and did so.Paula rang me again to say it was complete and I would receive my certificate online.
Paul C.
Andrew was brilliant, he happily changed the time of my appt that I had requested, he was very nice, easy to talk to and I was very satisfied with the job. Definitely got the right person, would fully recommend using him.
Martyn T.
Emma was very professional and helpful. The inspection was thorough and efficient and the link to the certificate was available before Emma even left the property!
Kat F.
Took a few days to get the certificate due to Bank hol and a software update but very friendly service. There was an email to explain about the software but it went to my spam so I hadn't seen it. I sent a text, which was promptly answered. I also received a text to inform me the cert had been sent, which was very helpful as that had also gone to my spam. This was at 7pm. So he had sent it out of normal working hours which, was really appreciated and shows he cares about his customer. Thank you!
Mark S.
Very satisfied with organisation, timeliness and performance during the visit. The process was low key and efficient to a level where my tenant was barely disturbed, having no adverse comments at all. Ensuing report was thorough and informative, issued in a reasonable timespan. Will happily use Furqan’s EPC services again in future, great work at a reasonable rate. Liked the website job request where I could add extra detail and requests, really useful as didn’t personally attend on the day.
Z C.
Nirav did a great job, he was professional, contacted me ahead of schedule to arrange the logistics of his visit, was on time for the appointment and did his assessment in the allocated time and kept me informed on the necessary steps to take in order to successfully complete the assessment. I would recommend booking Nirav for your EPC.
Jeremy C.
Aran provided a call on the morning to confirm his arrival time, he arrived promptly and explained the process fully and completed the work quickly and professionally.
Ivana J.
Very professional. Called me to confirm the time, notifies me of a slight delay. Friendly and personable during the appointment. The report was ready less than 24 hrs later. Definitely recommend
Lyndsey H.
Joel turned up on time and was polite and professional. Joel gave me advice on some things that I could do to improve my energy efficiency. I received my certificate very quickly after the appointment
Sheraz D.
Furqan did a great job, was very friendly and answered any questions that I had. The EPC certificate was also turned around very quickly. Would highly recommend
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An Energy Performance Certificate Issued By An EPC Assessor

A property's efficiency and carbon footprint may be determined with the use of an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). It considers not just the building itself, but also the heating system and any energy-saving upgrades that have been made.

After the real estate market crashed in late 2008, EPC Assessors are needed before an EPC certificate can be issued. EPCs were mandatory for any home being rented out or sold. The person purchasing or renting the home may see the property's existing energy rating as well as the solutions that can be taken to increase its energy efficiency, together with details like the anticipated savings that can be expected from doing so, in the EPC report. You can have access to government funds (such ECO and the GDHIF) to assist pay for energy efficiency upgrades, if you have an EPC.

If your house already hired an EPC Assessor for your house and an EPC Certificate has been issued within the last 10 years, you do not need to get a new one unless there have been significant alterations to the property. In any other case, you are obligated by the UK law to carry out an EPC inspection if you wish to market your property.

What Occurs During The Visit Of An EPC Assessor?

There is a 30-minute maximum and a 60-minute maximum for completing a home energy performance by an EPC Assessor, depending on the size of your property.

The EPC Assessor needs to see proof of all the different types of insulation currently installed on the property. To achieve this, the EPC Assessor will require access to any attics and paperwork showing that insulation has been applied to any areas they cannot access, such as under the floor.

What Exactly Does The EPC Assessor Do?

The EPC survey takes about 60 minutes to complete and is performed by an experienced and licenced Domestic EPC Assessor at your home.

The following will be noted by the evaluator;

  • Your home's square footage.
  • Your home's building process
  • Any type of cladding, lighting, heating, and plumbing controls.

The EPC uses this data to provide an overall assessment of the property's energy efficiency. From A (Very Efficient) to G (Not Very Efficient), it gives your home's energy efficiency a letter grade. An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is issued by a EPC Assessor after inspecting and house certified.

If you want to learn more about epc assessors near your area, visit our detailed page

Examples Of Possible Questions That Can Be Asked By A Epc Assessor

  • I was wondering when the house was constructed. Exactly when did renovations and enlargements take place?
  • When did you turn that loft into a bedroom, if you did?
  • Is there cavity wall insulation present, and has it been inspected?
  • Have you lately installed double-paned glass panels?
  • Is there insulation in the home's subfloor? Is this something that can be inspected, or do you have invoices for this service?
  • How many power metres do you have, one or two?
  • Do you have any heat recovery systems set up?

What Should You Be Aware Of Before The Visit Of An EPC Assessor

The EPC Assessor will want to find out how many and what kinds of lights you have in your home. He will need access to all areas of the home in order to accurately tally the quantity of light fixtures and energy-efficient light bulbs in use.

The compact fluorescent tube (CFT), the light-emitting diode (LED), and the regular fluorescent bulb are all examples of low-energy light bulbs. The EPC survey only accounts for permanently installed lighting; portable lamps are not included.

The EPC Assessor might need to examine the loft and determine if the insulation is installed between the joists or directly on the rafters. As of now, 270 mm of loft insulation should be installed between the joists at a minimum. While up in the loft, we'll also try to determine what kind of wall separates this house from the one below.

Are The Windows Energy Efficient?

A Domestic Energy Assessor will visually evaluate each window to determine if it is made of single, double, triple, or secondary glass.

How Long Ago Was The Double Glazing Added, If Any?

A FENSA Certificate or data from the BFRC will suffice as proof. There are times when it's necessary to check how big the space is between two panes of glass. The conservatories, if any, will be looked at and noted as well.

Is Your Boiler Effective?

Your home's heating system will make up a sizable portion of the EPC's overall cost. To help an assessor evaluate your boiler(s), have the owner's manual handy. The evaluator keeps track of the clock and thermostat settings. Also recorded are any thermostatic radiator valves and the number of thermostats installed throughout the home.

A coal-effect fire is an alternative to traditional heating methods such coal, logs, oil, LPG, electricity, and gas.

The Use Of Photography To Document Past Events

The EPC Assessor will take pictures of the exterior of your home as well as the inspected areas during the EPC survey. The certification authorities conduct random audits of a sample of surveys each month to guarantee that a consistent level of quality is being achieved, and for this purpose, we require images.

Note: The EPC Assessor will measure your property's size and the height of the major rooms on each floor as part of the EPC survey. He will draw a layout of your property, including any additions, modifications, and measurements, before departing. The Domestic EPC Assessor will return to the office and do the appropriate calculations based on the data gathered during the inspection.

After The Inspection Is Done, When Will You Get The Report And What Does It Say?

The Domestic EPC Assessor will return to the office and do the appropriate calculations based on the data gathered during the inspection. He will also mail you a copy of the report, but you can also get it through the government website.

Summary Of What You May Expect To Find On The Energy Performace Certificate

  • Details about the evaluation, such as the due date and expiration date, are included.
  • An energy efficiency grade between A and G.
  • Methods and suggestions to enhance the structure's energy efficiency.
  • U-value energy ratings and an overview of the property's attributes.
  • Time spent at your home by the EPC Assessor is proportional to the size of your property and the ease with which the EPC Assessor can access all parts of the house.

The EPC procedure is comprehensive, but it shouldn't cause too much disruption if all areas of your home are easily accessible. Not only is it necessary to have one when selling or renting a house, but it may also be used to increase the property's efficiency in terms of both heating and cooling costs.

The above are changing for commercial EPC assessors, learn more here

Does A Higher EPC Rating Make My Home More Valuable?

Not so much because of the EPC itself, but because of the impression it conveys about the condition and efficiency of the building. This is especially true for older homes that have a good EPC rating (band 'C' and above).

Don't ignore the EPC when looking into a property purchase; it contains a wealth of information about the home and should speed up the process of comparing similar homes. As an EPC is only needed once every 10 years, it's possible that the one attached to the house you're considering buying is outdated. If you have any questions about this, it is best to contact the real estate agent.

What A Good EPC Rating Can Do For You

Obviously the EPC doesn’t have a direct bearing on the price of property, but a high EPC rating does suggest the property is either modern and therefore built to high energy efficient standards (so should only require minimal maintenance costs) or the fact the property has been recently updated (which will mean low energy bills) (which will mean low energy bills.)

Future buyers of the energy-efficient home under consideration will not only get the feed-in tariff payments for the remaining contracts, but also the Renewable Heat Incentive payments (FiT contracts now last 20 years from the date they commence, and the Renewable Heat Incentive is 7 years).

The same holds true for any comparisons between energy-efficient and energy-wasting properties in London or its suburbs. It's not uncommon for neighbouring homes to have drastically differing levels of efficiency and maintenance.

The good news is that, in our opinion, increasing emphasis will be placed on the need of energy efficiency in buildings in the years to come. This is in part because the government is thinking about basing council tax amounts on a building's energy efficiency. As a result, there is a system in place to incentivize individual homeowners to make energy efficiency improvements to their dwellings.

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