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What is a CP12 Certificate?

A CP12 is the short reference of the gas safety certificate or landlord’s gas certificate record. A gas safety certificate is required for all rental properties that have fuel-burning appliances. It shows that the property’s gas appliances are thoroughly inspected to ensure that they are safe to use.

A valid gas safety certificate - CP12 means that your property is considered by the UK law, safe to live in.

Do I need a CP12 Certificate?

Yes. If you are a landlord who rents or plans on renting your property, you are obligated by law to carry out a gas safety certificate. The inspection certifies that all gas appliances of your property are working correctly and are safe to be used by tenants.

A valid gas safety certificate must be carried out once a year and every time a new tenant rents the property. Although, you should keep records of at least the previous two years of certificates so the engineer can be informed about previous issues with your appliances, if any.

Tenants must be issued with a copy of the CP12 certificate within 28 days of the document being issued.

Note:If the gas appliance belongs to the tenant, the landlord is not responsible or obligated for checking it. However, it is advised by the government to do so, in order to make sure that the environment the tenants live in is completely safe.

It is worth knowing that, if you are living in your own property you are not obligated by law to provide a valid gas certificate. Although, you should highly consider doing so, for your and your loved ones safety.

Which appliances need to be checked during the inspection?

Carrying out a gas inspection is not enough for your property to be considered safe.

In order to pass your gas safety check and get a valid CP12 certificate, the gas engineer must inspect the following:

  • Visual check of all gas appliances for obvious faults.This is the first step of the inspection. If the gas engineer doesn’t find any obvious malfunctions, he will continue with a more thorough check.
  • Chimneys and fluesare inspected for any signs of blockage.
  • Gas connections and infrastructure will be inspected in order to see if all connections follow safety regulations.
  • Ventilation and oxygen supply is checked to see if the appliances are provided with enough oxygen.
  • All gas appliances will be separately checked.

If everything works properly, the gas engineer will issue your certificate after a few days. Otherwise, he will inform you of any issues of your gas appliances and let you know what needs to be done.

How long does the Gas Safety Inspection last?

Usually, the CP12 inspection lasts about 30 - 45 minutes but the duration may vary from one property to another.

Some factors that affect the duration of your property’s gas safety certificate are as follows:

  • How many appliances do you need to be checked? The more gas appliances the engineer has to check, the longer the duration of the inspection.
  • How easy is it for the engineer to access each gas appliance? If the access to your property’s appliances is difficult, the duration of the inspection will be longer than average.

Can I fail my CP12 Certificate?

Of course. The gas check is not enough for your property to be considered safe. If your gas safety certificate is not “Safe to Use” you must immediately fix the problems.

Findings of each failure (if any) using the codes listed below:

  • Not to Current Standard (NCS):Your gas appliances are relatively safe and there is no immediate danger.
  • At Risk (AT): The installation may be dangerous for your tenants’ life and it should be turned off. It is advised not to be used again until the fault has been repaired by the engineer.
  • Immediate Dangerous (ID): The appliance must be disconnected immediately until fixed. If the engineer fixes the problem and the ID code still exists, lives can be in danger.

Other things you need to know about CP12

If you are not familiar with the gas safety certificate and the process that comes along with it, don’t worry!

We’ve summed up for you the basic things you need to know about CP12:

  • It is an annual landlord’s obligation.

    As has been said above, the gas safety certificate should be carried out annually. It is the landlord's responsibility to organise and pay for the inspection but also to provide a copy to the tenants. The owner of the property has to undertake the costs of any repairs if needed.

  • The cost of the CP12 may vary.

    The final price of your inspection depends on how many appliances need to be checked, how easy it is to access those appliances, and how many repairs should be made. There are no fixed prices for this kind of service.

  • Digital CP12’s are available.

    With digital gas certificates, forms will be incredibly clean and crisp, and they can be sent instantly to everyone who is eligible to receive one. Also, with touchscreen capabilities, digital certificates can be easily signed and stored on a computer. It is the easiest way to keep your certificate safe and there is no risk of losing it!

Note: Both digital and hand written versions of the certificate are valid.

What should CP12 Certificate involve?

The report should detail the following:

  • Description and location of each gas appliance that was checked.
  • The date that the engineer did the inspection.
  • Name, registration number and signature of the engineer who carried out the gas safety check.
  • Property’s address.
  • Landlord’s or agent's name and address.
  • Information on what needs to be fixed in the gas appliances.
  • Results of all safety checks carried out on the appliances.

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