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Choosing the best movers London for your family or business!

Moving from one apartment to another daunting but stressful experience. Whether you just bought a new house for yourself and your family or you rented a new place for your business, the stress that comes with moving can be overwhelming, especially for anyone who works long and hard hours.

Finding a good mover can take away the stress and headache that comes with moving. When you select a good mover to help you move your possessions, you not only enjoy seamless transportation of your possessions but you are also sure that your belongings will arrive at the destination safely.

Finding the best movers London can be tricky since almost all movers London claim to be the best. However, there is a way around this dilemma.

Continue reading and learn everything about movers in London and how you can find experienced professionals in your area at the best prices in the market.

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Points to Consider Before Hiring a Movers London Service

Here are a few important questions on what you can ask yourself about the movers you intend to hire.
Their answers will inform your decision to hire them.

What Should I Consider Before Hiring Movers For My Move?

You may be wary of hiring a movers London service because of the cost, but you don't want to skimp on your move and potentially risk having to do it all over again?

Despite how expensive it may feel to hire movers in London, it can save you time and frustration in the long run. Read on for some things you should be considering before deciding hiring a house removal company!

Question 1: When Should I Consider Hiring a Movers London Service?

Consider approaching professional movers London services beforehand.

  • What items will you need to relocate?
  • Plannning on packing everything yourself, but want guidance on what's needed for the move?
  • Are you looking for an expert who can help with the packing of fragile items?

The golden rule is never to move anything without help, except if it's doesn't weigh much. Getting professional movers London help also helps reduce the risk of damages that may occur throughout the process.

Question 2: How Much Should I Spend on Hiring a Removal Service?

To set a budget, you need to understand the square footage of your home and how many rooms it has.

  • For square footage UNDER 2,000, a price between £35-100 is recommended.
  • For square footage OVER 2,000, a price between £100-120 is recommended.

The amount you will spend to hire a service depends on how you will move.

For example, tell moving companies to start their work from 1,000 miles away and end it in 500 miles. Your overall cost for hiring a moving will be higher than what you would pay if you only needed movers London for 500 miles. So we recommend that, for the first time, you should stick with the average rates. Also, a longer moving distance may be listed at an expensive rate than what an actual movers London company would charge you if you call to hire a guide.

Question 3: Will The Costs Vary Depending On Whether It Is a Home or Office Move?

You should know this. It is important to note that the company will charge a premium if it is a home move with a lot of furniture and risk of damage. If furniture and other personal belongings set up are involved, it is a risky move that may damage your furnishings.

Similarly, if a commercial office has a lot of equipment and furnishings, the company will charge a premium upfront to avoid risk.

You need to know the terms of the agreement, should there be damage or loss to property in your home move. You should find out about this upfront, given that high premium insurance is mandatory.

Last but not least, you should check whether the move includes packing, which is a requirement for most moves. If you need to save money on the move, you can also pack certain items yourself before hiring a removalist to move the rest.

Question 4: Is Insurance Available For Furniture & Takeaway Items?

One of the best questions to ask a company is if their plan includes insurance for furniture and takeaway items such as TVs, food, liquids, etc.

This question is important because it can protect you from damages when you move to the UK. Moving to England is a very exciting experience that you will surely enjoy.

Question 5: What Kind of Vehicle Do Movers Use For the Job?

If you need to transport your items for hire or sale, get in touch with a professional movers London company to find out the details of the vehicle they have. This will guarantee that your move is done fast and efficiently.

If you are unclear about what type of vehicle to use, the company representative will recommend one based on your transport. Most movers London service use semi-trucks equipped with ramps to make loading and unloading easier and safer. Specialized packing and movers London services may use container trucks to secure the items and ensure their safety if you need to transport your most prized possessions.

Question 6: Is It Possible To Estimate The Cost Of Hiring a Movers London Service?

Estimating a moving cost for a specific date and location is impossible. Due to the factors that come into play when many people are involved, from time of year to fuel prices, it can be hard to get an accurate estimate. Your best bet is to have a proper estimate done over the phone by the company representative, who will take all of these variables into account before giving a ballpark range.

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Trying to find experinced movers in London can be a demanding task with a lot of potential risks.

Although, research hasn't need to be that hard! Through MyConstructor you can easily compare prices, reviews and movers and find the one company that suits your move. All of our movers are certified and trained to provide you the best service possible!
If you're new to the removals world, you should know that there are not fixed prices and costs.

Each removal is different and there are a lot of factors that can affect the final price such as: The number of items you want to relocate, the number of boxes you may need, the distance between your old and your new home, the time that the removal will take.

Also, if you wish movers to pack and unpack your items, it is an extra cost and you will have to inform them on advance so they will come prepared and with the right equipment.

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