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Man with a Van Service

Everything you need to know about Man with a Van Service listed below.
Continue reading, and learn how you can find reliable movers in your area and how to book an appointment online in no time!

What is a Man with a Van Service?

Whether you’re moving house or simply want to transport some boxes or furniture from point A to point B, man and van services are designed to support you along the way.

It is the perfect way to complete fast and smaller relocations, across the whole of the UK. Get the job done hassle-free with the help of MyConstructor. We will connect you with moving professionals in your area; simply choose a mover to begin the process.

In the meantime, here is some useful information about the Man with a Van Services.

What is the process like and how long will it take?

Firstly, there is no need to worry as our services are dedicated to support you, regardless of the distance and the amount of stuff that needs to be moved.

The process is simple, all you have to do is visit our site to obtain a free quote. We will provide you with a variety of trustworthy professionals to make the decision process easy and quick. Man and van removals usually involve either a single mover or two, depending on how many things you need to move. These removals are perfect for studios, smaller apartments, student accommodation or office moves.

The amount of time that the Man with a Van move will take depends on several things. Some of them as follows

  • The number of boxes/furniture that will have to be transported.
  • The distance between the starting point of the journey and the destination
  • The type of property at hand.
  • The number of movers that will be booked.
  • The number of large and/or fragile items.
  • Even traffic will be a point to consider.

Additional Services

To make the process even smoother, Man and Van Services can even provide you with essential tools to help with packing and moving. These may include boxes, wrapping materials and other tools which will ensure that your possessions remain safe throughput the journey.

It doesn't end there, our Man with a Van services can also undertake the packing and unpacking of your items. For more information, simply search through or professionals and customise your man with a van package today.

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Why Man with a Van removals are the right choice?

Here are some benefits of opting for a Man and Van Services:

  • Man with a Van Services are designed for transporting smaller loads of boxes and furniture. This service even enables you to transport a single piece of furniture or boxes. Whatever your situation, we can accommodate. It is a quick and easy option and transportation can even be arranged the same-day as when the booking was made.

  • Man with a Van services are designed specifically for the purpose of item transportation. This means that your items will be secured throughout the journey, while also being insured.

  • Booking Man with a Van Services is easy. By choosing MyConstructoryou can book today online. If you have any pending questions or uncertainties our customer service representatives will be there to assist you throughout the process.

Some Useful Tips for the Big Day

We understand how demanding a moving process can be. This is why we have listed for you below, some easy tips and tricks that will help you get organised and prepared for the big day.

Our Tips and Tricks for a Smooth Moving Process.

  • Organise your items well in advance. Decide what items or furniture you want to move to the new location and consider leaving unnecessary things behind. Decluttering can help lower the cost of the move and will also enable you to leave outdated things, that you no longer need, out of your new home. There are numerous things to consider, for example, charity shops, selling items or simply throwing old stuff out.

  • Gather the packing essentials. Before you begin packing, ensure that you have enough boxes, tape, containers and anything else you may need, depending on the items/furniture.
    Fragile items will need to be packed carefully, so consider getting wrapping paper or bubble wrap or even using fabric (towels/clothes) to wrap the items in. Also, consider labelling the boxes and containers along the way. This will keep things more organised and you will avoid misplacing items.

  • Packing may be something daunting but if you begin in good time, it will be a lot less stressful. Do not leave it till the last minute. It may seem that there isn't much to pack but you might be surprised how time consuming this process can actually be.

  • Prior to the move, ensure that the logistics of the day have been communicated clearly with the man with the van.

Types of Items that can be transported with Man with a Van

We gave gathered for you more information on the types of items that a Man and Van Service can transport.

  • The range of items and furniture that can be transported is extremely varied. Whether big or small our service providers will do their best to accommodate you.
    In the case where you’re unsure about a piece of furniture (maybe the some of the items are of fragile nature and require extra attention or you wish to transport a large piece of furniture, for example, a piano) you can contact our customer service representatives through our site.

  • If there is an excessive amount of furniture or boxes that have to be moved, it might be required to opt for a different removal service or more than one mover.
    Sometimes it is wiser to book two movers as this will lessen the time of the move, saving you money along the way and will also put less strain on a single mover.

How much does a Man and Van Services cost?

The most important question that you probably have is this; How much will it cost me?
Prices vary depending on numerous factors.

  • The number of boxes and furniture.
  • The size of the property.
  • The number of bedrooms.
  • The nature of the items (whether they are fragile).
  • The weight of the boxes and furniture.

MyConstructor provides competitive market prices starting from only £10 per hour, with a 2 hour minimum booking.

Our goal is to make the process easy and stress free, as a result, you can benefit from other perks such as same and next day bookings, free cancellation, multiple payment options and high quality services.

In the very unlikely case where you are not satisfied with the Man with a Van Service provided, we provide a 100% money back guarantee.

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A Man with a Van Service is ideal for smaller moves or the transport of your items from point A to point B. This service usually includes a small transportation van and one or two movers who will undertake the task of your move.
If you're planning on moving only a few items our Man with a Van Service is the most cost-effective solution for you.
Enjoy a stress-free moving process without breaking the bank through MyConstructor!
When it comes to these kind of services, there are not fixed prices.
The final cost of your transportation depends on a different number of factors such as: The number of items you wish to be transported, the distance between your old and new home, the dinstance the professional has to cover, the number of large and fragile items you own etc.

Note: If you wish your items to be packed and unpacked by our movers, you should expect some extra cost in the final price.
Our movers can undertake the packing and the unpacking of your items, only if you inrform them beforehand.
Informing movers, on a late notice, about any packing and unpacking service requests, will most likely render them unable to fullfill your request.

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